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  1. Jonathon Brown. Proving he's not just another of Mike's grandkids.
  2. I'll take Driskell over Barkley
  3. snarkster

    Add four players, Rod Taylor to IR

    Ross is definitely a physical specimen and a workout warrior, but injuries kinda derailed him at UK. Probably a more raw, but faster, more athletic Auden Tate. Doubt he makes the 53-man, but certainly a practice squad candidate. All grunt team.
  4. snarkster

    Lafell released

    Derp. Was thinking Ross when I started the post and then by the time I got to the sixth man I couldn't think of anyone but core. Ross instead of core.
  5. snarkster

    Program your DVR

    Getting it in Lexington on Thursday @7
  6. snarkster

    Lafell released

    Green Boyd Malone Erikson Tate Core ?
  7. https://twitter.com/RoyJonesy/status/1016703965524738049
  8. snarkster

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    Starting to think there's a greater probability we see Tate @ TE for the Bengals than Eifert.
  9. "Bengals giving Cedric Ogbuehi a 'clean slate' to start OTAs" Translation: A bottle of Midol and a couple of fresh maxi pads.
  10. Naw, ask him what his taint tastes like.
  11. I'll probably better his stats from last year. At least I won't fumble.
  12. $9.65M would certainly buy a shit ton of Massengill. Midol & Vajazzle supplies
  13. Glenn's a definite upgrade, but can he stay healthy? Fisher & Ogbuehi are Fisher & Ogbuehi. Hart is a step down from Sugar Tits. Pray for Kent Perkins.

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