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    He forgot to mention there are always two out and down 10
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    It's funny how some people on here see that as some kind of win for bengals fans. They're not bengals any more. Unless you know them personally, why would anybody care? I guess if you're a fan of the player, I get it. But to expect other bengals fans to feel the same way is inane. I actually find it depressing.
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    Video definitely took me back...gave me goosebumps. Still can't believe some of those guys aren't in the HOF...what a crock.
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    We've done some stupid things but that might top them all. I think Dalton is towards the top end of the middle of the pack - not great / not bad. I do think he's good enough if we build a good team around him. Careful what you wish for. It took the Brown's over a decade to find (maybe) a good starting QB along with many other teams. The road to ruin is littered with the next great QB - even our own: Akili Smith / David Klingler. I have no problem drafting who we think might beat Andy out but we better know that before we move on. BTW - no offense SmoothD
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    everyone is better than Dalton.. just pick one in the 7th...instant upgrade.. Amiright
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