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  1. The Giants just had a receiver drop the ball after a catch and “it’s an incomplete pass by rule because he didn’t get the third foot down”. There wasn’t any question about it. He had the ball longer than Ja’Marr did on his alleged fumble on Sunday….and Ja’Marr also didn’t get the third foot down. Is it too much to ask for some consistency from the referees and the enforcement and interpretation of the rules? Bastards. 😡
  2. I would imagine that a large percentage of fans will want to wear their Bengals gear…but there is only a small percentage that has any white Bengals gear. I will NOT be among those calling out the fans for not wearing white. 🦗
  3. No offense intended, but a “blessed man” would not have had the accident. Right?
  4. That would pretty much be fact if the samples were randomly selected. However, in this case, you are talking about people who CHOOSE to be fans of said organizations. Surely MORE than half of stealer fans have below-average intelligence.
  5. That guy didn’t just tackle Mixon after he dropped the pass, he tried to pile-drive him into the ground. Kinda borderline, but certainly could have earned an unnecessary roughness penalty.
  6. Don’t you think that if they determine that he should have been under concussion protocol that they would go ahead and place him under said protocol?
  7. I never understand why some people feel the need to reply to a statement in such a manner. TigerJ@w’s statement is spot on. The play-calling was frequently suspect, but especially so near the end of the first half. There is NOTHING in TigerJ@w’s statement that suggests that it “seems to only happen to us” or that Zac needs to be “perfect.” IMO, your attack on TigerJ@w’s post is misguided.
  8. The Bills had the ball for over 40 minutes (Dolphins had it less than 20 minutes.
  9. I think play-calling has overtaken the offensive line as the weakest link of this team. 😠
  10. …not as much as I can’t stand Booger McFarland. 😎
  11. Why is he (Reader) still standing??? He needs to sit down, elevate his leg, and ice it.
  12. Complaints about horrible officiating loose some of their effectiveness/power when you also complain about calls against your team when they are, indeed, correctly called. Chase did not have two feet down. Incomplete pass.
  13. Q: How bad is the OL situation in Cincinnati? A: We’re anxiously awaiting the return of Prince. Yikes! 😳
  14. Yes. Dalton finished the year 7th in passing yards. From Bengals’ History: “2013 Coach Marvin Lewis led the Bengals to their third straight playoff appearance — a franchise first. Cincinnati won its third AFC North Division title under Lewis, posting an 11-5 record and clinching the crown with a 42-14 rout of Minnesota in Game 15. The Bengals went 8-0 at home for the second time in club history (also 1988), and they were among only five NFL clubs to reach the postseason each year from 2011-13. They were in the postseason for the fourth time in five years, among only six teams to qualify four or more times in that span. For the third straight season, however, the playoffs ended all too soon for Cincinnati, as San Diego prevailed 27-10 in a first round game at Paul Brown Stadium. The '13 team played three overtime games, most in a season in franchise history. They won the first OT contest, but lost in OT in consecutive weeks in Games 9 and 10. It was the first time in franchise history for the team to play two straight OT games. The consecutive losses dropped the team's record to 6-4, but Lewis' club closed the season with five wins in the last six games. QB Andy Dalton set franchise records for passing yards (4293) and TD passes in a season (33), and he became one of only five QBs in NFL history to pilot a playoff club in his first three seasons in the league. WR A.J. Green was named to the Pro Bowl for the third time in his three-year career, and he set club records for most 100-yard receiving games in a season (six) and most consecutive 100-yard receiving games (five). Second-year WR Marvin Jones also posted a club mark, becoming the first Bengal with four TD receptions in a game (Oct. 27 vs. N.Y. Jets). Jones accomplished his feat in the franchise's 700th regular-season game. Green (11) and Jones (10) became the first Bengals duo to each hit double figures in TD receptions in a season. Marvin Lewis earned a "coaching-tree" compliment after the season when, in an NFL rarity, each of his coordinators signed as NFL head coaches. Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden went to Washington, and defensive boss Mike Zimmer went to Minnesota. Also in the TV realm, the Bengals in '13 agreed for the second time in five years to be featured during preseason on the all-access" HBO series, "Hard Knocks." The club allowed virtually unfettered access to team activities to crews from NFL Films. Though many NFL clubs have shied from invitations to be a Hard Knocks team, the Bengals won the AFC North title for the second straight time after doing the show, as they also won after doing Hard Knocks in 2009.”
  15. “We feel good about him playing.” …but should they??? 🥷
  16. When can the Bengals expect THEIR code for the NFL so that they can start playing? 1/2 🥷
  17. I believe the return from IR cannot happen before Game 4.
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