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  1. Just curious…why the connection to the Pirates shortstop?
  2. The stealers get to host BOTH of their Thursday Night games. They are also the home team for both preceding games…while a majority of teams hosting a Thursday Night game are on the road the previous Sunday. [FYI, all except one of the visiting Thursday Night teams play at home the Sunday prior. The only one not at home is the NY Giants. They are at Arizona on Sunday, 9/17, and then at San Francisco on Thursday, 9/21. I imagine that they will just stay on the West coast, so it saves them an extra coast-to-coast flight…so that’s probably why that happened.]
  3. Obvious my bias is for Joe Shiesty, but also like Sauce Gardner since his play has backed it up.
  4. When the 5th-year option is picked up, the money is guaranteed. Yes, they can release him, but they still have to pay him the $12+ million…so, unless he becomes a locker room cancer, there is no reason to release him.
  5. Is Morgan eligible for the practice squad? I know that they really loosened the requirements during the start of Covid, but I’m not really sure by how much. Nor do I know if they have started to re-tighten the requirements.
  6. It may have more to do with a former UC basketball coach that recently made some headlines.
  7. How long before a team signs the Philadelphia USFL kicker? Kicked EIGHT FGs yesterday, including a 56-yarder and a game-winning 55-yarder.
  8. There is no truth to the rumor that Jackson Mahomes was one of the mental health patients. 🥷
  9. The stealers are the home team for both of their Thursday night games. They are also at home for their game prior to each of their Thursday games. Must be nice to be a favorite of the commissioner. 😠
  10. Matthew might be thinking that the week 17 game is the last week of the regular season (a common mistake). It’s not. How often has a team clinched home-field advantage WITH TWO WEEKS TO GO?
  11. I’m glad to see that Chase and his brother will now be able to take care of their mom. But I also have to say that due mostly to all of the escalating QB contracts, it’s funny how $4 million doesn’t seem like much money…but it really is. 🤔
  12. I think that Heinz coming out with the squeeze bottle for their ketchup really threw him off…😎
  13. They also have Bateman from last year, and they picked up Algahor (sp?)…and they have Andrews at TE. I don’t think that underestimating what they have in the passing game is wise.
  14. No, that won’t happen. That would give us a full week to recover. If we play at the stealers on a Thursday, it will be after a road game on Sunday. No 🥷
  15. First of all, I see eight videos…and at least the first six are with the Bengals. So, I’m not sure what you are talking about.
  16. He probably shows up in news reports in a Bengals jersey. 😕
  17. Come on Harry…they are literally calling out the distance for each punt in the video. Watch it again with the volume turned up.
  18. …and the stealers would STILL find a way to cheat. No 🥷
  19. Wow, the Barney song would have worked, too. The Garfunkel song just popped in my head when reading Jamie’s comment.
  20. “… I troll you You troll me We both troll too easily Too easily to let it show I love you and that's all I know”
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