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    I always thought he was victimized by Marvin's patented favoritism of playing and continuing to play poorer players as if to prove a point. I can't even recall the name of the ass hat guard Marv played forever while CW sat as if Marv was trying to prove a point with the loser that he, Marv, was right, as always and the guy was going to come around and Marv could say "I told you so". The team, as well as CW, suffered because of Marv's massive ego. What a fucking crime. CW looked good when he was in there.
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    Eifert is expected to miss 4-6 games due to hypothermia
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    People on here acting like Westerman is the victim of some grand conspiracy to stifle his development and keep him off the field, like he's John Conner and the Bengals oline coaches are various iterations of the Terminator sent to destroy him are hilarious at best seemed detected from reality in this situation.
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    Lol....Marvin has nothing to do with Westerman decision, you're acting like he's a future HOF player. Dude was 5th round pick that couldn't beat out Alex Redmond and countless other stiffs for a starting gig. How many teams are beating down the door to acquire him via trade? 3 different NFL line coaches have decided to not start him.... I was wondering how long it was going to take before someone blamed Marvin Lewis for this and here it is....
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    There is a wee bit more to this story than is being reported... Just a hunch.
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    Not saying that he is a huge wind block, but when Fat Randy left the kicking practice field behind the bleachers on Monday, the breeze picked up.
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    I was so getting tired of the previous coaching errors made that I'm glad there's improvement in that area (so far).
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    I was glad to see the Bengals try to go for a score with 58 seconds left in the first half. There was actually some decent clock management. Also, Taylor did not look happy on the sidelines early in the game.
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    Things I like about the Taylor regime so far: Moving fellas around on the depth chart, creating even more, fair competition within position groups Seemingly, honestly, trying to figure out who to scheme based on existing and developing skill sets (the old way was counter to this: get talented guys, make them fit a specific mold)
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