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  1. This guy mentions Ja’Marr’s 10-yd speed as opposed to the always measured 40-yd time. If you watch the play from the previous game (vs. Lions) when Ja’Marr busted his ass to throw the block that got Mixon into the end zone, Ja’Marr hits another gear just before throwing that block. Same thing in the game (vs. Minnesota?) when he caught the back end of the ball in the end zone just before halftime. He has a burst!
  2. I think it’s “EOTCH” that is taken.
  3. Post-game thought: I remember several on this board calling for the Bengals to cut Uzomah during the off-season. It’s great to see him rebound from his injury and be an effective part of the offense, but this guy’s personality makes him so much more valuable than just what he does on the field.
  4. After today’s game, both teams are 5-2. IF Bengals lose next week, we’ll be 5-3. 5-2 is better than 5-3.
  5. When the Bengals suffered an inordinate number of injuries (especially within a couple of position groups) in past seasons, didn’t Browns’ fans (and others) say, “That’s no excuse. Every team has injuries.” ??? Do you think they still believe that?
  6. *sigh* I hope you bastards haven’t chased off membengal. I could always count on getting some team updates and team-related articles from him…and felt like I was “in the know.”
  7. It took officials missing (or ignoring) the play clock hitting zero to allow Baltimore to beat the Lions, so I’m not yet convinced that they are the “class of the AFC”. Just my two cents.
  8. This reminds me of games at Purdue University (in the mid 70s). After kicks went into the freshman student section at one end of the stadium, there would be staff members trying to retrieve the ball. As the season wore on, the students started playing keep-away, tossing the ball higher and higher…and then out of the stadium (as everyone cheered). One time, after the ball had gone up near the top of the stadium, instead of throwing it out of the stadium, it was tossed laterally to the next section…and on to the next section…and the next…all the time with staff members frantically trying to have someone toss them the ball.
  9. …plus what Mixon did with that guy’s phone that Uzomah knocked out of his hand (see videos in game thread).
  10. The last time the Lions had the ball, it was 7-0. Winning the toss has been great.
  11. Are you sure it’s not “Highway to Hell”?
  12. Coach Zac…playing for the field goal attempt in OT, instead of trying to score a TD.
  13. I would also be for making this “new award” be for the player that stepped up big time in a game…one that did more than what was expected. C.J. also gets my vote, but Tyler Boyd and Logan Wilson would be good options as well. [Maybe we should add TWO more awards, one for the player that did more than expected and one for the player that had the most positive impact on the game (Joe Burrow for this week). Each named after an appropriate player. Did more than expected: Krumrie Housmanzada (I used to know how to spell it.) - “Houz da Man Award”? Fulcher Most positive impact on the game: Anthony Munoz Jim Breech Chad - “The Big Johnson Award”? …eh. Just thinking out loud, here. Throwing stuff out to see if anything sticks…a part of my formal brainstorming training. But I do like “Houz da Man” ]
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