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    I agree. I still like Zac Taylor and I think that he will eventually "get us there" (with the huge assumption that he can get the players he needs to fix the OL and LB positions. I do not think that the comparisons to Dave Shula are accurate. The players did not respect Shula at all...and I think that it is the complete opposite with Zac. ...just my three-cents worth.
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    Food for thought and gits and shiggles. Trade deadline October 29. Most trade value of any Bengal on a shit team in a shit year. Seems to be slipping (imho). We are going nowhere with or without him this year. So why not get something of value for him while we can. 2020 first round draft choice + another (3rd perhaps?) Good OT or LB who can stay healthy + a high draft choice (no lower than second from a shitty team) If the Bengals are rebuilding, and can't deny they are, I would like to see this happen. The P-word philosophy of trading a quality player who has peaked and looking downhill for the rest of his career. Going into the 2020 draft with a quarterback (Justin Herbert) and stud OT to bookend with the IR guy from this year (IF he recovers well enough to play OT in the NFL). There should be a quality linebacker available where we will draft in round two. Yeah, I'd do it.
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    I am with you. Giving the Bengals Family Trust the benefit of doubt (which is extremely hard) they certainly misjudged the talent on this team to be successful. The Bengals need to rebuild and I do not think you do that with a bunch of 30 somethings. A week before the deadline I would access the situation and make almost anyone available for draft picks or good young talent. It appears today the quick way to be successful is to draft a young QB who will be salary cap cheap for a few years so you you can spend some money or picks for some players to build around. I said the other day that if the Bengals are 2-8 or 3-9 later on I would shelve Andy for possible trade bait and see what Finley can do. He might not be "the man" but at least a bridge to the future.
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    So it'll be just like when he's healthy then? Unnoticeable?
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    They are the true culprits, until the Brown family completely removes itself from the day to day operations of running this team and treats it like a billion dollar corporation instead of truckstop Subway franchise then I don't expect much to change. Katie and Troy have no clue what they are doing and should not be in a day to day decision making position with any NFL team. They have no qualifications outside of nepotism that make them an ideal candidate for their current roles. The Bengals have 5 scouts but 16 people selling tickets, maybe if they put more resources into finding better players they wouldn't have to work so hard at selling tickets. https://www.bengals.com/team/front-office-roster/
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    After watching the game again and being able to rewind/ go slow motion. I'll say Taylor called a decent game. The execution by the players just wasn't there. Mostly due to poor O-line play. They had a whole off-season to do something about this o-line but didn't get it done. So that falls back on management/ Taylor/whoever makes those decisions. Dalton's poor play can't be ignored. He started out decent but got worse as the game went. Now his struggles are also in large part due to the o-line but he does hold a lot of the blame too. Bad passes and heavy feet the two I see. Seems he's lost the ability to feel pressure bounce out of the pocket and pass on the go. Scared or something to zip the ball down field more than a few yards. Football is such a fine line. If Eifert catches that tough ball that did hit him in the hands it's a completely different ball game, were up 10 early. Instead.......yeah Still believe we can turn it around.
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    Spotto and Le Tig... Hope you can get this. Spotto is a shoo in for the Long Distance Fan of the Game http://service.bengals.com/LDFOG
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    One of the 2 good Bengals plays from the entire game
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