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    If it had come down to us having our choice over the best OT and second best LB, and an undersized one with short arms at that, logic says Jonah. Best at his position, slid in the draft into our laps and probably the best available athlete. Not as flashy as a high profile linebacker but a far better pick. PLUS icing on the cake that the Squeels gave up to much for Pubes Bush. I think he's the next Shazier. Out of football with a self inflicted cheap shot attempt aka Good Ol' Stiller Foottbaawwwwwl. Whatever, Collinsworth wants to have Bush's baby. Fuck 'em both.
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    If only Marvin had done this.
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    CHILIAST UNREASONABLE I think most of you would probably agree with the last name!😂😂
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    What's not to like about Sam? Local guy Buckeye busts his ass every play I really hope he turns in to a great one for the Bengals.
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    They did the bengals a favor by taking Bush off of the board and saving analysts and fans from bashing the bengals for taking Williams when Bush was there. They at least saved me from having to avoid hearing/reading all of the arguments over whether they made the right move. As I said before the draft, Zac wanted to go offense on the first pick and OT was the only serious need on offense. Jonah was their guy. It would've taken a D player a lot better than Bush dropping to not take Jonah. IMHO.
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    Now where else IRL or on the internet would you feel comfortable saying that, besides maybe while patronizing the Blue Oyster Bar while wearing buttless chaps? DUDE!! WHERE IN THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? You could have been the missing piece to a playoff win!
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    https://wutangclan.net/name-generator/ Don't let your dreams be dreams.
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    Wow! It has been that long since Ryan started this site. Spawned off JT's message board that he shut down.... because.... well it's a message board. Had to look up my join date. 15 years this October. A lot of great Bengal fans have come through here. Many are still here. I've taken a time out but always have lurked in the background and resurface. I think one only has to look at the draft coverage each and every year to see there is only one site to go and get every angle and opinion. No other place on the world wide web can compete. Guys like Oldschooler, Jason, Jamie_B, Bunghole......
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    The Wu Tang documentary will be on Showtime this weekend, check it out
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