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  1. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. Almost all of us really do appreciate your efforts.
  2. I feel like you should come here more frequently. And don’t go stealing my “grumpy old man” routine. You don’t know what “old” is.
  3. How else could they keep a bunch of stealer fan assholes from voting?
  4. So he’s told his agent to get a deal done??? Or he’s sitting out the year??? Or is he trying to force a trade???
  5. …is there any way we can instead drive the assholes away?
  6. LOL! I guess EVERYONE is pissed off with them about that fully-guaranteed contract.
  7. “Sneaking” him onto the practice squad isn’t the problem. If another team’s LS suffers a significant injury (or loses it), they will just sign Adomitis off of our practice squad. Same goes for Drue Chrisman.
  8. Last 7. Before the last 5, we play last year’s top two seeds in AFC (Tenn and KC).
  9. Three division games in prime time (one against each opponent). ALL THREE ARE ON THE ROAD.
  10. From Wikipedia The specific language in the CBA states:
  11. https://www.nationalfootballpost.com/2008-2018-nfp-archive/guest-stars/no-more-poison-pill-offer-sheets/ ebruary 14, 2012 - DION CAPUTI NO MORE POISON PILL OFFER SHEETS It was six years ago that the Minnesota Vikings—perhaps astutely or perhaps foolishly—formulated a controversial plan in order to acquire all-pro guard Steve Hutchinson, who the Seattle Seahawks had tendered with a transition tag. The method the Vikings concocted in 2006 is now known simply as a "poison pill." Essentially, the "poison pill" is a component in a contract offer which features stipulations that make it arduous or impossible for the team in possession of a tendered players' rights to match an offer on that player. http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c1910342/media_center/images/rendered/blog/wysiwyg/Wallace-7272.jpgICONThe elimination of the "poison pill" should make it a tad bit easier for the Stealers to bring back Mike Wallace. For example, Minnesota's offer sheet to Seattle regarding Hutchinson included a clause stipulating that Hutchinson's entire contract would become fully guaranteed if at any point during the life of the contract he was not the highest-paid offensive lineman on the team. This is noteworthy because, at that point, Seahawks left tackle Walter Jones was making more money per season than what the Vikings had included in their offer, meaning Hutchinson's entire seven-year $49 million contract would have been fully guaranteed. As you can see, it’s a tricky situation that can understandably be viewed as unfair. However, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com reports Tuesday that the ability for teams to utilize the "poison pill" function when piecing together an offer sheet to a tendered player has been removed from the CBA, citing a source with "intimate" knowledge of the new CBA. Although we already know teams universally do not condone the inclusion of the poison pill—considering it has not truly been used since the same offseason it was created—fans and league pundits are likely to be relieved that the possibility of it resurfacing is no longer evident. As it relates to this offseason, teams that opt to tender a restricted free agent under the new CBA can only set a maximum offer of a first-round tender to players; a small price to pay for available RFA's like Houston running back Arian Foster or Pittsburgh wide receiver Mike Wallace. Luckily enough, neither organization will face the added handicap that a poison pill would almost surely result in.
  12. I believe that the league has outlawed poison pills…haven’t they?
  13. The Honey Badger told the Chiefs he wanted $18M a year, so they didn’t even try to sign him. He recently signed a three-year contract for 30-some million ($34m?), with $18M guaranteed. So, maybe the “going rate” for safeties has shifted a bit. ???
  14. Eh, let the dReds play in the Bengals’ practice bubble.
  15. FC Cincinnati has more wins than the Reds.
  16. Requirements (in order): 1) Versatility 2) Lack of Penalties 3) Team Captain 4) Measurables 5) Awards 6) Interview Skills 7) Football Talent
  17. …should add, “Bengals had the insanely better QB.”
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