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best runinnig back

best runinnig backs in the north  

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  1. 1. best runinnig backs in the north

    • rudi johnson
    • jamal lewis
    • rubin drohens
    • duece staley

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Jamal Lewis. No contest

If you want a jailbird...he really had one good year so far imo but so has rudi so i guess its really between those two...my pick would be rudi though because he can carry it a lot get the yards we need and he plays for the bengals and im a homer
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broughns isnt even the best back on the browns... and thats sad to say....

jamal is the most talented, but i think rudi will be the most productive/effective of the 4

stahley isnt a joke either... the stahley/bettis combo is great... i hoe to have the same with rudi/perry?
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Guest BadassBengal

"rumble in the jungle", for all our sakes, PLEASE go there...
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Jamal, although it pains me to type this, is the best RB in the division. He's almost always golden in short yardage situations and hits the hole quicker than Rudi. Plus, he's had the Dillon syndrome with supporting cast deficiencies other than his O-Line. Let's not forget the single game rushing record, either.

Rudi is just plain solid. He will rarely dazzle you, but always seems to make a play when you need one. His numbers wouldn't be as stellar without the supporting cast of the last couple of years. He's by far the best character guy on the poll.

Duce is a glorified third down back with little durability - although when he's on, he's on, and Droughns will continue the long line of 21st century Browns running back "success stories".
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Guest CTBengalsFan
Yea I voted for Jamal because he's bigger than Rudi AND he's faster. The plain truth is that when he's healthy, he's a beast.
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Guest BengalsOwn
If Staley could stay healthy, I think he'd be known as one of the best in the NFL.

Fortunately for us, he can't, so it doesn't matter.
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[quote name='natifanatic' date='Jun 16 2005, 05:21 PM']RUDI!! 
Because I'm a homer and don't want to admit that the "Ratbirds" have something better than us....  :angry:

jamal is a system-style runningback... he's really not that versatile. I'd probably take Rudi Johnson over him in most cases. In most offenses he'd look just as embarrassing as William Green ussually does. But I think Lee Suggs should be the Browns selection... He has the #1 spot on the depth chart and you know the Denver-backs history outside of Denver.

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