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  1. Massive Malicious Malingering Malcontent
  2. Somebody that wants a QB ahead of Queefland @12? Not sure who it would be though.
  3. Up until the last week, I've been pretty cool to the idea of drafting Howard - nothing against OJ - he's great, but I've pretty good with Eifert, Kroft & Uzomah. The thing that's changed my thinking? Whitt leaving. I'm afraid we're gonna have to permanently tether a TE to Ogbuehi ass just to keep Dalton alive. Maybe we need to go with 4 TE's and five WR's just have bodies on hand to help plug the OLine holes.
  4. Paul Alexander...The Most Important Man in PBS We're truly fucked then.
  5. Nope, it means that they'd rather fuck up the oline and leave Dalton a greasy spot on the turf than lose a possible 3rd to 7th round Comp pick.
  6. Steppin' off the Roster? Can Fisher handle LT if Ced falters? Guessin' there's a second or third rounder capable of playing there in our future.
  7. RB: Will Peerman and/or Burkhead be back? If so do we still draft a RB? Because the RB position comes cheaply in Free Agency does it make sense to sign a more proven commodity (the market is full of them now Lacey-Peterson-Charles-Murray)? I could see them taking a FA back if the got real value for $$$. I'd still consider someone like Mixon in the middle rounds. If they sign one (or re-sign Burkhead) and draft one I'd see Hill as an early camp trade/cut. WR: After re-signing LaFell, how early do we draft someone? I'd still look for a middle round outside guy TE: If OJ Howard is BPA at 9 do we go that way? No OL: Who plays LT, RT. RG? Is Bodines improvement for real? Could this be the worst line in the league? I don't expect them to, but it wouldn't shock me if they traded down out of 9 if the top pass rushers are gone and they really like Cam Robinson DT: Who starts at the Nose? Billings, Sims? Billings DE: How early do we draft a DE? Would Barwin fit the rotation? With Barwin do we still draft a DE in round 1? I said elsewhere that Barwin struck me as a Bengal-type move, but if Barnett, Charlton, Thomas (falling) or even DT Allen (doubtful) is there when they pick and they're high on them, I'd expect them to take them in spite of Barwin. If not, then I think they go pass rusher in the 2nd. Guessing Johnson is a camp cut. LB: How good is Vigil? Because basically 2 LBs play does it make sense to draft a LB high if Vigil is expected to take on of those 2 spots? IMO, Vigil starts @ Mike or Sam and they draft the third starter or sign a journeyman FA S: Is Shawn Williams good? Meh. They will draft someone AND maybe sign a 2nd tier FA to push him CB: is this the best position on the team now even though there isn't a shut down corner? Not too bad, but I'd still try to find a good fourth CB to go with Dre, Darqueze and Jackson in the 2-deep. My guess on picks? OL - 2 (an interior and a tackle) WR - 1 (outside/potential #2) RB - 1 DL - 2 (a DT & a DE) LB - 2 (an inside & an outside) CB - 1 (4th CB) S - 1 (to push Williams) PK - 1 (to push Bullock)
  8. What the roster might kinda look like going into camp (not including UDFA's). Cut Maualuga, Jones. If they don't come up with at least one (preferably two) OL gem(s) - incuding some one to push Fisher & Ogg @ LT - in the draft along with a pass rusher and at least one starting LB, they're in a world of hurt. Barwin seems like a Bengal move and Sugar Tits just seems inevitable, so I penciled them in. OLine (10) OC Russell Bodine RG TJ Johnson / Christian Westerman / Trey Hopkins / Alex Redman / (DC) LG Clint Boling RT Andre Smith / Eric Winston LT Jake Fisher / Cedric Ogbuehi / (DC) Receivers (9) TE Tyler Eifert / Tyler Kroft / CJ Uzomah WR AJ Green / Cody Core / (DC) / James Wright / Jake Krumerow WR Brandon LaFell / Tyler Boyd / Alex Ericson / Alonzo Russell / Chris Brown QBs (2 or 3) QB Andy Dalton / AJ McCarron / Jeff Driskel / (?) RB's (5) HB Ryan Hewitt RB Jeremy Hill / Gio Bernard / Rex Burkhead / (DC) / Tra carson DLine (9 or 10) DT Geno Adkins / Andrew Billings / (DC) / Pat Sims / Brandon Thompson / Marcus Hardison / DeShawn Williams / David Dean DE Carlos Dunlap / Connor Barwin / Michael Johnson / Wil Clarke / (DC) / Ryan Brown / Wallace Gilberry (or) Margus Hunt LB's (6) MB Nick Vigil / Vinnie Rey / (DC) SB (DC) / Marquis Flowers / Bryson Albright WB Vontaze Burflict / PJ Dawson DB's (9 or 10) CB Dre Kirkpatrick / Marqueze Dennard / Will Jackson / (DC) / Josh Shaw / Keivere Russell / Bene Benwikere / Tony McRae S George Iloka / Shawn Williams / (DC) / Derron Smith / Clayton Fejedelem ST's (3) PK Randy Bullock / (DC) P Kevin Huber LS Clark Harris
  9. Kinda hard to crow about "not over-paying for talent" when you've got a roster dripping with shit and no cap room (at least by the Hobbit's count)?
  10. Shake things up! Sign Alshon Jeffries to play across from AJ. Not really serious about Jeffries (am serious about shaking things up). The OLine needs more than just a draft pick. Unfortunately I foresee the return of Sugar Tits.
  11. If the Pats deal picks with the Stains, does that make Brady 32nd and behind whoever Hue runs out there?
  12. You underestimate this board's potential & persistence. Check back in a decade or so.
  13. Whitt leaves and Dalton is dead QB walking (but not walking for long).
  14. Thought AJ was under control for 2017 only. I'd definitely want a 1st or 2nd & 3rd then for two years of control and a leg up on signing him long-term.
  15. Thank you. Just for the record, I think it's bullshit & McWebb's going no where.