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  1. Pre-season or not, the tackling sux pimply monkey ass.
  2. Smith still running free. Rest of the D is shit.
  3. Shoulda call TO @ :10 and took 1 shot @ endzone. Wonder if Bucs would offer anything for Elliott/Bullock odd man out? The spent a 2nd on Aguayo.
  4. I like the Fedjelem kid. Gotta take a closer look at Cox.
  5. I love the make-up of our defense on paper...damn...why can't we just fucking play on paper?
  6. Their 1st and a nice young developmental 3rd tackle if they happen to have one - I'd be willing to chip in one of our surplus pieces.
  7. First thought on #94

    Watched the game a lot. He & Willis could really give Dunlap a boost. Throw in Lawson at backer & I'm starting to get excited. Unless there's an injury, I'd think they take 3 of 4 spots at end. Their ability to get to the passer means they can probably hang onto Johnson & his run abilities if the wish (guess it depends on how much they like Clarke (can Clarke work as a Swing guy?). I'd say the only way Gilberry makes the final cut is if they keep nine guys and he's the inside/outside swing man over Hardison. I think Geno & Billings are locks, which leaves two slots. I think at least one of the Rookies (Tupou & Glasgow) make it, but do you trust them enough to keep both, leaving Geno with three first years or do you keep one paired with one of Sims, Thompson & Simmons? Interesting 2 or 3 weeks coming up in the trenches. If all are healthy, My WAG: NG Billings/Sims DT Atkins/Glasgow LE Dunlap/Willis RE Johnson/Smith Last Spot/Swing: Clarke (or) Gilberry Practice Squad: Tupou
  8. Seemed a case of tunnel vision to me. They were gonna put lightning across from Green and fuck any other considerations. We'll see how wise they were.
  9. Bucs at Bengals!

    Tupou is a fucking boulder. Chris Smith not looking bad tonight. Billings, Lawson, Willis, Smith, Tupou looking like a hell of a front seven upgrade. Haven't seen much of Glasgow. Johnson & Gilberry may be looking for new homes by opening day.
  10. If the Answer on Ogbuehi, is no, is the anwser on Dalton's survival, "3-5 games, tops"?
  11. I so want to believe this because i think if he and Fisher can be solid (not even spectacular) the Bengals may be headed for a huge season. I'll still need to see it to be convinced though.
  12. Looking forward to seeing how much WJIII helps as well.
  13. How have Oggie & Fisher been blocking against air?
  14. Phillips, Robinson & Trumpy were fun to watch too.

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