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  1. Man, I'm one of those three blockers,, I step to the side and yell, "Look out!"
  2. Yeah, I'm expecting them to only carry 5 true LBs this years and to seldom see 3 LBs on the field at the same time.
  3. The White Bengal tiger has long been a draw for the Cincy Zoo and somewhat tied to the city. The all black on white Color Rush uniform would seem to be a natural (besides, they┬╣ look sharp as fuck).
  4. I believe the Hoge kid from Marshall is a college DE they project as a LB.
  5. Can't draft, sign or coach up what this team needs most this coming season -- health.
  6. Not so sure. Don't think they'd have spent a 5th on a special teams maybe. But then again, the last time they spent a pick on a kicker...
  7. I don't know. Fat Randy might be willing to come back for less money. Not sure they can miss a chance to save a nickel.
  8. Pretty good. I'd look for a vet WR to upgrade Morgan or Thomas. I'd add at least one veteran LB, moving Ossai or Hubert to DL in Tupou's spot. I'd also like to see another LB add to push Evans. I could see Apple bumped as the 5th CB and I could see them carrying a 6th.
  9. Yeah, and this way you don't have to outbid/recruit anyone for his services. I've seen some criticism about using a 5th rounder, but I think there's a good chance he was their guy and they had reason to believe another team would pull the trigger on him before their turn came back around in the 6th. The two extra 4ths certainly made it easier to do.
  10. That's one of the 4easons I was hoping to see a better option as a 5th WR. To me, I'm fine with Tate as the 4th WR and that's it. He has a specialized situational skill set that makes him valuable as a 4th wideout, but not as an every down starting receiver. I'd like a versatile young guy who can step in at any of the three WR spots. If the right guy is there, I see them as the next guy up if one of the top three starters is out of action.
  11. Anybody else a bit perplexed that they have added nothing to the LB room? Are they really that satisfied with what they have there (backups as well)? Could it be they see less need for three LBs on the field at the same time? Does anyone see Ossai at a "LB" spot to get another potential pass rusher on the field in certain situations?
  12. Yeah, Sewell is not here, but Reiff, Jackson, Smith and Hill mean the OLine has a very good chance of significant improvement (greater quality depth as well). Hopkins* Jackson Spain Reiff Williams Hill Adeniji Su'a-Filo Johnson Smith *Price
  13. I think the was a good solid slightly under-rated pick. Hill will make the roster and should challenge for the starting C job in the future.
  14. Have a hard time seeing a B for Chase in the first and then an A+ for Carman in the second. By any ones evaluation, Chase is one of the top three available non-QB prospect and it's a decent drop to #4. Yes, you could make the argument that Sewell as an LT would be a better value than a top WR, but not with-standing Team Sewell's protestations the difference in value is not great (if at all). If Sewell would've been an A+, Chase would be an A or A- at the very worst. Then you go to Carman in the second for an A+. I think a lot of people didn't have Carman at the top o
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