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    Lately it has been: Oline = Bust
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    Well y'know for most people last season was a massive disappointment and pretty hard to stomach at times. Good for you for singing in the rain but I think you can forgive some of us our bellyaching. A decade of blown opportunities and bad decisions will have that effect. That's cool if you disagree but making fun of people for it comes off a little tone-deaf, to put it nicely. The animosity on here is misplaced. At the end of the day you're watching the same team I am & we both want them to win more.
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    I'm gonna beat that dead horse and complain about you lumping those two together, it's not fair at all. Burfict hits other football players too hard, if he played 10 years ago he'd be a future HoF'er. Pacman is getting thrown out of casinos, spitting on cops and on and on. Pac's driving drunk the wrong way up an on-ramp while Taze is home with his woman watching Antiques Roadshow and feeding their dogs popcorn. Taze may be an undisciplined football player but he's not some degenerate manchild run amok. If it wasn't for Pac's stupid ass & Hill's butterfingers we'd all remember Burfict for the biggest INT in team history. The way the fans, team, and local media have thrown him under the bus disturbs me, but it is what it is.
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    The staff is pretty underwhelming. We basically had to beg to fill some of the slots.
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    I believe Ross' camp is more likely behind leaking this rumor. Boyd's emergence has relegated him to the #3 role at best. There's also the new coaching staff which may or may not decide that Ross has a future here. He might see the writing on the wall that he won't be a starter unless he leaves town. From the team's perspective, it doesn't make sense to deal Ross at low value and take on dead cap space. If Taylor's offense copies the jet sweep action that McVay likes to use, Ross could be a good fit in that role, IMO. The real question is whether he can stay healthy and not be a head case. I don't think they will cut the cord now until the new staff can work with him and see what they have.
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    What is the difference between 5-11, 6-10, 7-9 and 6-9-1? Two things, Nothing, I mean did you care about the last three years? First prediction, New Coaching Staff, Last three records a 16 year old coach and coaching staff that was making fans happy being Mediocre to less than Mediocre. Oh Joy!
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    Our offensive line can be greatly improved by replacing Redmond with Westerman or even Hopkins, and adding a RT in the draft or free agency. Our defense is far more talented than their ranking last season. They do need at least 1, and preferably 2, LBs, but they played significantly better after Marvin took over. If the off season is handled properly (and we don't get devastated by injuries again) we can compete for the division in 2019.
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    For a SB anyway. I could see back to flirting with a WC next year. AFCN is trending down & I'll believe the Browns are contenders when they go over .500 All this predicated on a good draft & at least getting some depth in FA. Gonna have to to dig deep for some of our own FA's too. I hope they've learned something there. I can also picture it being a fire in a circus tent. Should be a fun camp to see either way. Grill some armadillo and watch the sideshow. GIG EM YEE HA
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    One of the rationales for Mikey & the Bengals not pursuing higher end FA's is they don't want signings costing them potential comp picks in the next draft. The only potential FA loss that could conceivably bring a premium Comp pick would be Dennard (and they could still re-up him). Think it might be a good time to shop and Mikey may decide to splurge? 🤣🤣🤣 Naw, me either.
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    When in doubt, use the "racism" card. What the literal fuck? No, that's not funny. Whatever.
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    I see positive changes in the fresh and new Turner.....the old Turner would have showed up with a box of Tampons for each player of the Bengals OLine.

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