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  1. Walter is not the best by any means, but interesting - I've seen Thomas listed as high as #2.
  2. Anyone still think a 2nd contract for Crystal is a good idea? I'm fine with Howard if he's BPA @ #9.
  3. I've come back around on Barnett. If he's there and the three DB's are gone (likely), I take Barnett over Foster.
  4. If Fournette is the BPA @ #9, bring him to stick the spurs to Hill. Run Hill hard in the pre-season and deal him for a pick or player.
  5. Meh. Probably someone they liked when he came out and thought they'd bring him in for a look. A 7th rounder (maybe) a year out? Not much risk.
  6. They're holding onto PacMan so Foster has a late-night runnin' buddy?
  7. Actually, with Ced at LT, I've written off Dalton.
  8. Will he be there? Is he a tweener in the Bengals system?
  9. The Hobo's headline says, "Bengals 'move' Maualuga." Not 'cut' or 'move on from.' Made me think someone gave them a jock or a bent kicking tee for him. Not that I'm surprised though.
  10. Massive Malicious Malingering Malcontent
  11. Somebody that wants a QB ahead of Queefland @12? Not sure who it would be though.
  12. Up until the last week, I've been pretty cool to the idea of drafting Howard - nothing against OJ - he's great, but I've pretty good with Eifert, Kroft & Uzomah. The thing that's changed my thinking? Whitt leaving. I'm afraid we're gonna have to permanently tether a TE to Ogbuehi ass just to keep Dalton alive. Maybe we need to go with 4 TE's and five WR's just have bodies on hand to help plug the OLine holes.
  13. Paul Alexander...The Most Important Man in PBS We're truly fucked then.