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    I'll work on acquiring the body and cocaine if you can ship it
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    I love Grier.As a Mountaineer fan I've watched every game he's played in,and the kid is flat out a gunslinger.I disagree at eleven,if he's there and you want him you take him.I also believe that you're going to see his stock rise as the draft approaches and teams and draft gurus start taking a closer look at him.For what it's worth,here's PFF taking a look at him.
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    I guess I should have clarified, I haven't done research on QB's OTHER than Haskins....as a 35 year Buckeye die hard, I'm well aware of what Haskins is all about. we'll have no shot at him unless we trade up....once teams really get to know what kind of kid he is and see that arm and accuracy in person, they're going to fall in love. he'll go top 5 when it's all said and done with a real possibility of him and Bosa being the first two picks of the entire draft.
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    I've done zero research on the QB class so far....I just mentioned Jones because he's getting first round consideration from a few sites I follow. personally, I've never even seen the kid play.
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