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  1. Feels like a very good draft to me. With any luck I'll still feel that way 9 months from now.
  2. Imagine they pick up a few WRs from the undrafted pile.
  3. So we drafted him to give our medical staff more practice?
  5. Possibly if he isn't one of the next three taken.
  6. Ben just went to Seattle. Blake is still there.
  7. AngrySquirrel

    Gronk cheap shot

    Suspended one game. He's appealing...http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000887903/article/rob-gronkowski-suspended-one-game-for-late-hit
  8. Left Ft. Myers Friday night with my wife and 1 year old and fled back to Covington, KY. Got up here late last night. Both sets of parents stayed down there. So far they are all ok. A few leaks, but nothing major damage wise at the moment for them. No idea how my house is fairing.
  9. They are all saying the right things now which is nice. I just hope it actually turns into better production on the field.
  10. AngrySquirrel

    MemberMap updated**

    I didn't see the button on the map either, but I was able to go to my profile. Click edit in the top right. Scroll down a bit from there and find the location field. Entered City,State and it put the pin on the map. Edit: just checked the map again and now I have the button for my location on the map page. It seems you may need a location in your profile page first to make the other button show up.
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