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    Another test is to see if the jewel in his left palm begins to flash red. He'll only have a year left before Carousel.
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    Anderson. He and Fouts redefined the position. Boomer is 2nd, his play action fakes were things of beauty.
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    Carson before his Kimo-therapy was the best QB I’ve ever seen. He was never quite the same after that.
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    Nothing but $10 million in dead money anyway. If he'd been a UDFA at minimum salary he'd be gone already.
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    Your parents make you pay the electric bill?
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    That looks like the enclosure that comes with my electric bill comparing my usage to similar homes in my area.
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    Absolutely not. In fact, if anything some level of inebriation should be required. Anyone passing a drug/alcohol screen is not allowed to post in Gameday threads.

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