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    Man, with all due respect, you've kinda gone off the rails. A healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing when sussing out information, but your wholesale dismissal of pretty much everything anyone says is counterproductive. Sorry, but some people are experts, and some people do know what they're talking about, even if you don't like what they're saying. The trick is in discerning who the expert is and verifying the information they're supplying. Have you read this book? https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-death-of-expertise-9780190469412?cc=cz&lang=en& You should, as it provides an excellent synopsis of how we ended up where we're at, technology and the internet's role in that process, and how to judge and asses the information, as well as decide if the experts are keeping themselves in check. I have it in PDF and Kindle format. Say the word and I'll send you a copy.
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    This is possibly the best Bengals article written by a fan ever..
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    If you believe this, I'm embarrassed for you. And you're what is wrong with this country...
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    What is the FBI lying about? Beyond that, what would be their motivation to lie about all this? If we're going to distrust all media and law enforcement it makes someone like Trump untouchable, which is precisely his goal.

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