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  1. Plenty of targets to go around. There's no downside to having 3 Frontline receivers - especially if one turnsxan ankle in game one. Any real speculation on draft strategy is moot until we see how they fare in early FA. It's easy to say Sewell or bust until they sign a starting OL in FA, then Sewell is not such a priority (especially considering the solid OLs likely to be there in rounds 2 or 3.
  2. Probable Locks: Anthony Munoz, Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason, Ken Riley, Isaac Curtis, Bob Trumpy, Lamar Parrish, Chris Collinsworth, Bob Johnson, Reggie Williams, AJ Green, Willie Anderson, Andrew Whitworth, Tim Krumrie, Paul Brown, Forrest Gregg, Sam Wyche, Chad Johnson Debatable: Tommy Casanova, Ross Browner, Eddie Edwards, Boobie Clark, James Brooks, Max Montoya, Bill Bergey, Dan Ross, Corey Dillon, David Fulcher, Rodney Holman, Essex Johnson, Louis Breeden, Eddie Brown, Rudi Johnson, Carson Palmer, Jim Breech, Shayne Graham, Doug Pelfrey, Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Ickey Wood
  3. What kind of cowpunk disco bondage monstrosity is that? AW HELL NO!
  4. I know it's probably the most wishful of thinking that Mikey Boy and wunderkind go big on a top OL FA (especially an OG). I also know how he loves him some franchise QB's. Hoping against hope seeing Geaux endure so many hits (culminating in the season-ending injury) last season that MB's pucker factor soared and will lead him to loosen the purse strings to address the OLine. Of course, I'm still waiting for the pony I asked for @ Christmas a half-century ago.
  5. My biggest offseason OL fear is that they continue under the psychotic delusion that Bobbie Hart is an adequate option as a NFL reserve at RT (much less a starter).
  6. Seems the consensus seems to be to retain Lawson, let Jackson walk and cut Atkins along with Uzomah and maybe even Gio. I can see the thinking behind this, but getting rid of vets worries me because of finite draft resources and limited Bengals appeal to free agency. If everybody still under control were to return and major team FA's (Lawson, Jackson, Wilson, Spain, Perine, Thomas, Huber, even Alexander), the team still needs to add 2-3 pieces at OL, an Edge, a DT, a WR, a TE at least one LB and probably a CB & a Safety. Not saying you have to retain eve
  7. I'm really warming to a receiver at #5 (Chas/Smith/Pitts) - especially if I could add solid OL pieces in round 2 and free agency. The thought of giving Geaux another dynamic target to go with Boyd & Higgins is just becoming too tempting, although solidifying the OL is still my top priority and after Sewell/Slater the drop off in OL prospects is pretty steep (especially those who would be available to the Bengals in Rd 2).
  8. * Not seeing Newton. * I'd be fine with Jackson, Lawson & Everett. * I'll be pretty torqued if they come out of FA without at least one (preferably two) solid starter-level adds from among OG, another Edge, DT, WR, another CB [RANDOM NOTE] If they draft Sewell/Slater and they can find a starting RT-type later in the Draft/FA. I wouldn't hate moving Williams inside (he might though)
  9. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2021-free-agency-top-100-free-agents Projected Bengals signings: 16. (CB) William Jackson lll (re-sign) 27 (DE) Carl Lawson (Re-sign) 34. (QB) Cam Newton (NE) 48. (TE) Gerald Everett (Rams) -
  10. Seeing m2ore and more mocks projecting Slater to the Bengals even though Sewell is still there. Saying Cindy loves Slater's 5-position versatility. Haven't seen many places project Slater over Penei. I'd rather have a 10-year tackle over a swiss army knife that high. You can find guards later on. Guess I'll take a closer look as the off-season goes on.
  11. I agree. I don't want to change the classic helmets. Would love the black & white full color rush unis occasionally.
  12. Hate the dull orange look. Still my favorite alternate helmet look (with the black & white unis).
  13. https://thesportsdrop.com/artist-reveals-absolutely-incredible-helmet-designs-for-all-32-nfl-teams/13/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=desktop&utm_campaign=nfl_helmets_dtw_b1 https://thesportsdrop.com/artist-reveals-absolutely-incredible-helmet-designs-for-all-32-nfl-teams/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=desktop&utm_campaign=nfl_helmets_dtw_b1
  14. So now, with Hopkins' injury we need a starting center (the one fairly stable position on the OLine) for at least the first part of the season? Price? I'm very dubious. Even before this, I believed they needed a RT early in the draft and a serviceable interior OL in FA. Now I believe they need a middle-round interior guy as well and at least one (or bother) of them need to be able to capable handle the center spot. It is crucial that any new OLine coach be adept at identifying and coaching0up big uglies.
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