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  1. snarkster

    Burfict released

    If they do, I know two weeks of the year where he'd play hard.
  2. snarkster

    2019 Draft Talk

    Gotta think there will be a surprise and one (maybe two) of those guys will be around when the Bengals select. If those indeed are the 10 that go before Cincy picks I would mind dealing back a few spots if they can pick up another premium pick. We need talented bodies IMO.
  3. Only funny to those who erroneously fancy themselves intelligent.
  4. snarkster

    2019 Free Agency

    I don't hate Billings, but would like him more as a backup until he wrests the job from Shelton.
  5. snarkster

    A Thread For The Angry

    +/- on length of Taylor's tenure? If it were a competent francise I'd say about 12 Games, but given Mike Brown's propensity for "loyalty" I'll go with five seasons..
  6. OLine looking like same shit. Maybe Price can show some improvement. About the only shot and I wouldn't bet anything of value on that.
  7. If Dennis Miller was 1/2 as funny as he thinks he is he wouldn't be such a has-been.
  8. I'm impressed. Not only are the Bengals signing mediocrity, they are trying to ensure they are well-stocked with it for the next three years.
  9. Jump. If this is the way it starts, it ain't gettin' no better. 🤯 I figured a 1-year stopgap at about $3M. 3 X $7M is frickin' ridiculous. Still need two more OT's. $7M shoulda bought them Hart and a Journeyman LB.
  10. The Bengals have too many holes to fill to be drafting TE's or recruiting multiples them as outside FA's. Uzomah's been a decent reserve and has stayed the healthiest. I'd re-up him and at least one of the Tylers (unless they ask ridiculous numbers).
  11. A Canadian Leaguer TBNL one week out
  12. snarkster

    Top 10 picks

    If there's a guy that they believe can be a 10-year starter at LT, I take them and move Glenn to RT. I'd want to try & avoid having to scramble to fill LT mid-season after Glenn goes on IR. Glenn might not love the idea, but he's got the bulk to be a RT. They seem to like Hart more than I do so if they can get him short-term at a decent price, let him compete at RG and back RT. If somebody is there when we pick later in the draft that can (ideally) back both sides and potentially develop into a starter @ RT, I'd like to see them grab them as well.
  13. snarkster

    2019 Free Agency

    Holdovers Price Hopkins Boling Westerman Taylor Glenn RFAs Redmond Hopkins UFA's Hart * Even if they retain Redmond, Hopkins & Hart, I'd still like to see them draft an OT in the first or second round. A RT would be OK, but I'd prefer to grab a 10-year LT (if there is one) and move Glenn to RT backed by Hart for when he's eventually injured. Even at that, I'd still like to find a later round OT that can develop and back both spots. I'd also like to see them add an interior FA who can push for the spot opposite Boling or at least provide solid inside depth. * They need a huge run-stopping tub o goo at DT/NG next to Geno (sometime in the first three or four rounds). * I'd re-sign at least two of Eifert, Kroft & Uzomah and the add a journeyman FA or mid-round TE. * I'd probably cut bait with Tez, so you're likely needing two new starters @ LB (if they're in a 4-3 base and count Lawson as a starting backer). Would love to see the Bengals sign two from the top 10 list above, but it's the Bengals so they won't. At least one would be nice though. If not, they'll probably need two in the top half of the draft (and you're running out of picks). Any returning backers would be pushing for reserve spots at best. [Q: Were Brown's issues injury -related for the most part of was he slowing down pre-injury? Worth another shot?] * I'd find somebody to better back Dalton, but wouldn't spend an early pick on one with all of the other bigger needs. WR & RB would be targets of opportunity, although putting DK Metcalf in a formation with Green & Boyd is intriguing (and you can otherwise address the OL). * I'd look for someone to push Williams at safety and if Dennard leaves you have to consider a CB from somewhere). * PK - someone young to seriously challenge Fat Randy If they even want to pretend to contend, they're gonna need to utilize more than just the draft picks they currently possess. At a minimum, I'd say they need two starters and a starter/top reserve from FA. That's a pretty tall order from this club though. *

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