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    Mike Brown could fuck your wife and you would say "probably a good move" I agree that some bitch about every single thing, but acting like the Bengals can do no wrong is equally bad. If anybody questions anything at all, you give them shit and call them a whiner. This forum isn't only for praising the Bengals, we are allowed to question some things too.
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    Enough about Jacko, let's get back to the Bengals.
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    Exactly. And the shade of green on the money. I checked back in to see how whiny the response was to our epic first outside FA signing. I wasn't disappointed, people were complaining about what he was wearing. And he wasn't given bengals gear for the signing. Or gatorade. Or soap. And, of course there were people who never heard of him saying he's terrible. Who am I kidding? I can't quit you guys. Yes, I'm a drama queen attention whore.
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    The better question is why should any Bengals fan give a shit about this signing? Does this signing make me want to reup my season tickets? Has anything they have done make you want to go to a game? Sure we have a new fresh coach. So?? Sorry, right now the Bengals have done NOTHING to make a fan give a shit. This is entertainment for God’s sake. The Cowboys have barely been better than us. Everyone pays attention to them. Why? Because as crazy as Jones is, he fucking tries and isn’t a fat boring old man with boring kids. He actually wants to win. He tries.
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    LOL, I didn’t think I needed a ninja for that comment!
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    You are also a fucking idiot who keeps buying into the things will change bs and it’s the same old shit every year. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
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    The Bills and Bengals sure seem to enjoy picking up each other's players. I guess we owed them one from the whole Russell Bodine thing...
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    Kind of sick but I laughed at it.
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    This post needed pics.... Mrs. Tannehill. Mrs. McCarron
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    He's been fucking this whole fanbase for decades, don't act like you're exempt. Only difference between us is you're still waving the pompoms for some reason.
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    He'd be in the next room ironing Mike's slacks and posting about how the rest of us are just jealous.
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    There's questioning things and then there's banging the same drum over and over. I don't think that there is anybody here that isn't frustrated that Mike Brown still runs things, but to keep whining about him is pointless. He's cheap, he doesn't want to win, over and over. Both are nonsense. People complain that he's cheap , then people lose their mind over Hart being overpaid. The real problem with Mike Brown is much worse. It's that he doesn't know how to win and he won't relinquish command to somebody that does.
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    Actually, it’s the fact that a lot of folks bitched incessantly about the previous regime under Marvin and then when you get the change you demanded, you bitch incessantly about them, before they have even had a single workout. It makes you wonder, are they fans or professional bitchers? I guess you know my answer to that Question!😂😂
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    The fact that you continue to question a club that hasn't won a playoff game in soon to be 28 years (Jan 6, 1991) is troubling. I mean the Carolina Panthers (Established 1995) have won 9 playoff games and 2 NFC Championships and they didn't even exist the last time the Bengals won a playoff game. The Jags (Est 1995) have won 7 and played in 3 AFC Championship games since 1995. The Texans (Est 2002) have won 3 playoff games. You need to get your priorities straight and quit questioning the tactical genius of the Bengals front office.
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    It’s a good signing because Dennard wants to test the market. He gives us draft flexibility and a decent CB if Dennard bolts which he might.
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    14th in the Bundesliga..expected result. Hope City draws Barca or Juventus...then Sterling can dive on his ass and have a non-English ref ignore him.
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    FWIW...no one in Bengal PR has really tried to get a theme out in front of the John Q AverageFan...other than this schmaltzy New Dey stuff. If Boy Wonder is going to be the face JQAF is going to see...make him seen and heard--a lot. It's been a fairly flaccid rollout in that regard. Or..use an energetic bonafide star-type player like Mixon to be that media face. They can still shift into PR blitz--but it will have to be concentrated and relentless, if they want any potential ticket buyers to pay attention.
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    Bears might say otherwise..
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    Making friends all over, aren't you Ace? Insulting and cursing the same poster twice in the same thread--and one who has forgotten more about the Bengals than you will ever know. You won't be long for this site. May it come quickly.
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    YEHHH YOU IDIOTS ADMIN EDIT: Stop being mean to the idiots, idiot.
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    Ah hang around, Hook. All of this shit is BFD anyway.
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    How many new members just joined to get in on the pity party? I'm signing off. That's all I can take. I know, good riddance. I'll just get my news from Cincy Jungle, but even they're articles are whiny. I'll figure something out. I'll keep my optimism. That's all we have as fans.
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