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  1. Early on, when the Bengals were consistently going at Averitt, the announcers made Humphrey sound like the second coming. Thought it was interesting that when they showed the expanded whole-field view of CJ's 55yd. TD, he made Humphrey (covering a TE) look silly not once, but twice. First, when he made the break back to the middle that left him wideopen and the the stop and cutback after the catch that broke Humphrey's ankles and got Uzomah in the endzone. CJ is showing himself to be a seriously under-rated weapon when healthy.
  2. Pussy sprained a tiddy? https://www.cincyjungle.com/2021/9/21/22686537/Stealers-qb-ben-roethlisberger-injury-bengals
  3. I think the Bengals ended up with a pretty strong group of reserves when it comes to the practice squad, but kind surprised they didn't add a developmental QB to maybe groom (I have shed ZERO tears over the absense of Shurmur though).
  4. WTaF? NFL Network list the Bengals v. WFT. Showing the Iggles v. The Patty's. Planned my evening around watching the game. Go to Hell Goodell. Better be on at 2am.
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