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    You say they don't have a shitty fanbase and then express surprise they still have fans.
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    Doesn't explain why you and Leepu always get so defensive whenever someone mentions the health of the board. For example, I wasn't talking to Leepu, I didn't quote Leepu, and I hadn't even read Leepu's post when I wrote about sad sacks ruining the board. But perhaps because Leepu feels guilty he pops off as if I'd called him out by name. As for you, you always chime in whenever someone pokes fun at the current condition of the board, almost as if you're the official spokesperson of what went wrong.
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    I know some of you get awfully defensive even when the subject of ruining a messageboard comes up. The way you always react even when your name was never used is almost a confession, right?
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    Nope. Just reality. Last year the Bengals started 3-0 then got whooped by Pats on Sunday Night Football. All the air left the balloon. Then late season they beat Denver on MNF then lose to Stealers on SNF, lose in the playoffs. Thanks for playing. We don't have a big passionate fan base. There are thousands of face value tickets available for the home opener. National Media doesn't have a reason to hype the Bengals. Maybe if they go 5-0 beating Chargers, Ravens, Chief, and Seahawks (teams ranked decently on today's power rankings) the National Media and local fans will be forced to acknowledge the team. It will be interesting if this team can do anything in the regular season to move the needle, but even today AJ Green was on the radio and it was conversation about winning a playoff game.
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    Pacman was not a douche. Pacman got punked by Cooper and Cooper was served by Pacman. End of story IMHO. On a side note: We still won.
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    Yes if we had lost. No because we didn't. ...and Maybe because we as fans manage to make mountains out of molehills. In other news, Bengals fans love to bitch.
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    I loved the way the Raiders played. I gave them A+ marks the entire game.
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    I know the ideal of anyone running a message board the way they see fit that is in opposition to the larger community should be held to task yes.
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    If that's what you know, you don't know much.
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    Jay Morrison ‏@JayMorrisonCMG 11h11 hours agoThis blow by Cooper under Pacman's facemask is what set off the #Bengals CB. Both players could end up getting fined
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    Lol your complaining because the Bengals didnt make 2nd half adjustments. You are a moron. They were up 33-0 before the Raiders even crossed midfield. The Bengals took out some starters in the 4th or it probably wouldve been worse. I re-watched the game and Geno Atkins only had one sack in the game but he was getting to the QB so fast. Just didnt get sacks because they get the ball out so quickly. The rush defense was great. All I heard was Latavias Murray was a must start in fantasy. Adam Jones doesnt deserve the critisism on the talk shows today. Cooper had his hand up inside Jones facemask and took Jones to the ground. He deserves half the fine Jones will probably receive. Dalton was spot on on every throw but one, the first deep ball to Green. Absolutely nothing bad about that performance. Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk
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    I don't think this was near as dirty as it is being described. It'd not like he went at his knees or something. He ripped his helmet off. Big deal. It hurts, but it's not likely to injure. Even the banging of Coopers head on the helmet wasn't that bad. He didn't do it very hard. Cooper wasn't pissed afterwards. He knew the both of them had gone over the edge, but no harm, no foul. You also have to consider time and place. The game was out of hand and it wasn't a big threat to the Bengals even if Jones was ejected. No, I don't want to see that in a close game, but it wasn't a close game. Intimidation still plays a role and Jones handing it to Cooper sent a message. The Stealers are a perfect example because those teams were tough and everybody knew it. Were they sometimes dirty? Yep. It was all part of the package.
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    dude peko is mauling that guy. His arms are up in the air his feet arnt set. peko's killin the dude. wtf are you watching?
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    Actually, I'm talking about the Peko that has NO stats from yesterday's game http://www.nfl.com/teams/statistics?team=CIN Not sure of the point of the video but he looks like a dancing bear stood up at the line. As usual.
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    I think I'm well supported by Marvin himself coming out in his most recent press conference with: "I think one of the key things that we have to do better is that opening drive in the third quarter. That’s a key drive and we didn’t do well enough with that. Again, something else to do better. We are generally going to defer (if winning the coin toss), and we had an opportunity for back-to-back possessions in the game, so we need to take advantage of the possession coming out after halftime." Get it now? They came out completely flat in the second half. Did you pay attention to the Lions - Chargers game? You think 24 points is a gimme in this league? That was their opportunity to "put their foot on their throats" and they instead gave them back momentum. It doesn't matter that the Raiders suck and couldn't take advantage of it, that is classic Marvinball and if it doesn't change, this season will look a lot like seasons past. Next time bring some real observations to the table.
