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  1. I think that we will see an exotic new defensive alignment when we face the Ravens...with someone like ADG spying Jackson. We’re going to show the rest of the league how to slow them down. [I can dream, can’t I?]
  2. It would take EIGHT 4-team brackets to encompass all 32 teams...and that would be three games for each team, not the two games that you were suggesting. The league already has a breakdown of eight groups of four-teams, and that would be the go-to grouping instead of basing it on last year's records.
  3. Sounds simple enough...but, trust me, as a scheduler for a 16-team soccer league, it doesn’t work out the way you’d think it would. Labeling teams starting with “A” as the strongest team, the thought is that team “D” would play teams “C” and “E”...team “E” would play teams “D” and “F”...and so on. But the problem is that each “end” of the list of teams gets screwed up. For instance, who would team “A” (Kansas City) play? Obviously teams “B” and “C”, right? Those are the second and third best teams. Team “B” would play teams “A” and “C”. But that leaves team “C” to face teams “A” and “B”, and not “B” and “D”. With “A”, “B”, and “C” already having their two games set, “D” would face teams “E” and “F”, not teams “C” and “E”...and the screwed up pattern continues.., ️
  4. Without actually studying tape, my perception is that (at least when playing the stealers) the opposing offensive lineman would let Sam pick a gap and then push him from the side. Sam had great straight-ahead strength, but was susceptible to being controlled from the side. The second problem (at least in my mind, and, again, without actually studying tape) was that the Bengals never thought to send anyone through the massive gap where Sam used to be before the push to the side, which was where the running back was coming through.
  5. The NFL has already looked into this. To show that the mean business, they were going to suspend Burfict for a season, but realized that he no longer played for the Bengals...and dropped it.
  6. I’m not surprised that the Bengals got the Week-1 home game when there is an 87.3% chance that there will be zero fans in the stands for games that weekend...and the “home-field advantage” is severely lessened. That percentage [chance of no-fans-in-the-stands] lessens as the season goes on. Having three of the final four games at home is nice. My first instinct is to say that ending with Baltimore also looks nice, as there is a good chance that they may be resting players. Of course there is also a good chance that they will still be playing for home-field advantage in the playoffs. In any case, it’s good that that is a home game. The Bengals are going to surprise some teams (and fans) this year.
  7. Interesting. I’m sure I saw on a bottom-of-the-screen scroll on ESPN, that both teams facing each other in every game of week 2 would have their byes on the same week. That implied to me that if week 2 games needed to be rescheduled, they would happen during the teams’ bye week...assuming that any stoppage doesn’t last until after byes start. A good idea, if you think about it. This report seems to indicate that that is not in the plans.
  8. We finish tied for first! Undefeated!
  9. It may be interesting to ask for perspective from Eagles’ fans regarding Andy Reid.
  10. Last year, the Bengals lost seven games by eight points or less. Burrow is (will be) better than Dalton. Free agent defensive players picked up are guys that can tackle. Reader is a run stuffer. Offensive line did get a bit better toward the end of last year, plus Williams is now healthy. Linebacker room is much improved. In 1980, the Bengals went 6-10...in 1981 they went 12-4 and ended up in the Super Bowl. In 1987, the Bengals went 4-11...in 1988 they went 12-4 and ended up in the Super Bowl. I choose to be optimistic. 9-7 and just missing the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Ravens have reloaded for 2020; the Browns finally seem to “get it” and are becoming a dangerous team to face; and the stealers are...well, the stealers and will be gifted some wins. FYI, I’m not normally optimistic about the Bengals, so...
  11. The biggest single step in improving the Bengals’ uniforms is getting rid of those damn white side panels.
  12. My son lives on Dalton Avenue in Deer Park. That street used to be awful, with pot holes IN pot holes. I hated it. A couple years ago they repaved it. It’s pretty nice now. So I used to be a “Dalton Hater”, but not anymore. [Appropriate for a “Dalton Haters” thread, right? ]
  13. Do you think that the Bengals have already thrown Andy a reasonable offer for a backup QB?
  14. That source: Numbers.
  15. 7) An early injury or two will mix everything up.
  16. Usually, we have a college free agent or two that some of us fans are excited about, due mostly to measurables or familiarity. I’m not seeing that this year. Clark reportedly had a “draftable grade”, but his video is not impressive to me. Last I saw, UC’s Warren (RB) was yet to be picked up. Our number of free agents pales in comparison to most teams, but with things the way they are with the caronavirus, that might not be a bad thing. With limited opportunities to work with the players, it is probably better to not have all of those extra players that have almost no chance of making the team.
  17. So, they’re trying to get her married off? Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I’m not thrilled with even more nepotism with this team...and that sure sounds like a made-up position. However, I have been on board with Zac Taylor from dey one...and this article (and this past draft) tells me that we are definitely on the right track with regards to player personnel. If Zac can take a couple steps up with his play-calling, we will surprise some teams this year...assuming that there IS a season.
  18. Two more (per cincyjungle.com): Mitchell Wilcox, TE, South Florida Tyler Clark, DL, Georgia
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