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    in before boy wonder comments!!!
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    They could impeach him tomorrow and exile him to Russia but the damage to the office & our world standing might be irreparable. Our vaunted system of checks & balances has been exposed, all it takes is 1-2 well placed corrupt cronies like McConnell to defeat the entire process & make this (sort of) elected official above the law.
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    Last year didn't cost Marvin his job. The last 3 years did. It was time for him to go. Sorry if you don't like the new guy, but I don't have any nostalgia for the Marvin era.
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    "Don't worry, my dad has an excellent set of tools" ~ Jeff Spicoli.
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    It's from the Venom comic. Venom is sort of a demon who lives inside the Tom Hardy character but can come out at times. He has a malleable form which includes creating tentacles as needed.
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    I like the cut of her jib.
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    I think Bush was high on the Bengals' board, but they said themselves they didn't expect Jonah to be there. So my personal guess is that it was known around the league that the Bengals at least *thought* they'd be taking Bush, but only because Jonah was considered pre-unavailable. For that reason I think it was the Stealers playing it safe, but the Bengals would have taken Jonah between the two - especially since OL was as major a need as LB, and anyone who actually knows the game knows the OL and DL should always get first priority if the players in question are comparable value.
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    6 sacks from a rookie that wasn't even a starter is impressive
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    What's not to like about Sam? Local guy Buckeye busts his ass every play I really hope he turns in to a great one for the Bengals.
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    Just adding my shout out as a former JT board member. I still got the hat I had made with JT's Board on it that he signed. Joined Oct 04 also. 15 years ago this Oct.
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    Bumping an ancient dead thread but just saw this. A Marvel comic influenced Symbiotets helmet. Let's be honest, I'm not a Marvel movie fan and don't even know what it is, personally, but I think the helmet is cool as H E Double and would love to see them adopt it. I also would like peace in the Middle East and to wake up with Taylor Swift and her little squinty eyes in my bed.
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