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  1. Zampese Out

    Best case scenario - a new Head Coach brings in his own (along with a new OLine Coach).
  2. Zampese Out

    Two articles about Lazor on the dotcom and not one mention of the OLine. Guess he doesn't even want to think about them. Guess I don't blame him.
  3. Zampese Out

    I'd have rather have seen Alexander gone. Amazing he wasn't named Zampese's replacement.
  4. Trey Adams from Washington or Mike McGlinchey from Note Dame as our top five next LT? Only thing "to look forward to" before Opening Game 2018.
  5. Put Sugar Tits at LT, bring back Winston at RT & start McWebb in place of Dalton. Might still suck, but at least it would be a different suck.
  6. WKU was much more competitive vs. Bammer.
  7. Deal Dalton tomorrow for a LT
  8. Death of the NFL

    They may not have known the risks until about five years ago, but NFL retirees have been dying in their fifties and early sixties at a higher rate than the avgerage American for some time.
  9. Death of the NFL

    I've said for a year now that the NFL (or even Power 5 College Football) won't die of quickly, but will be undermined/eroded from below. Soccer is already becoming more & more popular. It will continue to grow as more and more parents steer their kids to it and lower-impact sports like baseball & basketball [I know there are head injury concerns with Soccer, but most can be remedied with restricting the heading of the ball & other precautions - much more easily than football]. Football is already an expensive sport to equip and maintain for youth leagues, jr highs and high schools. As it becomes less popular with kids & parents, brain injury cases mount & liabilities/insurance rise, more and more will drop programs and the trend will seep into smaller & even mid-size colleges. Too much money in NFL & big time college programs to fold overnight, but I do expect to see their popularity wane somewhat.
  10. Cut/waived/signed

    Wouldn't stun me if the claim a LB & Nickerson still ends up on PS. I also wouldn't be shocked i they added a PS QB if someone is sitting on the waiver wire for them they really like.
  11. Final Roster

    Was surpirsed to see they kept Carter at the expense of a 9th DL when you have Hewitt who can fill at TE along with H-Back. Would've tried to PS Carter and kept one of Gilberry/Clarke/Hardison. HobKnob sez Jones & Burfict won't be on 53-man until suspensions are served, so it wouldn't shock me to see them bring back 2 of DL, DB or even OL temporarily. I think they've been bent all along on the luxury of keeping seven wides with hopes of giving Malone a 'redshirt' season. I'd say they go back to six next year by deciding LaFell is expendable or axing Core if he doesn't take the next step up. Seems to me Malone may be a bit more advanced than they thought, which could be fortunate since it just seems a matter of time until Ross goes on the IR. If they do take back that 7th WR slot, I'd like to see them look at drafting a young project in the 1st three rounds next year that could be brought a long to back both tackle spots. When Burfict & Jones return from suspension, they should be at normal strength in the DB & LB corps, but when UZomah is back to health I'd like to see Carter (if there are no other TE injuries) go to the PS and his roster slot go to a 9th DL.
  12. Final Roster

    2 QB - Dalton / McCarron (Driskell recoverable IR) 3 RB - Hill / Bernard / Mixon (Carson PS) 1 HB - Hewitt 7 WR - Greene / Lafell / Boyd / Core / Erickson / Malone / Ross (Whitfield PS) 3 TE - Eifert / Kroft / Uzomah (Carter PS) 9 OL - Bodine / Boling / Hopkins / Fisher / Ogbuehi / Johnson / Redmond / Westerman / Winston ( Dielman / Lechler PS) 9 DL - Atkins / Sims / Billings / Glasdow / Johnson / Dunlap / Clarke / CSmith / Willis (DWilliams / Tupou PS) 6 LB - Minter / Burfict / Vigil / Rey / Lawson / Evans (Dawson PS) 9 DB - Jones / Kirkpatrick / Dennard / Jackson / KRussell / Shaw / Iloka / SWilliams / Fejedelem / DSmith (Cox PS) PK - Bullock (Elliott PS) - In their dreams PT - Huber LS - Harris * Do they get a roster exception if Burfict's 5-game suspension stands? Final Spot - Carson vs. DSmith IR - Driskell / Peerman / Schreck / Wilson If Driskell isn't IR'd or McCarron dealt they will keep 3 QBs and go w/9 DBs (KRussell or DSmith cut) ** Wouldn't discount a PS QB from another team when Elliott does not clear waivers or he's dealt (Bucs?) Veteran Cuts - ASmith / Gilberry / Hardison / Benwikere Other Final cuts - Lee, Perkins, Stanton, ARussell, CBrown, Laufasa, JWilliams, Dean, RBrown, Bell, Dickerson, Albright, McRae,
  13. Aside from the first offensive drive this weekend & Burfict, they've looked like a buncha slapdicks the two PS games that mean anything. Next week is meaningless. Hope they can find a way to keep from embarrassing themselves in the next two weeks.
  14. They're letting DC DB's hang all over our receivers. Did Elliott just get hisself waived?

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