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    Come on now, the left tackle position is over rated and we had a first rounder waiting in the wings. Just a greedy move by Whit to get paid what he was worth and besides it didn’t help the Rams with a Super Bowl or anything.
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    Are his feet/ankles/toes going to be any healthier someplace else?
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    Some things I give Trump credit for: Setting back America's Civil Rights record by 50 years Destroying our reputation internationally Alienating our traditional allies Taking Putin's cock like a champ Paying top dollar to fuck children Being really good at laundering money for organized crime Pandering to our worst nature as a country Giving tax breaks to the wealthiest segment of our population Creating a trade war that will only hurt the middle class Demonizing our Latino population to the point of concentration camps & mass murder Enabling racist mob violence Lying through his teeth with total conviction Taking advantage of weaknesses in our democratic process to become President despite losing the popular election by over 1 million votes Convincing people to thank him for the nice new hat when he shits on their heads Creating a self-mobilized army of brownshirts who defend his every move without question Erasing environmental protections Denying peer-reviewed science and reality itself for his own greed & ego Brazenly ignoring the law with impunity Winning over people who consider themselves fundamentalist Christians despite openly cheating on his now 3rd trophy wife Credit where it's due; this guy has gotten away with shit I never would've thought possible.
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    That's good, I hope you can deal with your triggered feelings in a more positive and constructive way
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