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  1. Don't know much about Glenn, but if Pollack thought he could solidify an OL spot, we could pick up someone like Price later in the first and then a extra 2nd rounder for a saftery & maybe a LB in the 2nd, I'd be OK with it.
  2. If McWebb loses is case and is a RFA & they were to Deal Dalton to draft a young'un, I'd keep AJ around for a year to keep the rook from having to start. Not sure that Jackson would be my target if I was taking young QB either. Having said all that though, I don't see the Bengals doing any of it. If it anything were to happen, I'd guess McCarron would be dealy & the rook would sit a year or two behind Dalton.
  3. Oh No! Que the HobNob! Harris' Pro Bowl bonus will now make it impossible to sign either Atkins or Dunlap (possibly both)!
  4. Lost me completely right there.
  5. Lack of homicide - I knew something was missing from Taze's game.
  6. Blowin' the whole damn thing up and replacing it with a new system won't mean a fuckin' thing if you're still counting on Ogbuehi, Fisher or Smith as even one of your starting tackles and you'll be lucky to find a serviceable LT in the 2nd round (much less the 3rd or 4th). It wasn't the system as much as a putrid OL with substandard parts that was the problem. http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Lazors-new-staff-could-bring-some-big-changes/8915059e-5467-484b-8104-c77b6e262f45
  7. This team has to have someone who can start at LT and another at center. One needs to come early in the draft, the other in FA.
  8. Oh I'm joking, but I'm damn sure not laughing. I lived through the 90's with this team and know the truth of which you speak. Even before. I still get teary-eyed thinking of big Max leaving.
  9. Geoffie hobbin' on the nob again. Left Tackle is our number one priority, but no money to spend in FA and we won't spend our #12 on one? Check Mikey for polyps while your heads up there and StFU.
  10. Coaching Staff Changes

    Awww shucks, I was really hoping Munchdick would end up in Hell.
  11. Coaching Staff Changes

    Alex Van Belt seems official at the QB spot. http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Van-Pelt-to-coach-Bengals-QBs-Defensive-staff-complete/f54cd663-bda5-4018-a4b6-c14978ab41f9
  12. How could you have Collinsworth & no Verser?
  13. Coaching Staff Changes

    It's taking a while to announce an OL coach. Not sure McNally is a legit option due to age. Could they be on hold waiting for a candidate to finish in the playoffs?
  14. Coaching Staff Changes

    My guess is it's more a function of Austin telling Marv he wants a particular guy as opposed to any displeasure with Coyle. I wouldn't cry if he replace d Haslett and Burney as well. If he came in with his guys I'd take it as a sign of assuming full responsibility.

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