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    Let's have a look at our Hater Magnet of the Week and see if we can't shed some light on what a 4-3 Nose Tackle does and why Peko does not, in fact, suck. Chicago goes shotgun with 4 WR, but it's 3rd & 2 and should fool no one. And there's your boy, drawing the double team again, ho-hum. It's how an OL plays you when you suck. Rey One & Two have it read. The combined efforts of ~600lbs of human budge Peko about a yard. OMFGF! It's like he's on LOLLERSK8s!!1 #74 grabs Rey One or it's over. Rey Two helps with the double team & Peko comes free to make the tackle. The Bears just manage to convert but the drive later stalls after our old pal #74 grabs Maualuga again & gets called for holding. I would suggest that the biggest problem with Peko is that we don't have another dependable NT on the roster, let alone one who brings this to a meaningless preseason game, so it seems to me cutting him would be pretty fucking dumb. In conclusion, haters gonna hate and I leave you with this:
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    Imagine if AJ ever runs good routes, and catches the ball instead of tipping it to a defender for an INT.
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    Carter is the type of player a team like the Bengals MUST make room for. He may be a one trick pony as some other poster implied, but that one trick can be a drive killer, turnover creator, or game changer. He obviously has the desire to put in the time to learn everything he doesn't know and do it in a professional manner. The non-top motor I noticed during one of his TB sacks. They are not so talented at LB that there is no place for him on the 53...or 45 for that matter.
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    Browns cut former first rounder Phil Taylor. AFTER fully guaranteeing his salary in March. Offset language exists, which means they won't have to pay whatever someone else pays him under their number. We should sign this guy for a dollar and then sock it to CLE just for fun.
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    Jordan Palmer never threw 4000 yards in college and sure as shit didn't have a 37-6 TD/INT Ratio (along with 72% completion percentage). I did not anticipate this on the internet. Uh. Thanks? You win? I don't know what to do.
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    idea: put dalton on IR and trad for RG3
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    She's an ignorant fool. That federal judge is not going to play any games or even listen to any of what her lawyers would call the merits of their case. The case is over, and if she's willing to refuse to obey a federal court order, that judge will take about one second to decide to throw her in jail. It really is disheartening to see someone in the government promulgate the belief that her own opinions, not the law of the land, dictate how she should carry out her duties. When thinking of the ultimate ramifications of that, the mind reels.
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    ElFlocko - I was able to register. Thanks for taking a look at it. I went back to the board and let everyone know... So, an entire site is moving here. All 5 members! Thanks for having us.
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    Come on Rumble, you know you have ADHD, you're always looking for the next "Shiny Thing". And I don't hire newbies, that's why they wouldn't be working for me.
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    Gio is still a special player. Like any back, he needs touches. Hill took most of those and in the preseason the coaches are testing the other guys. He will help us during the season - mark it down. He takes some attention off Hill when they're both in together and he is a very good receiver too. You will be thankful we have him in the mix.
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    I temporarily disabled CAPTCHA until Go has a chance to look at it (he takes care of the key registration). Tell your peeps (did I just write 'peeps'? Yes, I did. Now get off my lawn) to register. If you would do me a favor and send me a PM with the email address or username they'll be registering with, I'll make sure they get approved.
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    Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look. Oh, and welcome aboard!
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    the county has as of friday put into the process of getting rid of her, she could face jail time for this http://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/uncucumbered/want_kentucky_clerk_kim_davis_fired_rowan_county_officials_are_trying
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    Hey gang. I'm a newb refugee from the Scout Insiders Bengals board that occupies the outskirts of the hinternet. We have some guys looking to make the move here but, they are saying the captcha is broken and they cannot create a new account. I'm too new here to know who to contact so I thought I'd send an SOS from here. Thanks. Later, BFITO
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    Testing... http://forum.go-bengals.com/index.php?/forum/36-private-members-lounge/ Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
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    Can you see any of the mod stuff...subforum specifically. I can't Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    fuck them hoes. unrelated: i am installing it now.
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    I'm thinking Deshawn will be Clinton MacDonald 2.0 and I'm afraid Terrell Warston will be DeDe Dorsey 2.0 - except Terrell will last longer in the league than DeDe did. I really think Terrell is going to become somebody's #1 back. That young man has size, moves, and vision.
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    Looks and sounds like Andy is still Andy. Aka not good enough
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    This is a racist comment, he threw for 4300 yards his seniour year, sixth most in the nation
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    Probly HOF, you know who else has a Heis that is gloruious?: CARSON aka my fantasy QB
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    how many Heis's does Dalton have? ZERO.
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    It is officially Game Week!! 7 days until my Buckeyes go to Blacksburg VA looking for a little payback!! O-H!!!
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    Few thoughts on Watson... 1. Every year there is a late round or undrafted guy who everyone says we have "no chance" of getting onto the practice squad. A couple years ago it was Cobi Hamilton. Last year it was James Wilder Jr. It looks like this year's guy is Watson. I'm not saying it's a slam dunk that he wouldn't be claimed added to some other team's 53 man roster, but based upon past history I think we probably could stash him on the PS without any problem. 2. In terms of the job requirements of the #4 RB, Peerman is the better option. He has to be available for some carries in case of an emergency (an injury or two to the top 3 backs), but his primary job is special teams. Peerman is the special teams captain. He's the primary punt protector (and a threat to carry it on the fake punt) and on all the coverage and return units. I don't think Watson has any experience as a special teamer. 3. Watson and Wilder are similar. As long as we can stash at least one of them on the PS as our 5th back who we can call up if there's an injury, we should be fine. Our 4 man veteran RB group is pretty much perfect. We have our stud lead back (Hill). Our change-of-pace big play threat (Bernard). Our do everything #3 (Burkhead). And our special teams stud (Peerman).
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    Long time bengals jungle poster..looks like it went belly up...
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    What's good everyone, long time Saints fan (I come in peace lol), but I'm a Jeremy Hill fan, LSU connection obviously. Oh, I guess I should at least apologize for our clown fan that snatched the ball from one your fans last season lol! Anyway, the board is great so hopefully yall don't mind me posting with you guys. 
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    He's surely an upgrade from Greg Little. 
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