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    "I couldn't stay mad at you."
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    AB flops and Burfict should've been cut? And after he had a pick to put the game away. Only to have it fumbled away. Typical Catfish post.
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    "Pretending"? Yeah, there have been a few. Your non sequitur aside, whatever "concussion" LegoHead may have had--was not known at the time. He was up, smiling, and getting ready to head off the field. You weren't there--how the fuck would you know? You will defend this corrupt league until the end of the earth (twelve years from now, I hear)--and after this past Sunday, that simply amazes me coming from you.
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    If he is on the team, I hope that means he earned it. If he is not on the team, he is added to the long list of coulda, shoulda beens at LB. I would love it if he earns it, but I certainly won’t be holding my breath for it.
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    Burfict was a shell of himself this past season. If he wants to retire because of the concussions that is ok. If he wants to play he needs to come to camp ready to play on day 1. Not out of shape, no suspensions, etc. If he can do that give him a chance. Any less than that cut him.
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    Speaking of Redskins....any chance this is the year we land Lavar? Also, any word on Gardener's back issue. Will he be fully healed this year and possibly contribute? We could use his size on the DL!!!
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    When we cut Burdock the Squeels will sign him before he clears out his locker and Andy is put on the endangered species list until he goes extinct in the first quarter of the first meet up with them. Probably in Pittsburgh. And Collinsworth creams his jeans gushing about "good ol' Stiller footbawwwl".
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    I'm sure they are hard at work looking for the next Cedrick Ogbuhei or John Ross for us.
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    everyone is better than Dalton.. just pick one in the 7th...instant upgrade.. Amiright
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    +1 on the Casanova reference. When I was a kid I wanted to play receiver, but usually had to play DB...I was always Tommy Casanova...one of my all-time fav Bengals. Cool name, cool dude. IIRC the guy had some size for a DB by the standards back in the day. Retired at the top of his game?
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    On the way to the stadium last game there was a four car police escort, motorcycles all the trimmings, lights flashing, stopping traffic, etc. on 3rd street (I think). I got the stink eye from a motorcycle cop as I trundled across the street but I was there first and in a crosswalk with the walk light for me. The car they were escorting was a black Chevrolet SUV with dark tinted windows. The street vendor on the corner said it was Mike Brown and if you can't take the word of a street vendor, who can you trust?

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