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  1. Paul should tell us how he really feels about Turner.
  2. ...and the laundry duties are assigned by position groups. Of course, that creates some friction within the team. When it's the Tight Ends' turn to do the laundry, Clark Harris says that he's with the kicking team...and when it's the kicking team's turn to do the laundry, he says that he's a tight end. That bum.
  3. Q: "What can these guys do to be attractive to you?" A: "Put their shirts back on." LOL!
  4. Please don't post stuff like this. Next thing you know, the team's game plan for the 2020 draft will be to trade away all the talent that we do have to acquire 41 draft picks...from which we'll end up with 19 acceptable players.
  5. ...when he was taking PEDs or whatever he was taking/doing. Perhaps without that "help", he may be nothing more than a traffic cone (which may still be an improvement over what we have).
  6. Have you guys completely forgotten about The Dead Cat Bounce?
  7. Right now, the defense knows exactly where Dalton will be on EVERY passing down...with a shower curtain of an offensive line being the only thing in the way. Rolling AD out on occasion will introduce at least a small amount of uncertainty regarding his whereabouts.
  8. ...not sure why we’re not rolling Andy out from where the pocket should be. Seems like he had success with that his first year or so in the league. Seems that the the coaching staff is dead set on having a “pocket passer”...but fail to realize that that takes a passer AND a pocket.
  9. I agree. I still like Zac Taylor and I think that he will eventually "get us there" (with the huge assumption that he can get the players he needs to fix the OL and LB positions. I do not think that the comparisons to Dave Shula are accurate. The players did not respect Shula at all...and I think that it is the complete opposite with Zac. ...just my three-cents worth.
  10. Each possession may be taking a knee three times and then punting...with a late-game self-imposed safety to secure the number-one pick.
  11. Well, I would have Andy rolling out because there is NO pocket. He had a lot of success doing that in his early years. I really think his biggest issue is having no offensive line and he’s developed a case of the yips...but lately even when he has had time he has been off target.
  12. On a ball that hit the ground before it got to him?
  13. Spot on...except the last line could read “free beer OR strippers.” Obviously “and” is better, but “or” would probably get the job done.
  14. Agreed. I just hope this season doesn’t break him.
  15. Some of the comments were funny. My favorite: “Is Dre still celebrating?”
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