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  1. Loved those black unis as well. I'd also love to alternate them with their black & white "color surge" unis (with a black & white helmet).
  2. If they can get a 3rd for the red rocket, I could see them going Queen/Murray/Baun at 33 and then Davis Gaither/Gay/Lewis and a RT with the two 3rds.
  3. Charlie Casserly with a first round that leaves Queen & Baun both sitting there at 33 http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001107359/article/charley-casserlys-2020-nfl-mock-draft-20-49ers-nab-wr-lamb
  4. Pratt, Bynes, add Bradham/Ogletree and then have Queen/Baun fall to us @33 and you've got a really solid start on rebuilding the LB room. Round it out with another draft pick and maybe a UDFA &/or waiver wire pickup who can be a Special Teams ace. If they do go 3-4 then you'd probably count Lawson here too.
  5. Evidently, you can add Titans CB LeShaun Sims to the haul. Looks like a depth/ST add. Paul Dehner Jr. ✔@pauldehnerjr #Bengals signing former Tennessee CB Leshaun Sims, source said. The massive overhaul of the CB room continues.
  6. I think the Castellini family may have had some influence here.
  7. So we would be giving them #33 to take the red rocket off our hands and get #77 as a lovely parting gift? That would suck donkey ass. Cut his sorry ass before we do that. It's like tying a pork chop around the kids neck to get the dog to play with him. Waste of a perfectly good pork chop.
  8. 31" arms? Dayum! How does he even reach his dick?
  9. Pleased with Free Agency so far. A CB group of" William Jackson Darius Phillips Trae Waynes Mackensie Alexander Tony Brown Winston Rose Can't believe they won't come out of FA without at least a middlin', FA LB signing (in addition to possibly Vigil).
  10. There are going to be very strong receiver prospects throughout round two in most every draft. With Green back, our need at the WR spot is not as immediate. Our need at LB is dire and quality candidates in the draft are thin. We likely need to sign an OL and a LB fairly early as well as signing one each in FA. A quality CB is also a must in either the draft, I know, I know, BPA over need! And I agree to a large extent, BUT...in the first or second round you should be able to find a regular. If you get to 33, there is a WR that you have at 21 on your big board with an OL at 36 and a LB at 38, you most likely go with the WR. If however, there is a WR @33, OL @36 & LB @38, but you need is greater at OL and you think the lineman can settle in an be a 10yr. starter @RT, then I go with him, address the immediate headache and grab a WR early next year.
  11. Forgot Wren. They'll give him another year regardless.
  12. At LB, you start with Pratt and that's it as far as returnees go unless they get Vigil back for less-than-starter money (maybe a holdover for competition,/emergency depth,) but not counted on for the roster. If they go 3-4 I'd love a draft of Patrick Queen @33 & Terrell Lewis @65. They would still need to add a fairly significant FA at LB and if Vigil's not back, you would probably need a lower-tier FA journeyman who can cover at some point in his place. If you couldn't pull off the Queen/Lewis combo (likely), I believe you'd still need an early round LB and another later in the draft.. LB is also a position I'd target in UDFA & when scouring the waiver wire. Also in a 3/4 scenario, you would probably count Lawson toward the LB group. Rosiest scenario: Lawson Pratt Littleton/Schobert/Martinez/etc. Queen/Zahn/Premium pick (first 3 rounds) Lewis/later round pick Vigil/lower tier FA 2 versatile holdovers/UDFAs/wavier wire pickups (emphasis on Special Teams contributions) On the line, resigning Billings at the nose would save from spending a pick or wooing an outside FA at the nose. Bring back Tupou for depth as well. Geno, Hubbard & Dunlap as well. Because down lineman numbers would be reduced by a 3/4, you need only one or two more roster spots filled max. Billings Tupou Atkins Wren Hubbard Dunlap 1 holdovers/lower tier FA's/late rounder/UDFA's/waiver wire DB depends on what they do with Dre. An early round pick or starter level FA seems necessary regardless. Wouldn't hurt to have one or two bigger hybrid DB's who are solid tacklers. Re-signing Dennard would be nice. Re-sign Fedj & Wilson. Any kind of a draft choice for Dre, if he's let go, would be amazing. Not likely, but if there's a "safety of opportunity" in the draft or FA, I could see them maybe move on from Williams. Jackson Kirkpatrick/Replacement Dennard/Replacement Phillips Premium Draft Pick/2nd Tier FA 1 or 2 Holdovers/UDFA's/Lower tier FA's/Waiver Wire pickups Williams/Replacement Bates Fedjelem Wilson * If they are to put any kind of competitive team on the field this coming season, the Bengals need to add as many talented new bodies as possible. * Oline & LB are two groups in need of serious attention as well as a frontline corner. * Unlike most years, they are limited to their standard seven picks as it now stands. I expect that to change. A 3rd or 4th round pick (max) for Dalton would be a big relief as well as even a fifth or sixth rounder for a fungible vet as well. Even if they just get a 7th for someone not in their plans, it's one less UDFA they have to woo. * I don't expect them to trade up. I do look for them to trade down at least once or twice to add extra bodies. * I think a bare minimum of two or three 1st or 2nd tier FA's (and a handful of lower-level vet pickups). The 3rd top FA depends on if CB is addressed. * An OL & at least one LB are a must. I'm not as certain as some that Glenn does not return.. * I wouldn't shy from bring in old vet FAs to compete as stop gaps. * Cincy is not a prime destination for many FA's so it takes a little extra schmoozing/$$$ to lure them. That means re-signing their own RFA's/FA's is probably more cost/resource-efficient. I'd look long and hard at bringing back: Green Billings Tupou Dennard Fedjelem Wilson Vigil (Conditional) Eifert (Very Conditional) On the fence: Redmond Carter Wynn Everybody else? Meh.
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