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  1. With AJ's recent injury history and the fact he is halfway thru is walk year, I think they'd gave a hard time getting a 2nd (much less a 1st) and anything less ain't worth it. Dalton? Can't see him as having much, if any value left. Unless somebody is REALLY hard-up for a QB (Hue doesn't have an HC gig) they'd probably have to give somebody a 3rd just to take him off their hands.
  2. If the Bengal run the table, lose out & have the top overall pick, do you take a potential franchise QB like Tua or Hebert or the prototypical OT in Georgia's Andrew Thomas? Mikey Boy's always gonna take the QB, but I'm thinking I'd go with anchor at LT, If you said QB, Tua or Hebert?
  3. Thought you could only bring one guy back from IR and I was under the impression they were contemplating using that for Jonah Williams.
  4. Maybe a 1st & a 3rd + for AJ & Dalton, although I don't believe even Hue would be dumb enough to offer up anything of value for Red Rocket at this point.
  5. Nothing less than a 1st (well maybe a 3rd with a very competent young OL good enough to step into a starting job next year, if not sooner). Anything else and I keep him, possibly franchise him for a year &/or let him walk for a premium comp pick. I get the feeling they Tag him rather than extend him.
  6. The Suck Bowl. Aptly sponsored by Permanti Brothers & Skyline Chili.
  7. Some garbage can be composted or recycled. Dre's flatout worthless.
  8. Andy loves Cincinnati. Determined to make it impossible to deal him.
  9. From the looks of things, may have to go ahead and change the title of these threads to "The Good, the Bad and the Bengals."
  10. Evidently Dalton is of the impression he's wearing a white jersey.
  11. The biggest problem facing this team? They really suck at football.
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