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    Jokes on you pal, I'm just here for the memes and bourbon recommendations
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    You must have missed where they immediately started winning as soon as you. . er.. "he" was fired. Sorry but it's time to accept some responsibility for your.. um, his failures.
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    He's objectively one of the worst head coaches in NFL history. Why do you need to be persuaded at all?
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    John Ross. The right coach will find more ways to get him the ball.
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    I'll work on acquiring the body and cocaine if you can ship it
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    I love Grier.As a Mountaineer fan I've watched every game he's played in,and the kid is flat out a gunslinger.I disagree at eleven,if he's there and you want him you take him.I also believe that you're going to see his stock rise as the draft approaches and teams and draft gurus start taking a closer look at him.For what it's worth,here's PFF taking a look at him.
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    I guess I should have clarified, I haven't done research on QB's OTHER than Haskins....as a 35 year Buckeye die hard, I'm well aware of what Haskins is all about. we'll have no shot at him unless we trade up....once teams really get to know what kind of kid he is and see that arm and accuracy in person, they're going to fall in love. he'll go top 5 when it's all said and done with a real possibility of him and Bosa being the first two picks of the entire draft.
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    I've done zero research on the QB class so far....I just mentioned Jones because he's getting first round consideration from a few sites I follow. personally, I've never even seen the kid play.
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    yeah exactly......if anything it should be expected. why that would be frowned upon by ANYONE, I'll never know.
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    Can someone send the directions about how to block people?
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    He is 1-4-1 the last 3 years against the AFC North. No thanks.
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    just out of curiosity, has the Mike Brown model worked out to your satisfaction? or how about the Marvin Lewis model? we're all fans LT, we're supposed to want better than the pile of shit we've been handed for the last almost 30 years now....why you feel the need to constantly rail against that, I have no idea..
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    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2813786-hiring-hue-jackson-a-catastrophe-waiting-to-happen-for-nfl-teams God damn did this cat go in Hue.
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    Then this should be a coach's dream job.
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    Also ESPN: "Can we induct Ben Rapistburger into the HoF now or do we still have to wait? Here's an hour-long Ben Rapistburger clip show where we try to fit his balls entirely in our own mouths!"
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    Some OC thoughts. There are 2 trees of coaching that Bieniemy has been a part of, the Vikings (2006-2010) and the Chiefs (2013-Present) The Vikings tree is pretty clear. Darrell Bevell: Was his Coordinator in Minnesota for all 5 seasons and he is currently unemployed. Bevell was the OC in Seattle for 5 seasons before getting fired and sitting out last year. Definitely an option, has rumors in Atlanta where the job likely goes to Koetter. The Chiefs tree is winding. Andy Reid and KC: No one who could really take over is on staff right now. Lots of life long position coaches and Mike Kafka as the QBs coach who is likely the new OC should Bieniemy leave. Greg Lewis is the WRs coach. He has been a WRs coach for his entire career. Might be able to move up. Doug Pederson and the Eagles: This one is a mess. There are 2-3 options that may come from here and possibly none. A reminder of the timeline. Last year McDaniels took the Colts job and then backed away. John DeFelippo not knowing that the OC job would be available took the OC job in Minnesota. Frank Reich moved on to Indianapolis. DeFelippo was already gone and Mike Groh was promoted. DeFelippo has since been fired and is available. The Eagles offense dropped off a bit in 2018. It's possible Pederson wanted DeFelippo the entire time but timing didn't work out. Clouding things more Press Taylor, Zach Taylor's brother is the QBs coach in Philly. He may get an OC job if Zach gets a head coach job. If he doesn't he is probably a great candidate for the OC spot. Matt Nagy and the Bears & Frank Reich of the Colts:No one of note
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    No. But you seem to think they will intentionally carry on a tradition of failure on purpose. Times have dramatically changed. Katie and Troy were not alive when Paul Brown was doing great things. The were around for some meh Bengals teams that did include 2 failed Super Bowl appearances but only 5 playoff wins in 50 years. That is one playoff win every decade. They have watched the franchise go 28 straight years without a playoff win. They will NOT STAY THE COURSE. They know their brand has turning to shit before their eyes.
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    “I think he’s (Hue, of course)more than qualified,” Lewis said at the news conference. “I think he’s been in a couple of difficult situations [in Oakland and Cleveland], and that’s tough, and it hasn’t broke his way. But I think he’s an excellent football coach, he’s a great motivator. So I think he deserves an opportunity, if not here, somewhere else.”
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    Which internal candidate would you want? Note I did NOT say Simmons is THE GUY I want. He is my choice of the internal candidates.
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    Look what I got in our family gift exchange game yesterday. I told my family they could laugh their asses off at me if they wanted right before I stole it from my niece. (Who was glad to get rid of it.)
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    Jim Haslett "Well, he's inconsistent. Does great one play, and lousy on the next one." Marvin Lewis: "Well, let's start Nickerson. He's consistently bad on every play."
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