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    You'll likely pay quite a bit less before he has a vice grip on your balls and starts demanding $20M AAV and prevent the risk of him walking for free at some point. The rest of the house is getting fixed through the draft. AJ's contract will be running out the same time as this draft class if he gets three additional years. Do it now and thank whichever higher power you believe in that we have a superstar that actually enjoys being in the small market.
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    That's sketchy as hell. Not so much the loaded mags as carrying around loose ammo and empties would be kind of silly, but to have it hanging out in the cab with a bag of weed on him? What kind of brokedick gangster bullshit is he playing at? Concealed carry isn't even that hard to get if he has the money and didn't have the priors. Even with the priors he could probably still get one and keep a handgun in the glove compartment legally. Tooled up like that & trying to run from the police? Maybe it's just the weed making him paranoid but dude apparently has some real issues.
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    Spent some time with him weekend before last. He Looks like he could still bring the Lumber!!

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