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    Christian Westerman spoke with the local media today about his recent hold out from the Cincinnati Bengals. Westerman said "It was mainly personal. The last couple of years I have had to cut the grass at Troy and Katie Blackburn's house besides playing football." The OG was asked what was different this year? Westerman said "I had a couple of issues. Before, I had a riding mower to use on the 3 plus acre yard and it wasn't too bad, but that mower broke down and was not repaired or replaced." Christian continued "they were expecting me to mow with a push mower and it wasn't even self propelled. I am too slow for that." Westerman said he came to an agreement with the Blackburn's and they would find a quicker player to take over the mowing job. The media reached out to Troy Blackburn for a comment. Blackburn said "It's all true about the mowing situation. But everyone needs to remember we are a small market team and resources have to allocated." Blackburn went on to say "One of the redacted details of the new stadium lease specifically says it is the Blackburn family's responsibility to provide gasoline for the mower. The lease agreement states that Hamilton County is supposed to buy a riding mower for the Blackburn's and also provide maintenance on the unit. Hamilton County needs to step up and do the right thing." Blackburn did say that it makes sense to find a quicker player to mow the lawn with a push mower and they have identified the new lawn boy. Also today, Zac Taylor said that hopefully John Ross can start practicing with team in the next week or two and might be ready for the season opener. Taylor said that Ross is catching up on the new route running training plan.
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    If they start 4-0 I'll buy one too!
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    He's a 4-year veteran--like a week away from what he already knows how to do in his sleep, is going to take away anything. LOL. As for the other comments ---Fanboys LTD
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