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    unless your being sarcastic now........
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    lol - my wife got me a t-shirt that says Joe Burrow and the B is a bengals B. after 27 years it’s clear still I don’t deserve her. its a perfect gift.
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    Son and I were at a Bengals event, same one as the Corey Dillon pic. I asked her if she minded if we took a picture together and she said OK. Very personable, down to earth and easy to talk to, btw. Photographer told me to smile. I said "this is as good as it gets" which apparently she found amusing, looked up at me and laughed. I did not realize that she had done that until we saw the picture and my son told me. Very nice lady.
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    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone.
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    I hope everyone here and their families and friends have a safe and wonderful Christmas Holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And if Joe Burrow doesn't show up under the Bengal's Christmas tree I am fucking gunning for Santa Claus.
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    My Christmas present from my wife:
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    Takes after her Mom! Amish and I had opportunity to spend quite a spell of time with Nancy during a group road trip to Carolina some years back. She even rode the group bus down with everyone. Simply, one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting.
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    Merry Christmas to all, and may God bless everyone richly in the coming year.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all from me and Pumpkin
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    Merry Christmas to everyone from Sox and little Sox. Little Sox had a nice Christmas,and I get the next seven days off.The last Christmas present I want is the Bengals kicking the Browns asses Sunday.
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    Just assume everything from me is, higher percentage of being right that way
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    Pumpkin looks downright giddy. Did you tell her how long your arms are?
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    So, you put names up on a wall--ever been in the main concourse at PBS? Plenty of names there. Spend a zillion dollars on a scoreboard..hoo boy, that will make the players gleeful. Trophy case...yeah you are right, there has to be something to put in it.
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    Several years ago, I took a tour through JerryWorld. Part of it was touring the locker rooms and weight/training areas. I have also toured PBS facilities. If you took the stripes out of one, and the stars out of the other, you could not tell the difference. This bullshit about the Bengals not furnishing top quality facilities and equipment, is just that--bullshit. And fuck that indoor practice field--I've also toured the Star down in Dallas...a little glitzier, but no more functional than what is next door to PBS.
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    The bottomline is this team will forever be at a disadvantage because ownership refuses to spend the dough on the resources needed to keep them on equal footing with the rest of the league. Towels, gatorade, jock straps, scouts, FA's, indoor practice field, etc...if the rest of the league is doing it and you are not, you are absolutely at a disadvantage. Plain and simple.
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    I'm amazed this is always an annual "thing" and people get surprised when the list comes out. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but everyone realizes that the schedule is set based on an annual rotation right? Fourteen of our sixteen opponents are locked-in years in advance... we play home-and-home in the division ever year, we play all 4 teams from a specific AFC Division once every 3 years (last year was the West, this year was the East, next year it's the South, and so on and so on), and all 4 teams from an NFC Division once every 4 years (last year South, this year West, next year East, year after North, and so on). Six (division) + Four (AFC) + Four (NFC) equals Fourteen.... the only "dynamic" part of the scheduling formula are those remaining two games... which are scheduled against the two team in your conference from the division you're NOT playing, who finished in the same position as you did the prior year. Next year we play PITx2 CLEx2 BALx2, AFC South (IND TEN HOU JAX), NFC East (DAL NYG PHI WAS) + the 4th place finishers from the AFC East and AFC West (MIA and LAC). Pick a random year, I'll tell you who we play.... Roll two dice, get 6+3 for 9. Let's look nine years into the future: 2019 + 9 = 2028. We play: PITx2 CLEx2 BALx2, AFC East (MIA NEP NYJ BUF), NFC East (DAL NYG PHI WAS) + two standings-based teams, one each from the AFC South and AFC West, depending on the 2027 order of finish.
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    For the life of me I never understood this pick. He was the luxury choice for a trailer park franchise.
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    You might be forgetting Carson throwing 4 INTS and fumbling twice in the NFC Championship game. Or that 2009 WC game against the Jets, one of the most lackluster performances I've ever seen. Say what you want about Dalton but he doesn't give up or quit the team & flee town because he found some garbage on his lawn. Palmer is either a sleezy lying scumbag about why he really left (my suspicion) or he's one of the sorriest limp-dicked manginas to ever wear a Bengals uniform. Take your pick.
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