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    It's a trick question - They all quit.
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    All jokes aside, I hope Eifert has a great season and injury free career. No matter how you feel about Eifert you have to respect his determination, perseverance, and talent.
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    Stop projecting your inadequacies onto others again Kenneth, remember all the good work you've done in therapy...here's a video remind yourself how better than average you are....
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    There were a bunch of free agent LB's still out there the last time I saw a list. We'll probably get one or even two of the leftovers later depending. Like I said elsewhere, Nickerson or Jefferson might yet turn into something. That being said I couldn't resist, don't trip it's just a meme
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    This is the type of deal that Hart should have gotten, preferably from some other team.
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    We are just about to get started with Free Agency. Already got some early adds at G and CB but here is a list I compiled of who is still left. Ranked by PFF ranking. Those in green were cuts so won't effect our comp picks. Italics didn't transfer but I will make that adjustment. QB Mannion-Rams 62.4 Glennon-Cards 57.5 Osweiller-Ex Broncos 52.7 Hogan-Broncos Simien-Ex Broncos RB Lynch-Raiders 74.1 Ware-Chiefs 70.7 Martin-Raiders 67.7 Rodgers-Bucs 65.3 Allen-Ravens 63.1 Yeldon-Jaguars 56.6 RB Crowell-Jets 71.7 Grant-Jaguars 67.9 Powell-Jets 65.9 Ajayi-Eagles 64.6 Collins-Ravens 61.3 Gileslee-Dolphins 46.1 WR Caroo-Dolphins 76.1 Thomas-Texans 71.5 LaFell-Raiders 64.5 Kearse-Jets 62.7 Grant-Colts 59.1 Hunter-Stealers 53.1 WR Thomas-Chiefs 75.7 Nelson-Raiders 70.7 Garcon-49ers 64.3 Williams-Cowboys 62.3 Hogan-Pats 55.2 Matthews-Jets 50.3 WR Inman-Colts 72.3 Montgomery-Ravens 67.7 Crabtree-Ravens 63.6 Hardy-Falcons 60.5 Wallace-Eagles 53.9 TE Cook-Raiders 75.7 Sefarian-Jenkins-Jax 69.6 Kendricks-Packers 60.5 Thomas-Bills 52.1 Sims-Bears 39.7 TE Williams-Ravens 71.6 Toilolo-Lions 66.5 Derby-Dolphins 60.5 Rodgers-Eagles 51.3 LT LG Sitton-Dolphins 62 C Wisnewski-Eagles 55.5 Sullivan-Rams 52.7 RG Garland-Falcons 69.3 RT Parnell-Jags 65.3 Barksdale-Cardinals 62.5 Bushrod-Saints 62 Remmers-Vikings 59.2 Penn-Raiders 47 RT Schraeder-Falcons 63.6 Veldheer-Broncos 62.4 Clark-Panthers 60.9 Wetzel-Cardinals 55 LE Hayes-Dolphins 79.8 Long-Eagles 75.4 Lynch-Bears 73.6 Urban-Ravens 72 Easley-Rams 68.3 Clayborn-Pats 67.7 Bailey-Chiefs 63.3 Branch-Dolphins 46.9 DT Shelton-Patriots 78.8 Gunter-Cards 70.3 Philon-Chargers 67.8 Williams-Dolphins 63.2 Woods-Colts 61.2 DT Peko-Broncos 74.3 Liuget-Chargers 69.9 McDonald-Raiders 65.9 Logan-Titans 62.7 Jernigan-Eagles 49.8 DE Wilkerson-Packers 76.5 Ansah-Lions 74.5 Mayowa-Cards 73.3 McPhee-Redskins 68.4 Attachou-Jets 67.8 Wynn-Giants 66.2 Acho-Bears 62.8 OLB Houston-Chiefs 85.7 Compton-Titans 76.9 Copeland-Jets 67.4 Morgan-Titans 61.2 Ishmael-Falcons 46.8 MLB Brown-Skins 89.2 Vigil-Skins 76.1 Pierre-Louis-Jets 71.7 Longacre-Rams 68.5 Hodges-Cardinals 56 MLB Te'o-Saints 80.4 Bynes-Cardinals 75.8 Pullard-Chargers 71.6 Marshall-Broncos 64.2 OLB Flowers-Redskins 77 Hager-Rams 74.6 Collins-Browns 62.3 Harold-Lions 58.6 Cash-Cardinals S Boston-Cards 74.1 Iloka-Vikings 68 Berry-Chiefs 62.4 Stewart-Broncos 59.6 S Miles-Jets 70.6 Geathers-Colts 67.4 Addae-Chargers 60.1 Coleman-Saints 55.9 CB Dennard-Bengals 68.2 CB Hall-Raiders 63.3
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    So this year’s injury will be 2nd-degree burns...
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    It's about time. I wanted his release last year when he got suspended again.
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    Nickerson is hot garbage, who knows about Jefferson because Marvin never played him. The LB unit needs an HGTV style rehab, lets flea market flip this bitch.....
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    I praise your rise from UDFA to pro-bowler. You made a difference on the DEF and set the tone. Too bad that ended the way it has. Peace to you and your family.
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    Rejoice! The ESPNFL is saved!! The Shield has been Protected & Thug Burfict is gone! We can all go back to shoving pregnant women down stairs er wait I mean Good Ol Fashioned Stiller Footbaw business as usual now. I admit it needed to happen but the smear campaign along the way has been a sight to behold. Pretty fuckin gross how this guy has been portrayed compared to, say, Big Jen or any of the other absolute scumbags that lead the Pro Bowl voting every year. Before we move on, let's not forget that Burfict's biggest crime was refusing to grab his ankles for the Shitsburgh cheapshot artists & laying out Antonio Brown. That was the beginning of the end. No we'll see who gets to be Goodell's newest scapegoat. I hope it's not another Bengal. Get well & good luck Taze. Best Bengals LB in a decade but he was born too late for this era of 40-something porcelain heroes.
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    Maybe now the refs won't have a hand in their pocket the entire time our D's on the field.
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    Oh yeah. Definitely a possibility And he has had 7 known concussions, been suspended or injured. It is time to move on.
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    Could I recommend an enema?
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    Someone needs to find the witch who has his voodoo doll and burn her at the stake
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    I'm impressed. Not only are the Bengals signing mediocrity, they are trying to ensure they are well-stocked with it for the next three years.
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    On ass where my wallet is. Good thing is he hasn't touched me there in years.
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