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  1. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Only "in-house" guy I'd want would be Zim, but yeah, that ain't happenin. I want a fresh start and someone who'll light a fire.
  2. Some will re-sign with their current teams and more will be released, but what names on this tentative OL FA list might interest you as possible upgrades (while in the Brown Family $$$ comfort zone). Ryan Jensen, G (BAL) Cyrus Kouandjio, OT (BUF) Eric Wood, C (BUF) Trai Turner, G (CAR) John Greco, G (CLE) Travis Swanson, C (DET) Don Barclay, G (GB) Corey Linsley, C (GB) Lane Taylor, G (GB) Chris Clark, OT (HOU) Xavier Su'a-Filo, G (HOU) Jack Mewhort, G (IND) Brandon Linder, C (JAX) Patrick Omameh, G (JAX) Zach Fulton, G (KC) Matt Slauson, C (LA) Joe Berger, C (MIN) Nate Solder, OT (NE) D.J. Fluker, G (NYG) Justin Pugh, G (NYG) Weston Richburg, C (NYG) Gabe Jackson, G (OAK) Donald Penn, OT (OAK) Allen Barbre, G (PHI) Justin Britt, C (SEA) Luke Joeckel, G (SEA) Kevin Pamphile, G (TB) Evan Smith, G (TB) Josh Kline, G (TEN) Shawn Lauavo, G (WAS) Spencer Long, C (WAS) Morgan Moses, OT (WAS)
  3. 2026

    Brown doesn't want to leave Cincinnati, but that will in no way hinder him from exerting maximum coercion on the community.
  4. Not so daft to think the Browns are busting out the pocketbook and signing a premium LT. I'm think someone along the lines of Bobbie Williams or even someone like Whitt as a stopgap option.
  5. Not saying he's the problem, but never been as enamored of him as many, so I'm not sure he's the answer either. Not sure there are any LT's out there that anyone would sacrifice for him, but it's one of the options I'd consider. If the new staff sees a QB in the draft they want to grow with and I can fill the LT canyon, I'd do it while McCarron is here to allow him to grow at his own pace without being thrown to the wolves. I'm not sure there's a top-ten worthy LT out there, so I'm willing to look at all options (that's how desperate I am to see them fill LT).
  6. I fully agree with not being able to fix the OL in a single offseason - as in bringing them up to a top-10 level unit. I think they can (and must) bring in several options that can lift the OL up to at least one that can keep the QB from getting killed and open the occasional hole for a RB. Not saying they will necessarily be long-term solutions. A couple of them may even be back ups after future acquisitions. For now though, this OLine is like a critical ER patient. The new staff will need to come in, Triage and then stablize. Boling is the only starter I have much hope for - Fisher & Hopkins might be possible backups, but they have no one even resembling a starting LT, the Bodine experiment needs to be over and Sugar Tits/Winston? Desperation fillers on even a bad unit. Some people still hold out hope that Johnson, Westerman & Redmon might be answers, but they can't even break through competing against this mess (granted, part of that might be current coaching stupidity). I believe that while they won't be world-beaters next year, much can be done to staunch the bleeding. They need a major (by Bengal standards) FA investment in an OL starter (wonder if Bobby Williams is up to?) and they need to find a low-cost journeyman or two to come in and fill holes and compete. I feel pretty good about most of the other units on the team (although a starting level safety would be nice). There should be 3 or 4 comp picks (including a couple of premium 3rd/4th rounders) and there are a couple of possible trade options so we should be looking at 11 or 12 picks again. I see no reason that they can't spend three or even four of those picks on the OL in addition to FA signings. There is no viable LT on this team (not even a so-so imposter) and that is both unimaginable & inexcuseable. That must be priority one (& probably 1A) for the new staff, followed closely by a quality starting Center and there needs to be new competition options at every OL spot. If they aren't overseen/implemented by a new staff, everything else is moot. BTW, NO Hue or existing staffers - fresh start!
  7. Posted this in another thread, but if there's not a 1st-worthy LT, if there's a QB the new staff really likes, how about taking them with the 1st rounder and dealing Dalton for an LT, then let the rook battle with McWebb for the starting job. Not sure someone will deal an LT for AJ, but one option to consider. They MUST acquire a starting LT in some manner.
  8. Current 2018 Draft Order

    Too bad the failed Skidmark deal for McWebb fell through. Having the 5th, 32nd, 65th, & 70th picks (along with our 3rd & 4th rounders as well as a couple of 3rd/4th round comps) would have allowed for several OLine picks as well as a safety & a couple of BPAs or even given us the versatility to maybe deal a pick or two for a veteran LT or maybe a center. If there is a QB you really like available at the fifth pick (and no suitable OL worth picking there), would you consider taking him and dealing Dalton for an LT, then letting the first rounder compete with McWebb for the starting spot? You have to add a viable LT before mini camps start. If there's not a LT in the Draft, maybe that's an option.
  9. LT - They've got to have an option at LT, if they can find one in FA then fine - sign him. The chances that a LT of the quality the Bengals need makes it to FA is slim & the chances the Bengals Brown Trust OKs that kind of contract though are infinitesimal, so the reality is you probably need to take one in the first round - McGlinchey/Okorafor?(even if you have to deal down to a place where you feel comfortable taking them). May not be ideal, but even in this down year, there have to be at least a two or three better options than Oblowme. LG - Try to salvage at least one starting spot from holdovers - Boling, Johnson, Hopkins, Westerman, Redmon C - A 2nd-tier FA or a 2nd-4th round pick (my preference, unless there's FA too good to pass) RG - If they some how find a decent FA LT option then I strongly would consider Quenton Nelson of Notre Dame (I know the Bengals don't historically value guards this highly, but he seems to be the best OL in the draft & they have to feel holes). RT - Another spot where they could go with a decent (but not top tier) FA. Even if they do, I'd still like to see a 3rd pick spent on a young RT that might be able to help at RG as well if needed. There are a lot of possible combinations. Bottomline...I believe they have to fill at least four OLine spots from the outside. I would like to see them spend on a starting FA to fill one spot (Bengals won't spent top-dollar so the very next step down), a journeyman OL who is capable of handling another starting spot and three OL draft picks in rounds 1-5 (two starters and a versatile 3rd capable of pushing for a starting spot and the versatility to back a couple of places).
  10. Don't know about the others, but don't think there's any hope for Ogbuehi either. Fisher might be alright as an emergency 4th T/G. IMO. Boling's the only NFL-caliber starting OLineman on the entire roster. A couple of the others may still be acceptable as backups. I still think they need a decent quality FA tackle as well as a tackle & center in the first three rounds and a later-round or journeyman jack-of-all-trades. No fewer that four candidates to compete for OL jobs and most important of all - there needs to be a new HC & OL Coach acquiring them.
  11. Nuthin' I'm gonna argue with. Drafting him was a big mistake. Going into this season thinking he was going to magically transform into even a mediocre LT was a monumental shitting of the bed - a fireable offense. This alone should cost Lewis/Alexander their jobs.
  12. Q: How does a Pittsburgh mother know her daughter's on her period? A: One of her sweat socks is missing and her son's dick tastes funny.
  13. I would be supportive of fraud/malpractice/dereliction of duty charges v. Lewis/Alexander.
  14. Winston/Sugar Tits may actually be a step up over Fisher/Oblowme
  15. Marvin Lewis sets record.

    I opened the thread expecting to see, "Most Fucks Not Given."

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