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    If the drunken bitch hadn't poured a drink on his head, she wouldn't have gotten slapped.
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    Are there any suggestions, short of flying CincyinDC to the game, that will make the game day thread more productive or interesting ? Post it or PM one of the MODS. The only real pity is bitching without offering a solution.
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    Poor guy is still at it. Internet message boards shouldn't be this much of a focus in ones life.
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    Just playin hard nose Bengals FOOOOOOOOOOWTBAAAALLLL. Right Chris Collinsworth? Adam Jones just loves the game and is a physical player. You can't fault him just like you couldn't fault Hines Ward for head hunting or Antonio Brown kicking a punter, or head hunting a punter ending up with a broken jaw. It's the love of the game and our defenders have found it finally.
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    I am not a Dalton basher but, with 1 TD and 6 INTs coupled with a 57.8 QBR in four post season games he not only didn't help the team, he was largely responsible for the loss. He and Marvin Lewis need to step up, prepare and win playoff games before Bengals fans (and fans of the other 31 teams for that matter) get off their nuts about this. I am incredibly excited about the possibilities for this season. This team, when healthy, is as dangerous as any in the NFL. I was ultra impressed with the diverse game plan on Sunday and hope that continues throughout the season.
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    I concur. Andy is the merely the most visible and the focal point of the entire team's failings. With all of our weapons depleted last year the OL needed to dig deep and kick ass in the playoff game...instead they got their asses handed to them. Same with the DL. Inspired and dominant play, like last Sunday, seems to happen only in the daylight of Sunday afternoons in regular season. It only makes a cameo appearance once in a while in the other time slots.
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    Still having trouble understanding why so many are enamored with a play that was complete waste of time 99.9% of the time. Instead of that foregone conclusion, just make the touchdown worth seven points and save us the formality of the kick. A meaningless play has been made into a meaningful play. How is that a bad thing?
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    Yep football is more then a boxscore. This isnt baseball. Im pretty sure whit isnt on the stat sheet either. Guess he must have had a shitty day. Or how bought our hback dont see his stats either. Guess he didnt throw anyblocks for hill. Football is about nonstat plays as well as the ones that get recorded on paper man. Thats what makes it so great. Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
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    AJ did play, dude. Didn't you see him drop that touchdown pass in the end zone?
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    Ya Peko sucks #whatgamewereyouwatching https://twitter.com/JoeGoodberry/status/643535093492019200
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    Late to the party (really like the insights in this weekly thread) but a couple I thought of in addition that may already be on here. The Good Gronkowski (whatever) was the last Eifert only nowhere near as good. Really liked Hue's multiple players changing alinement at the line of scrimmage (Fisher a wide out? wow!). MUCH better than Andy in the shotgun on first down or not dropping back to pass from under center. The Not So Good Peko is more and more of a liability and should be on the inactive list rather than Brandon Thompson and Margus Hunt. At least Hunt gets into the backfield rather than pushed off the line and out of the play. Gio... still reminds me too much of Archie Griffin... gets stuffed at/behind the line more often than breaking one and goes down too easily. Still shades of Marvinball... poor clock management/time outs, too many men on the field, and moronic penalties (taunting and Pacanimal pounding the rook's head into his helmet) Got away with it Sunday but that kind of thing has hurt us before and can come back to haunt again) Wonder if that win will affect us in the future. Like this Sunday. Come out overconfident and flat like there is a tendency to do. Wait and see. But good game and good start to the season. Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Baltimore shitting the bed made it all the more enjoyable. The Ugly Cleveland's uniforms. I thought it was some sort of joke. Seriously.
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    Here's what I know. Leepu got angry when I wrote about sad sacks who so often make this board a miserable place. I didn't mention him or anyone else by name, but he still took offense....probably because he thinks he fits the profile. Who am I to disagree? That said, he's hardly the only sad sack around here and it's unfair to assume I was writing about him.
