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  1. snarkster

    Coaching Carousel 2019

    Third time's a charm. ðŸĪŠ
  2. snarkster

    Teryl Austin Fired

    And now, totally unnecessary. 😎
  3. snarkster

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Good. Maybe now the guys on defense "will do their jobs."
  4. snarkster

    Bengals waived Thomas Rawls.

    I'm smellin' 20 carries for Erickson.
  5. Ross may be small, but he's brittle & contact-shy. 😁
  6. Surprised he made it back. Thought for sure he pulled his groin on the TD. Looked a little gimpy after a later reception on the sidelines. Toughness?
  7. Fantastic: Dalton, the Win, 3-1 & coming home Good: Boyd, Green, Pass Rush (at times), Gio, Eifert (Pre-Injury) Bad: 1st Half run defense Horrendous: Eiffert Injury
  8. snarkster

    You heard it here first

    They've been playing possum for a decade.
  9. snarkster

    You heard it here first

    Not in my redneck of the woods. Just possums. 😁
  10. snarkster

    You heard it here first

    I'm just impressed he didn't eat the possum.

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