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    and that tibor dude would lose his shit... I am sure they will take that in to consideration
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    When Trevor was running I was waiting for the announcers to say "First down by a Nose".
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    While doing his taxes with Turbo Tax, America's #1 Tax Preparation Software. BTW, I hope Joe takes it easy with the commercials at first. I don't mind a few but the Hobo Progressive commercials are really starting to look stupid considering the team didn't protect their home this year.
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    I was thinking we trade with Miami for their 3 first round picks and take Tua then best OL or LB with the next 2 picks. Pick up Fitzmagic for 2 years while Tua heals and gets up to speed. I mean we have to pick an injured player with our first round pick right? This morning on the drive in a Sports dude was bashing the Bengals for letting Joe Brady go to the Panthers. Said we should trade with Carolina so they could have Burrow and Brady back together. What he didn't realize is our front office has probably never heard of Joe Brady.
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    Agreed. He looked pretty solid in the first half against a really good defense. Then they made adjustments.
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    Ross's hours of practice and experience to say nothing of his veteran leadership will help Joe improve his skills at Super Mario Cart.
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    I would like to see 2-3 more scouts. Steve Radicevic was the West Coast scout who got promoted to Director of Pro Scouting. But I think he is still doing the West Coast scouting gig too. Same with Mike Potts who is now Director of College Scouting and still doing his Southeast region college scouting. You can't be 2 places at once. I understand now why the team misses players wearing braces, fully recovered from injury, etc. They have to be relying too much on just tape or networked friends opinions and not actually going to games and seeing with their own eyes. I know Bengal's use their coaches as scouts as most other teams also do. But most other teams use the coaches as the 2nd and 3rd opinion guys not the 1st cut. A recent article talked about a another team's scout who went to see a highly regarded lineman who was injured. Watching the player he noticed he wasn't just wearing a jersey joking around on the sideline. The player was involved, drawing diagrams on the whiteboard, really involved with team. You wouldn't know that if you were not there. He starts for the team now. Scouts are pretty cheap...$50k -$100k...depending on experience. Just finding a couple solid starters every year would be little money well spent.
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    I was kinda on the fence too, but this kid has to be taken. If he's not a franchise QB there is no such thing.
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    I'll admit that I wasn't sold on Burrow until last night. He's got to be the pick. The dude is special and the Ohio connection could only make this more special if he leads us to the promised land. Truly an unbelievable performance.
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    Burrow with Eifert, AJ Green, and Boyd to work with....
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