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Dark Side of the Ring - Brian Pillman

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Anyone else see this? It's a 2 parter - if you have a cable subscription, you can log in to this link and watch... I'm sure there are *other* ways to find it as well.


I didn't know much about him, but this was fascinating, being a former Bengal - and one of the "stars" of this episode was former strength and conditioning coach, Kim Wood.




I can't help but think - he spent so much time on Brian's wrestling career, how much other stuff was he into other than his job? No wonder Marvin fired his ass... though he was entertaining on this show.

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You guys are way off on Kim Woods, he was an excellent Bengals strength coach in the NFL and the wrestling bullshit with Brian was a small part of his service to the Bengals

He was just honest about Brian's many issues and how he could deal with them. He went on to be pretty successful in his retirement.

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