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  1. Guess just about everyone has pushed Boling out the door, penciling in Miller at RG.
  2. Always thought the NFL doesn't allow an alternative helmet (even with the "Color Rush" uniforms), but don't the Rams have gold on blue and white on blue helmets? What gives?
  3. Give Ross a break. A tightened sphincter can be a serious condition.
  4. I'm hoping more LB's shake free around Training Camp. Would still really like to see them add one more serviceable vet. On offense, if the right outside WR (I think they're really slot saturated right now) is there, I could see them adding them.
  5. Damn, may not be a big thing any more, but I sure don't miss the bad old days of "when will he finally sign/will he holdout?"
  6. I'm guessing: Green Boyd Erickson Ross (Last year if something doesn't click) Morgan and a scrum for the final spot.
  7. For a "smash-mouth ‘90s to Taylor’s spread-bred roaring ‘20s" there is an awful lot of emphasis on OLine (with good reason). RB & TE (took a second rounder because of his blocking). Seems like smash-mouth prep to me. I could even see them with as many 2 TE formations as 3 or 4 WR spreads (especially if there isn't a WR upgrade beyond Green & Boyd).
  8. If Mixon, Gio, Anderson & Williams are all healthy, I don't see any opportunities there. Some one like Sutherland or Dugas may have an outside shot at the last OLIne slot and someone like Sterling might stick at LB, if they don't bring in a vet off the waiver wire. Dugas would have to show he could back RT at the very least though. The most likely spot is WR. Wouldn't surprise me if Stanley Morgan Jr. is close to a lock. Not wild about anyone in that room after Green, Boyd and maybe Erickson. Ross will probably be here and I still think Malone has potential, but Core and Tate are pretty much fungible to me. This is another spot where I could see them still bring a vet in on a waiver claim as insurance against an injury to Green or Boyd. That's one thing that really worries me.
  9. Joe Mixon Gio Bernard Quinton Flowers Trayeon Williams Rodney Anderson Jordan Ellis Jordan Guapo Jonathan Thomas Darrin Hall RB Room or Baseball Lineup?
  10. Zack collects camp RB's like Marv collected WR's. https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-acquire-darrin-hall-on-waivers
  11. There's a PK named Tristan Vizcaino. Really must be serious about running the ball, Outside of Morgan they haven't addressed WR in UFA while adding about 50 RB's. Marv & Co. used to stock up on UFA FAs just to share the training camp load. I think that Morgan has a decent shot at making the squad, but I'd still like to see them add a vet wideout FA. After Green, Boyd & Erickson, no one in that room wows me (jury's still out on Malone).
  12. Loved watching Williams play. Smallish back, but plays tough. Seems to play faster than 4.6. Good receiver and should help on Teams. If Anderson is healthy, he and Trayveon will be like having a poor man's Mixon & Bernard backing Mixon & Bernard. 😁
  13. Heard his wrists and ankles were shot anyway.

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