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I am embarrassed for the pepole of CinCinnati


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What do you expect from an expansion club in a Tier-III US Soccer league.? USL clubs draw about 3,000 fans per game, but that's only because one of them (Sacramento) is a big draw (11,200+).  The next-best draw (Rochester) pulls less than half of that (5,300) per game, and only one other club (Orlando) tops 4,000.  Heck, Sacramento draws over a thousand fans more than the bottom half of the league - combined - who have four teams that don't even attract 800, including one who played their home matches in a High School football stadium.


An expansion USL club is hardly newsworthy.  Anyone with a few hundred dollars and a friend in the athletic department of a High School or Middle School who can get the keys to the field can put a USL club together.  If FC Cincy were actually serious, they'd aim higher.

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