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  1. Never said he did and would respect him if he didn't. All I was saying is if he were an option, I'd consider it (among others). I think Whit as always kept himself in top shape. He may have slowed a bit and might not be the best option out on the edge, but I think moving inside might allow him to provide a solid year or two.
  2. Yeah, I know what you're saying, ideally you want stud rookie at every spot, but this line still needs upgrades at 3, maybe 4 spots. You can only spend so many pick on the OLine tough. Other areas need to eat as well. Even if you find an earlier round bookend tackle to pair with Williams and you find a depth guy in later rounds, by my reckoning, they still could use a FA upgrade on the interior. If they could stick Whit at LG for a competent season or two as a stopgap, then draft his successor in 21 or 22, then I'm down with that.
  3. A month ago, wasn't that sold on Burrow. I've bought in on him since though and would definitely tab him with the first pick. You'd have to commit to going all-in on fixing the OL (hopefully with a coaching upgrade - Callahan the Elder? Yes please!) though. I'm penciling Williams in at LT and i'm drafting a RT in the 2nd or 3rd round (with a LB being the other pick), a swing tackle project in the later rounds and an interior line FA. I kinda like the idea I saw elsewhere here of possibly trying Whit to solidify LG for a season or two if the Rams cut him free.or make a run at someone like Brandon Scherff. Let Hopkins, Price and Jordan battle inside for C, RG and interior depth. Glenn, Jerry, Hart, Miller, Johnson, Redmond, Dugas, Wyatt & any CFA's battle for the last 3 or 4 spots. I'd try to find a 3rd or 4th round for Dalton (but I'm dubious). I'd franchise Green, but I'd shop him for a 1st+ (maybe with a young player I like). I'd FedEx Dre to the first team that mentioned him. If you get a first rounder for Geno or Dunlap I'd think hard about it, but I'm in no hurry to move either. I think if they can fix the OL & LB corps this team could be interesting. BTW. Can't remember who we lost. Anyone got an idea of what comp picks we might be looking at?
  4. Even with decent comp picks, this team still needs to hit on 3 or 4 serviceable mid-tier FA's the draft won't be nearly enough.
  5. I know they'll never chase a hi end FA, but they really need to fill three or four roster spots with solid mid-tier FA's, A LB & an OL among them.
  6. The Red Rocket will come back and and have his vengeance, winning a meaningless game or two destroying perfection.
  7. Trent Williams is holding out saying he will never play for the Culturally Insensitive Logos. Wonder how he feels about his position coach (Callahan SR)?
  8. Sign CK, draft Andrew Thomas, move he or Williams to RT, land a 3rd OT and an interior OL between FA & the rest of the draft...and there's still no reason to give a shit.
  9. The Fish & the Jets are the real trap games standing between us and truly pathetic perfection.
  10. Don't you damn kids do it for anything less than Cool Ranch! Now get off my lawn!
  11. With AJ's recent injury history and the fact he is halfway thru is walk year, I think they'd gave a hard time getting a 2nd (much less a 1st) and anything less ain't worth it. Dalton? Can't see him as having much, if any value left. Unless somebody is REALLY hard-up for a QB (Hue doesn't have an HC gig) they'd probably have to give somebody a 3rd just to take him off their hands.
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