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    The team is 0-5 and just gave up 514 yards to the Arizona Cardinals at home. What would “fallen apart” look like? And to be honest, this team hasn’t been to the playoffs in 4 years so what use is keeping this thing together?
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    I had to stop reading here.
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    Its not exactly rocket surgery
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    I know - that drives me crazy. In those terms, I refer to Jeremy Hill in our last playoff game as the goat.
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    Stealing this from your book. Ok, ok - I admit it, I love this meme.
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    Since when is that a requirement for a Bengals LT?
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    Oh, don't get me started on players we passed up in drafts to pick the ones we did. Hell, all you have to do is go back to our first ever draft after the 1967 season and scroll down the pages to see the Hall Of Famers we didn't know to take. Hindsight is better than 20-20, of course, but instead of taking Bob Johnson we could've had Larry Csonka in the first round.... and the rest might have been history: Linky: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1968_NFL/AFL_Draft We drafted 1C, 7DB, 1DE, 2DT, 2G, 8LB, 3OT, 1PK, 2QB, 7RB, 3TE and 4WR (41 picks!) Possible Bengal picks to get the same roster shape: 1-2 Larry Csonka (RB) (MIA 1-8) * 2-28 Ken Stabler (QB) (OAK 2-52) * 2-55 Elvin Bethea (DE) (HOU 3-77) * 3-56 Art Shell (DT) (OAK 3-80) * 3-82 Paul Robinson (RB) (CIN 3-82) + 3-83 Jim Kiick (RB) (MIA 5-118) + 4-84 Jess Phillips (DB) (CIN 4-84) 4-109 Cecil Turner (WR) (CHI 5-127) + 5-112 Blaine Nye (OT) (DAL 5-130) + 5-138 Al Beauchamp (LB) (CIN 5-138) 6-139 Howard Fest (OT) (CIN 6-139) 6-143 Bill Kindricks (DT) (CIN 6-143) 6-145 John Neidert (LB) (CIN 6-145) 6-155 Bobby Webb (C) (LAR 6-161) 6-156 Essex Johnson (DB) (CIN 6-156) 6-158 D.D. Lewis (LB) (DAL 6-159) 6-160 Rick Eber (WR) (ATL 6-162) 6-163 Charles Williams (RB) (CIN 6-163) 6-165 Jim Johnson (DB) (CIN 6-165) 7-166 Gene Howard (DB) (NOS 7-175) 7-192 Jim Richards (DB) (NYJ 8-210) 8-193 Harry Gunner (LB) (CIN 9-193) 8-219 Mike Donohoe (TE) (MIN 9-225) 9-220 Ocie Austin (DB) (BAL 10-257) 9-246 Henry Davis (LB) (NYG 11-288) 10-247 Harmon Wages (RB) (ATL UFA) 10-273 Harold Jackson (WR) (LAR 12-323) 11-274 John Dockery (DB) (NYJ UFA) 11-300 Wayne Colman (LB) (PHI UFA) 12-301 Bob Trumpy (TE) (CIN 12-301) + 12-327 Billy Van Heusen (WR) (DEN UFA) 13-328 Bill Peterson (LB) (CIN UFA) 13-354 Teddy Washington (RB) (CIN 13-354) 14-355 Marlin Briscoe (QB) (DEN 14-357) + 14-381 Manny Fernandez (MIA UFA) 15-382 Robert Wells (OT) (SDC 15-403) 15-408 Errol Mann (PK) (GBP UFA) 16-409 Woody Peoples (G) (SFF UFA) * 16-435 Grady Allen (LB) (ATL UFA) 17-436 Tony Baker (RB) (NOS UFA) * 17-462 Jimmy Smith (TE) (CIN 17-462) * Hall Of Famer + Pro Bowler The Bengals drafted 41 players, only 19 of which were on the roster when the season began. Of the 41 players shown above, the first 40 were all rostered in the AFL/NFL when the season began. The only player whom I am drafting that was cut was Jimmy Smith, and that's because as Mr. Irrelevant 1968, there were no players drafted after him. I also could find no undrafted free agent (UFA) TEs who made any 1968 rosters, so I kept Jimmy on the list. Every player I'm listing was available to be selected when that specific Cincinnati pick was "up". I also stuck with picking as many original 1968 Bengal draftees (who made the team) as I could, but not until after I grabbed as many Hall Of Famers as possible - that's why Bob Johnson didn't make it and we ended up drafting the Rams' Bobby Webb at 6-155 as our starting Center.
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    SheBleedsMonthly got a few of us thrown. That and the Saints owner who allowed the over run to happen. Whodey.Us was another spin off (started by Cutley). Cutley had excellent computer skills and it showed. The best of all that has gone before exists right here right now. Thanks to Go, Elf, and many others who make it work.
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    What the hell is an OLT?
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    Yes we were--and IIRC it was at the Pub in Gahanna. How's that for irony? Fanhome-that was the place. They had their crossover yahoos too, but it was just insufferably boring there. Our group was the largest one there too. But Huddles was where the Stealer invaders were the worst. I recall some guy from Canada--had this stupid avatar: He and I went round and round--along with their erstwhile "moderator" BleedsBlackandGold or some damn thing. When I and a few others dared to go into their Huddle, she complained to the admins that we were "harassing" them. I got tossed. SC complained loudly, and he got tossed. Right then, he said "piss on this" and Bengals Jungle came into existence.
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    Could not have been me. I am not a fan--although at times I do play one on TV. The only good thing was sharing the time with you, mate. Safe trip back to Oz!
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    AJ Green will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year. His marketability is pretty low at this point since any team taking him will either have to: 1. sign him to a new big contract to keep him or 2. let him go at the end of the year. He has only played 6 games in the last year the last being a 1 catch effort in game 12 last year until they shut him down for the season. That said a team is not going to give up much unless they have no doubt he will return to form and they can sign him. It is highly unlikely any team would give up much to rent him for a 8-10 games. Until he gets back on the field and looks like the AJ Green of old, I doubt any team will give up much. Also, the idea that Green is a marketable face for this franchise is suspect. He has been a great but quiet player here. And the reality is until this franchise actually wins, marketing won't do much for it unless it includes free beer and strippers.
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