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  1. ...we certainly don’t want to bitch about the bitching about bitching., do we?
  2. If he does that wearing a Bengals uniform, they’ll call him for holding.
  3. You may want to re-word your statement, because I can text that “the Bengals beat the Chargers in the freezer bowl...”, which would be a text about the Bengals winning a playoff game. You could say: “No one in human history has ever sent a text message about the Bengals having just won a playoff game...”
  4. That referee in the second video was just showing off...
  5. Then sign him to a long-term deal. Franchise tag is a short-term “solution”. Unless things have changed, a second year of being franchised comes with AT LEAST a twenty percent increase in pay. A third year of being franchised is at the average pay of the top five contracts in the league, REGARDLESS OF POSITION, but must be at least another twenty percent increase.
  6. Think of the money we can save by not having to buy two...
  7. I think Cleveland has finally gotten a coaching staff that, for the most part, knows what they are doing...and is ready to capitalize on all of the early draft picks they’ve had recently and their cap space.
  8. Just think how good Shaq would be without that bum shoulder.
  9. “The front office will have to get creative to solve this issue.” I don’t think ”getting creative” will solve this issue. Firing the guy(s) that misread the MRI might help.
  10. T-Dub - It doesn’t fucking matter - 57
  11. I too, thought it was a joke when I saw the first report of this “trade”. Unreal.
  12. ...so we should make our OL picks in later rounds...
  13. Breast Awareness AND Blue Balls Awareness.
  14. Breast Awareness ...in case you forgot about them.
  15. ESPN would love it, as it will just about double their number of commercials. I've always thought that the trade value charts under-value next year’s picks, and it would be smart to bite the bullet one year, and set yourself up for years to come. For instance, trade this year’s 2nd-round pick for a team’s 1st-round pick next year. If you do that EVERY year, you’ll have two 1st-round picks EVERY YEAR instead of a first and a second. The “cost” is your 2nd-round pick in this year’s draft, but you are then set up to reap the benefits for years and years...a
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