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    Bengals starters were up 20-0 on Buffalo with 6 minutes to go in the half in the preseason matchup. Bills are so incredibly awful and can't be used as a barometer. Marvin/Andy/AJ have always had the Ravens' number.
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    Stating the obvious but we better be ready because the Ravens are coming out swinging after we knocked them out last year. Hopefully we Hart shows some heart and Mixon keeps rolling. We defiantly need more deep balls early and Ross needs to be targeted more for sure.
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    looking like upper 70's and clear at game time.. so nice Rats aren't as good as week1 for sure..they played probably the worst team in football. Bengals have some shit to work on though Our lines show up and we will be fine... gotta protect Red. and the d-line needs to be in flacco's grill and he will suck. i think that is what it comes down to. Can't Wait!!!!
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    Nope. I wish Cleveland would have won.
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    Stay safe Jason. Having lived through a direct hit by an F3 tornado I know how incredibly powerful violent weather can be. That being said, I would imagine there are some people here that can at least record it digitally. My tech skills are sorely lacking in that department.
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    Redmond did a nice job pulling on a number of runs and screen passes. I liked that. He had some weak moments in pass protection but, playing in between Hart and a rookie can't be easy. I'm going to give the big fella some time to see what he can do before I start passing a bunch of judgement.
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    That's a pretty uncivil response, but I will try not to cuss at you. Mixon averaged 5.5 ypc. Redmond blocked the run really well, Goodberry had some tweets of some of that, if you want a breakdown. Hunt's two sacks came over Hart, who I exempted from a kind word and suggested needed to be replaced. Beyond that, I have pretty much ZERO use for PFF grades, which is what I am going to assume you are referring to. I mean, for fuckssake, they had Mixon at a 59.1 for yesterday - the lower end of their average range. Maybe no need to be a jerk to me, or maybe there is, I guess. Dunno. Have a good one.
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    I had no problem with the ejection of Williams no matter who made it. And even if it was unintentional. However, the two total crap unnecessary roughness calls on Carlos were totally bogus and I think those will go a long way to making him be unfairly tagged a dirty player and the NFL seem like they are targeting us as whipping boys. All I want is for the refs and NFL to call it the same way against the Squeelers. I also want Santa Claus to bring me a pony for Christmas and peace in the Middle East.
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    The usual full and raucous Pub today. Shebengal, Sox, and I on hand (not certain of any others--although I did say "Go-Bengals.com" a few times). My thanks to Shebengal and Sox for helping me out of a defeatist attitude and being the stalwart fans you are. And collectively laughing at the Stealers made it a totally great afternoon!
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