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    Next order of business needs to be giving Duke Tobin the Official title of G.M.
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    Mike Brown was loyal to Cincinnati AFTER the city gave him EVERYTHING he demanded. This was after he told the fans he would be “forced” to leave if they did not raise their own taxes. Its laughable that you think he did this out of the kindness of his heart. His heirs will take the best offer.
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    “I think he’s (Hue, of course)more than qualified,” Lewis said at the news conference. “I think he’s been in a couple of difficult situations [in Oakland and Cleveland], and that’s tough, and it hasn’t broke his way. But I think he’s an excellent football coach, he’s a great motivator. So I think he deserves an opportunity, if not here, somewhere else.”
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    I love your optimism!
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    The Brown family is loyal to the state of Ohio. They're not going anywhere.
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    Simple truth: pick any swinging dick from organization A-Z. Half will hate it from the get-go, half will love it like the holy child from the outset. And there will be expert analysis--repleat with endless statistics and quotes from squawking heads. But a year from now, everyone will hate him.
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    My vote goes to this guy. Let's see Barker Mayfield get up in this dude's grill.
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    the puddy cats? seriously? #lame
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    This isn’t nearly as bad a job as some of you make it out to be: You have an owner that will let you serve out your contract and will stick by you regardless of performance. The owner does not want limelight. The media uses really soft pillows. You can just work. The roster has a quarterback that can win games if you scheme around his deficiencies. You have a lot of say in who you draft. If you believe in yourself, this is a pretty good gig.
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    That would be a lot funnier if it wasn't true.
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    Bengals have requested an interview with Josh McDaniels.
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    Ah ha! I knew there had to be a Cincinnati connection. Kerry Coombs is out there somewhere. His son is on the coaching staff. Bring him in. Probably would not take it because Colerain High School had a bigger recruiting budget.
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    The entire staff needs turned over. Everyone needs to go for this franchise to really start fresh. This is just the first domino in what should be many. I’m not confident (at all) Mike has the stomach for so much change. This could be a HC change that sees Mike cede ownership to Katie. I hope she has a serious hand in this process.
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    It’s pure nonsense. Almost nothing has happened in Cincy since 2001 other than disrespectful NFL douchebags getting arrested.
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    you keep bringing up shit that isnt relevant. we are talking about the perception of nfl players and coaches in picking teams. we arent talking about general public police brutality, lets be honest few players give a fuck if OTHER people are treated poorly, but i cant think of another city with more fans attacking PLAYERS or police attacking PLAYERS news in the last 15 years than cincinnati. and i live 1200 miles away.... what just happened: me: the police tased and arrested a player over a parking ticket, he had to sue them and won tens of millions you: but the black on black crime in chicago!!!1111 its this delusion from the fanbase that kills me.
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    You, Kenny and Father Brown must be the only people not related to them or retained as legal council who could claim with a straight face that Jones or Henry were victims of anything but their own stupidity. Half your examples are Pacman! And you think "fan brutality" is the common thread there?
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    LMAO at "history of fan brutality against players"... Bruh.. Bitch Boy found some garbage on his lawn, just like I'm sure many of us have at some point for various mundane reasons; stray dogs, possums, RACCOONS, high winds, dickhead neighbor kids, etc.. And you cuss to yourself and go clean it up. Bitch Boy immediately assumes it just HAS to be about him, because god knows the sun rises and sets on his golden head.. But OK, let's assume it was some shithead fans, I guess it's possible. So Fucking What. Tell your gardener to take care of it and wipe your tears away with some crisp Benji's. "Fan Brutality"?! Seriously? It wasn't a fucking al-qaeda car bomb ffs, get a grip. Also while I'm not exactly on the Cincinnati Booster Committee your constant bashing of it comes off really forced. You haven't lived here in years so, 1, you really don't know wtf you're talking about and 2, it's the same old shit of person who has lived in one place their whole life shitting all over it when they leave. It makes me wonder who you are really trying to convince, ya dig? I've moved around quite a bit and never spent much time bashing the last place because I was happy with the new one. Just saying. Love ya buddy but it really sounds like all this anger and animosity is misplaced. I'll leave it at that.
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    From the same guy that reported that Marvin was definitely out after last season.

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