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    Bengals love those Georgia Bulldogs. This makes no. 5
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    Yes, but they went to different schools together.
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    You're right - it's just satisfying because he was such a smug prick over raising the price of those meds, and in his testimony. And Jamie is also correct, he's not going to jail over screwing patients. I've watched enough documentaries that I am aware, you can murder, rape, commit arson, so on, maybe they find you, maybe they won't - but if you defraud rich people or an insurance company, they WILL find you and you will be fucked.
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    Nah you're 100% reading his statement incorrectly. I put important parts in bold. 1. He said each, so he didn't say them together. 2. He used the number of $26m (aka $13m x 2) to add to the $15m we're going to spend to get to the cap number. That means he was adding $13m per player to the cap even though they're already on the books for $17m total. That would make Geno and Dunlap total $43m toward our 2018 cap. That's not happening my man. If he didn't mean they would get $13m MORE he wouldn't have added it into the cap figure. That part alone shows what he meant and why he is a person that gets fooled by Hobson-math.
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    The big problem with Hobspin and the Brown family apologists is the fake news math they do to defend not spending in free agency. Every time you put a contract on the books another one is obviously coming off. It's crazy that more people don't immediately recognize this. When people start yelling about how it's going to cost us $10+ million to sign our draft picks it blows my mind. Sure, that would be true if all of those draft picks weren't going to take the roster spots of guys making league minimum or a bit above. Just for the quick math and keeping the accuracy close, let's say we sign 10 of our draft picks for $10 million total BUT then you have to figure 10 guys that would have counted around $500k each to our 2018 cap are going to be released to make room for the new guys. $10 million minus $5 million obviously isn't the $10 million that Hobspin claims it will take us to sign our picks. Only around $5 million extra will count toward our cap once you factor in the reality of other players being cut at the bottom of the roster. This is true for free agent signings as well. Let's say we wanted to bring in Richard Sherman before the 49ers signed him. His 2018 cap number is $6.175, but does that mean he would have cost us exactly $6.175? Nope because we could have cut a guy like Josh Shaw ($1.907 cap savings) to help afford the Sherman contract. Even at absolute worst, you would cut a bottom of the roster guy making league minimum which covers $480k of the free agents salary right there. Not saying I wanted Richard Sherman, just using him as an example. The same process can be used for any position. We have guys like Robenson Therezie (safety) and Carl Bradford (ILB) on our roster making $630k each that could go toward signing a player or two that might actually see the field. LaFell puts $4 million toward an upgrade if you want to find one. MJ saves around $5 million. Cutting a Josh Shaw or TJ Johnson gives you over $1.5 million each to find real NFL players with. The Bengals are one of the least creative teams in the NFL when it comes to their salary cap. It's nothing new but I hope people stop spreading bullshit like the "fact" that it's going to cost us $10+ million to sign draft picks or that a Geno extension is going to cost us $15 million. Money HAS to come off the books to sign players and a big chunk of someone like Geno's salary ($9.55 million in 2018) is already on the Bengals' books to begin with before you start to factor in the extension.
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    I'm happy he is gonna get a boyfriend, but lets remember he is in jail for defrauding rich people not for raising the price of his drugs to insane prices.
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