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  1. Just because they were 2nd and 3rd round picks doesn't make them talented. Either is probably OK as a decent-blocking 3rd TE, but neither has shown any indication to this point they are capable of taking the reins should Smith go down for an extended period. I will almost guarantee they add another better all-around option as a 2nd guy either through free agency or the waiver route and my guess is that adding two more is more likely than adding none.
  2. When I look at the draft analysis of both "experts" and fans the area the most ging the Bengals in is the "failure" to add depth at TE. I'm not in agreement. Without 10-12 pick you're not going to be able to address every positional group which you would like to add depth. In a pretty straight forward draft (except for a late sixth round pick) they were able to seemingly add depth in areas of more positional value. Sure I would've been fine with a Kincaid, Mayer of LaPorta (or even a Kraft, Kuntz, Whylie or Allen for that matter), but the Bengals system is not that reliant on TE's and it's probably one of the easier positions for them to find a quality depth piece or two between now and the start of the season. Not too bothered that they didn't add a late-round QB prospect either. I'm hoping they add a veteran backup (McCarron?) that's an upgrade over Allen (although that could still be the direction in which they go). I look for them to add a practice squad candidate from the waiver wire between now and the middle of camp as well.
  3. Surprised we haven't heard about more than six signings. The usually pickup about 4-5 WR's for camp fodder alone.
  4. I've seen it mentioned a few time that he doesn't really have the "monster leg," but when you stop to consider the number of times he angled the ball to the sidelines or pooched it inside the 10, 42+ seems like a respectable average.
  5. I'd take the pick at 28, then package Mixon & Jonah with 60 & 92 (either order) to move those picks up as far as possible. I think there's real quality for the first 50-60 guys the there's a steep drop-off.
  6. Breese. There's bound to be better options still on the board.
  7. Sign Zeke and draft a rookie plus Evans & Williams., Fairly deep RB class.
  8. I'd be shocked, but pleasantly surprised if anyone offered more than a three for Williams. If they did, I try combining it with our existing three to get back up into the second (this appears to be a very top-heavy draft. Wonder if anyone would bite on Williams AND Mixon for a 2nd and a 4th?
  9. Sign Moreau (or of about a half-dozen young vet TE FA:s) still on the market, then take LaPorta in the 2nd round (I'm good with Wilcox as TE3).
  10. I also look to sign a mid-tier FA and spend a pick on TE, RB & DB (a safety and a corner). I'd also be looking for an EDGE.
  11. Love this! Now have C (Karras). RG (Cappa) and LT (Brown) lockeddown. Volson will start at LG, but there should be several serviceable C/G wing guys for depth (I'd also scan the wire). That leaves RT. I give Jonah first shot for a year, but Brown's signing doesn't keep me from looking OL in the first round. If Dewand Jones is their at 28 and they think he can be the roadgrader they need there I don't hesitate in pulling the trigger for him. I let him sit behind Jonah for a season (if need be) and then I bookend him with Brown for three years. OC Karras LG Volson RG Cappa LT Brown RT Williams C/G (Mid-round pick) G/T Carman T Jones
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