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  1. If there happened to be no 2020 season, would the Bengals pick #1 overall in next year's draft & (if un-signed) would Burrow go back in the draft pool?
  2. 1. Sign a reasonable veteran backup for a year 2. Eventually include Finley in final 3. Groom Dolegala to be the primary backup for 2021-22 What are the cap ramifications in cutting Dalton?
  3. Bailey is a very smart linebacker who tends to keep the action in front of him and is more than happy to get dirty making plays. 14.5 sacks, six interceptions and 89 or more tackles says it all. While taking another linebacker smacks as redundant at this point after Akeem Davis-Gaither and Logan Wilson, Bailey was just that good of a value. And looking at the board after this pick, the Bengals weren’t missing out on much anyway. With good value here at a problematic unit, the Bengals get some extra chances to make things right via Bailey. Grade: A Can't say taking three LB's is redundant by any means. Going into the offseason, the Bengals had only one signed LB on that belonged anywhere near an NFL roster (short of buying a program) - Pratt. Signed Bynes for two - that's it. This for a team thinking of showing more 3-4 looks. If they do so, they can play Lawson on the outside at times and maybe use a safety in the box at others, but three is till woefully lacking. In taking three, you hope two can contribute as rooks (especially given injury history). Speaking of injuries, recent IR crowding say they could use redundant redundancies all over the roster. At this point, even if the three rookies shine and makethe roster, they could still stand to strike it rich in UDFA or on the Waiver Wire and add at least one and maybe two more LB's before the start of camp (if there is one).
  4. Every time I saw him, I thought he was soft, he doesn't have elite speed and I think a lot of the things that worked for him in college will be shutdown by experienced NFL corners and nickles.
  5. Well, Higgins was way down the charts with me as far as WR's go, but Baun or Jones in the 3rd would make me feel much better.
  6. FUCK! Worthless Guess we're putting Burrow's life in the hands of Bobby "The Qutter" Hart.
  7. Just occurred to me, if there is no 2020 season, but they do hold a 2021 draft, do we pick 1st again?
  8. Looked close at Jones over night and he's grown on me If we stay at 33 (and I hope we do) he'd be my pick. Jones & Gay would make me very happy tonight. Got a sneaking suspicion that we add at least one more pick by the end of the evening.
  9. At this point, if there's gonna be a deal for the red rock, it's gonna be for a pick next year or a deal at the trade deadline.
  10. Willing to wait a year at receiver. I'd rather have someone like Gay (if he's still there) over a wideout.
  11. I've got a feeling that the end of the draft is not the end of the Bengals' maneuvering. I'd say they will still take a long look at FA/the Waiver Wire at OL &/or LB
  12. How far would they have to deal down for a 4?4-6 spots? A 3rd? 8-10 spots?
  13. How fucking depressing. Everyone that I had hoped would be there a 33. Baun, Kmet or Mckinney should be OK, but none really thrill me. I think we could make do @ TE for a year. Baun is one of the top LB's, but worried how he will translate to Cincy's system. McKinney is value, but not sure safety make a big difference in the D. If he is the choice, it means Shawn Williams is gone. At this point I'd just as soon see them deal down a few spots & pick up another pick.
  14. nah, Tua's a jigsaw puzzle below the waist. Still terrified Burrow doesn't make it to the preseason (if there is one) as it is.
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