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    Or - and I know this will sound crazy but hear me out - or, instead of hoping an average LT makes it through a season unhurt for the first time in 4 years, and a below average RT improves enough to not get destroyed every Sunday, or at least learns to remember a snap count.. We could, and again - sounds fake, but I checked and we are allowed to do this - we could instead replace them with good players. Yeah, I know, but it's true, some other teams even try to do this every year when one part of their team is awful. So bizarre! They will replace bad players with good players, even though it might make the bad players sad to not play anymore! Boy it sure is a tough world out there! Now obviously it is much easier and nicer of us to keep bringing back the same guys, hoping that the thing that keeps happening every time doesn't happen this time, and I guess that's cool. Maybe Hart will be a good football player someday instead of a shitty one, and really what's more important? The Bengals winning, or the continued growth and development of Bobby Hart? I know it's a lot more, um.. interesting, I guess, to look at a bad situation and decide it's going to get better because that is what you hope will happen, but in practice unfortunately you generally have to do something for that to happen, instead of just hoping it will. So, we probably won't, but I just wanted to point out that we could potentially replace one or even both of our OT's with solid 10 year starters in this draft instead of wishing on a star. This draft strategy stuff is all pretty complicated I admit, but we honestly don't have to draft marginal players in the 6th round to cover for shitty ones. We could instead draft good players to take their place. Really! You know, if we want to, anyway.
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    Its rumored. I know it is easy to get Parma and Monterey confused.
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    While on the topic of new slogans, I found this in an old box in the garage marked, "Lebeau era stuff"
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    I stayed in Santa Clara with the boy a couple of Spring Breaks ago and I kept thinking I was in Lorain.
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    Palo Alto > Akron? Are you sure?
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    They felt like they were losing THEIR country
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    It's not the part of his base that voted for him because they are racist that bothers me, like you said they are a minority, it's the part of his base that knows this about him but votes for him anyway because he has an R next to his name.
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    Agreed that the NFL's discipline policy doesn't make any sense. In fact calling it a "policy" at all would imply some level of consistency where there is none.

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