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    I, for one, am glad they drafted a tackle. Two may be overkill, but they will need one next year. JabbatheHutt is in a contract year, in good shape, and will play very well. Other years he is fat and gets hurt. Someone will pay Smith a bunch of money. I hope it's not the Bengals. One of those guys will have to replace Smith next season. I hope they keep Whitworth, but he is getting older and you don't know when the end will come. If he is looking for a long term deal that could be a problem. The Bengals were looking forward and that's the sign of a good organization.
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    Another refugee from the BI boards here...
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    You have no idea. You are completely guessing and you chose to side with Cooper instead. Raiders were getting there ass beat. Cooper could have been doing it out of frustration. Dude has probably lost like 5 football games in his entire life and I guarantee he's never been down 24 points in a game before.
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    I have no idea what prompted Cooper to punch Jones while the play was unfolding. And neither do you. Could be nothing, could be anything. But let's not pretend that Jones just snapped and did that with no provocation. Please. He will get fined, fine with that. If he was suspended for a game, I would be fine with that too. But I don't believe for one second Jones all of a sudden was doing that for no reason.
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    Yup, another way to phrase that is that, with the "I won't be happy until I see Andy win a playoff game" logic, some people are actually going to suffer through glorious beat-downs like yesterday. In other words, some people are going to be miserable for the next 16 weeks, at which point they may or not be miserable for a heartbeat before the season ends. Makes you wonder why they'd even tune in in the meantime, or, for that matter, why they even watch football at all.
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    I agree they don't need to do the stuff that draws penalties. BUT, sometimes a little of this early in the season serves notice to opposing teams as they watch film. As this secondary gets known for their physical play and take no shit attitude, it will work to the team's advantage somewhere along the line as opposing receivers start to go more alligator arm. Swagger is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, this defense has missed that element from its game in taking the step to be elite at some point - with Tez out, glad it is coming from somewhere.
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    It is & I can see both sides of it. If someone would've taken a significant injury in that 4th quarter, though, I would've been throwing shit.
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    This ain't your grandpas defensive secondary anymore. Steady old pro Terrence Newman is gone and kindler gentler Leon Hall has been pushed out of the spotlight. This bunch has swagger, buckets of it, and for better or worse they take their cues from Pac.
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    Damn right. Cooper don't need no help! He's already been served. Pacman served him. He's taken care of. He's a little slow, but he got it. See, what he thought was he can come up here and make the rules. But now, he see that Pacman make the rules in the NFL, that the Bengals run this bitch, and now he 'bout to bounce!
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    “We took pride in that today,” said Smith. “He’s a great football player and does a lot of things for that defense. We knew that if we took him away we could have success and we did an outstanding job.” So what’s new? Last year, the Bengals were one of only four teams to hold NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt (20.5 sacks) without a sack in a 22-13 win at Houston. Additionally, Von Miller (14 sacks) and Elvis Dumerville (17 sacks) failed to sack Andy Dalton, and Dumerville faced the Bengals twice. I was soooo close to bringing this up in the "Scared Oakland thread" when it was predetermined that Mack and Raiders were going to kill Dalton etc. Paul Alexander sucks. Yesterday is the standard the o-line has set over a decade. It starts with investment in tackles which the organization does. Yesterday, was one of many top notch performances by the line.
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    IMHO everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to make fun of the sad sacks who so often make this board a miserable place. Simply put, fuck those guys whose names need not be mentioned.
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    My God you're fucking thick! And please stop acting like your life is so much better than mine because I do not choose to be a miserable asshole and actually found joy because my team only won by 20 points.
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    For getting his head slammed down onto his helmet, Cooper took it pretty well. Maybe one of Saban's old coaching techniques or he wants to forget the year or two he is going to be stuck in Oakland. I just hope Adam doesn't get suspended. He is playing phenomenal right now and I believe Keenan Allen is an X receiver so he would be going up against him and Allen went nuts yesterday. Adam needs to knock that shit off and get his emotions in check.
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    The ugly, those fucking announcers might be the worst I ever heard called Marvin Lewis, Marvin Jones and Leon, Leon Hill smdh
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    Ban? Nah. He recently turned 18 though, and was finally allowed to click on the "Enter" buttons on all of those porn sites. Dude is probably chaffed by now...
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