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OJ Simpson dead at 76.

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It’s difficult to separate the athlete from the person sometimes. 

I watched him, single-handedly, try to carry a so-so USC team to a national title in 1969 against the consensus National Champion Ohio State. He was an amazing force. Then, watched him, single-handedly, carry a so-so BUF team in 1973 with the single-season rushing yards record (which lasted a long time). He was an amazing force. Football-wise, he was more than deserving to be in both the collegiate and pro football halls of fame. 

The person, was an enigma. Naturally charming and engaging—and at the same time angry and violent. At the end of the double-murder saga, I found myself not really sure what to believe. Was he capable? Of course. Did a jury of his peers convict him? Sordid as that was, they did not. To this day, I still wonder. 

With that said, he continued even afterwards in bizarre—and ultimately—criminal acts (for which a jury of his peers did convict). That he was unstable in the years leading up to his departure, was more than evident. 

I am uncertain of what to think of his departure from this life. He will face a judge much more just than Lance Ito—and by that it means that all of the truth will be laid out in that court. Whether that judge convicts him, I cannot say. But all of the Heismans, HOF jackets, and Hertz commercials, will be of no use there. 

A great athletic life, a pointless personal life. 


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