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    One of the 2 good Bengals plays from the entire game
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    Zach not taking shit from these dumb fucking zebras
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    That was the best segment so far. All the rest is Stoolers bulshit. Well except for Shazier.
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    For the record, Andy was sacked 8 times and hit around 20. No QB is going to succeed in those conditions, let alone a rookie. He could be the best or shittiest QB in franchise history & it wouldn't make a difference in this offense.
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    It is such a frigging mess I really do not know what to think......
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    There was someone on Twitter that said this game may be flexed to the Cartoon Network. LOL
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    Hope you never run out of goats to scape, TJ...I wouldn't know you.
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    You beat me to it. I was just thinking, it won't matter because the Bengals will take David Klingler or turn down the Saints entire draft and a chance to take Champ Bailey because they just have to have Akili Smith. Or maybe they will actually draft a good quarterback and some sick Stealers fuck will snap his leg in two or grab his face mask and turn his head around backwards, not that something like that has already happened or anything.
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    The Bengals have drafted three OSU offensive linemen in the past two years. One is injured and the other two suck ass. Lazy scouting by the Redeemer and staff. Fuck you, Mike Brown.
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    They’ve been napping the whole game.
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    Problem is, the coach is trying to play LA’s offense without LA’s personnel.
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    Nooo... The interior of this line blows. There's so much penetration up the middle it should star Jessica Drake.
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    Gotta be up at 4:30 AM for work,and this isn't worth staying up for.Have a cold one for me folks.
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    is this guy a Pittsburgh troll or just made of salt? Honest question, I can't decide
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    God the ESPN booth is so biased I want to barf. Also Burfict is a Raider save that shit for that game.
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    Nick Vigil has him beat right now on my voting card
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    Announcer guy: "so the bengals struggles continue in the red zone...." Semi retarded color guy: "yeah so ju ju smith shuster....."
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    Devon Still 75 and daughter were just on. Glad to see this.
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