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  1. This really pisses me the hell off. I said all off season and camp they needed to upgrade the 4th WR spot. I'd just as soon give chases reps to Chris Evans as anyone in the back row of the receiver room. You could always go with two-TEs at times if we had a TE other than Hurst that was worth half a shit.
  2. Have said for two years now that Williams has no business blocking in space in the NFL. Might make a decent guard, but he's no tackle (especially a left one).
  3. I'd like to see them take a look at Lynn Bowden (just cut by the Dolphins). A lot of elusiveness in the open field and could be a return option. Could be a solid option in the slot behind Boyd.
  4. If he coasts through the season (making it to mediocre ones in a row, who's giving him top money?
  5. Last year the left side of the line seemed the solid side and I worried mor about the right. This year (as long as we're lucky on the injury front) I feel like the improvement there is real and substantial. Carman at LG is my biggest concern. The potential is there, nut just feels like there's something missing. One the other hand, while I have very little reason, I feel cautiously optimistic about Volson (especially long-term). I've always felt Williams was a solid OL piece, but I've worried whether he's elite on the edge in space protecting the Franchise' blind side. I've always thought he could be elite inside at a guard slot. For mow though, he's the best we have at LT. Depth? Carman &/or Volson will be there and I'm still pretty high on Smith's development. Hill strike me as an adequate backup, but I get the feeling he's somebody will really have to fight to keep his roster spot. Probably just me, but I look at Prince and especially Adeniji at pretty much fungible. I'd bring at least two of Spain, Reiff & Hopkins to press the last three (if they can get them at a reasonable price. Would like an experience tackle in reserve like Reiff.
  6. Performance wouldn't worry me when deciding if Burrow is worth the risk. Health might.
  7. Said it before, much like IOL, the Bengals ain't breaking the bank on a safety. They may end up signing Bates, but at a number they're comfortable with. I!m betting it's closer to his Tag tender (around $12.5M/yr?) As opposed to the $17M something per at the top of the safety market (where he believes he should be). I'm guessing if he does sign it's in the $14-15M per range with a cap-friendly structure. I don't seehim settling for that and I think there's a less-than-zero chance of a trade before the end of camp. The more I see/hear of Dax, the more I love the pick. He's probably as good an athlete as any in the DB room (with possible exceptions of fellow draftees Anderson & CTB. I think he's capable of stepping into JB's cleats and doing an admirable job if he leaves, but he seems to be versatile & talented enough to play a number of spots well if Bates happens to hang around. I think could he & Hillcould easily co-exist.
  8. My bigger concern if he leaves his pout in the locker room when he does p,ay. Couldn't manage that until the playoffs last year and he is moaggreived this year. Rather have a 100% rookie Dax than a 60-80% Bates with a pouton.
  9. I'm not worried about him sitting out all (or part of) the regular season. What concerns me is him going into full-on pout mode and half-assing the regular season (kinda like last year only more so).
  10. How about a Bates debate. Safety is one of those positions (like IOL) that the Bengals just don't value and aren't gonna pay top dollar for. I would be surprised if they come up off of their latest offer to Bates (whatever that may be). I believe when they didn't offer him what he felt he deserved last summer he got all pissy and let it sour his play. Now he's been tagged he's he gonna holdout and causing all kinds of drama. Even if he does finally accept the tag, how will it affect his play? The locker room? Unless there's a surprise multi-year deal, I think the team should start exploring option. I'm not that familiar with Tag rules though. Even though he's not technically under contract, can they deal him (sign and trade maybe?)? If they end up letting him walk, does he still qualify for a comp pick? Does his $13M+ cap figure go back in the kitty to be spent elsewhere?
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