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    The surgery he had has atleast a 12 week recovery time, its been 4 weeks so he has 8 weeks to go which would be the end of October. The next game is after the bye, November 10th...week 10 for the NFL but the 9th game for the Bengals. It's going to take some time for Green to go from not walking to playing in the NFL, no reason to rush him back in what is essentially a rebuilding year.
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    You have the perfect avatar....you are grumpy as shit...
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    On December 10, 1989, Seattle Seahawk WR Steve Largent caught the 100th (and final) Touchdown pass or his career, making him the first human to ever reach that plateau. It happened at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, in the back of the south end zone. I saw it. I was there. Bengal fans gave Largent a huge standing ovation, in spite of us losing that game. Whether you agree with Luck's decision, or the manner he reached it, or even the timing.... Colt fans booing him as he walked off his own field for the final time was a classless act. Tomorrow will be Luck's final NFL game. Don't know if he's traveling with the team, and if he is I'm expecting he's certainly not dressing or playing. But if he's there, I wholeheartedly expect Bengal fans to show him the respect he is due, and applaud his accomplishments, talent, and career in the manner that he should have seen when he stepped off the Lucas Oil field last week.
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    The world's biggest bully is sitting in the WH right now typing out threatening and foreboding tweets as we speak and you still cant get over what Jim Turner did to some overpaid, overgrown, crybaby 5 years ago?? Tough crowd.
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    Karma must give a shit, since both Brees and Manning won Super Bowls, and the chargers and Indy are both Luckless! Pun intended!
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    So you must love when college football players don't play in the bowl games because they are trying to protect their brand and don't give a shit about their team? That shit happens all the way down to high school players. Colleges use players to make money, pro teams use players to make money. The teams have no loyalty to the players (they would cut Luck in a second if he wasn't the best choice and they could save money), so why should the players have it back? Poor multi-billionaire owners and I don't give two flying fucks about Andrew Luck or the Colts. I just think your take on this whole thing is wrong. So agree to disagree...
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    I'd probably "fade" too if I knew that no matter how well I played my coach was going to bench me as soon as his designated starter was healthy again. Or worse, put us both in a rotation where we play alternating series on some little league juiceboxes-for-everyone bullshit. This is a totally different scenario & I have no reason to think he doesn't step up.
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    This a gazillion times eleventy. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT! Identify raw talent, mold it to your scheme and get it out onto the field! Fuck Marvin Lewis!
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    I think Old is hoping that lady sees our depth chart and long suffering fan base and buys Trent Williams for us.
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