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    Friday Random Thought of the Day
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    Boo! I’ll be be heading to Chicago in a couple of hours to help our Cincinnati Half Century Club’s over-60 team defend its title in the 7v7 Days of Glory Soccer Tournament. ️
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    Fuck Yahoo we are better than 6th!! What a stupid list, they have the Giants as the most tortured. They have won 2 Super Bowls in the last 12 years.
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    Thats awesome. Haven't played for a few years. Really need to get back into it. And everybody knows baseball is the true way to get to sleep quickly.
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    Double boo to Harry. Salute to you! Represent we sexagenarians to the utmost of your abilities! Doubt I could do two runs on the pitch before oxygen would be needed.
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    Jesus, Harry - whatever happened to positive Friday thoughts? On a Bengals related note - for years, I thought that Brian Pillman was a WR. Decided to google for some reason and found out he was DL and wore Geno's number.
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    Good luck and have a great time. In a few hours I am going car shopping with my son. He and gf were having lunch in Northside when an immigrant of questionable citizenship hit his parked car and totaled it. The driver had OD on heroine, passed out. Took two hits of NARCAN two revive him. Had five people and two children in the car. Only one spoke English. Supposedly had insurance with The General but who knows.
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    Thank you! I enjoy it but your acknowledgment is appreciated! Don't drag how you feel about me from the political forum to this forum. Thanks.
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    Spilled milk, but it always bothered me that Marvin didn't do more to stand up for him. "Complacent" could've been Marv's middle name, though. Taylor will be more vocal unless he's under anesthesia on Sundays.
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