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    then why are you here? just to talk shit and tell everyone how stupid they are?
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    On EPSN radio this morning, Kiper was talking about Burrow and said he has zero question marks. The other commentator mentioned he seems to be arrogant and Kiper said it was not arrogance, it was confidence with a chip on his shoulder. He is used to being the underdog and seems to like it and thus will be a perfect fit for the Bengals.
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    First off. Dude with the giant mustache,, this thread is not retarded. It is quite fucking eloquent. So your welcome. 2nd. No one is trolling. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe they're right maybe they're wrong. But let's not forget this is a GD bengals forum. We're not good enough yet to attract trolls. You seriously gotta be a hard core bengals fan to spend time in this MFer. What we talking bout two wins? Its been a draft forum since early October. Maybe Burrow will suck ass like a bitch. Maybe not. He did play at LSU so he had the best supporting cast possible. How much of his play can be attributed to being in a top 3 program? I agree skyline chili is garbage. I heard dude was talking smack about my president. Hope the university didn't turn him into some left wing ass hurt whinny bitch that hates economic freedom and Merika.
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    Burrow can like coming here, or he can hate it. But they all come around once they get a taste of that sweet John Morrell money.
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    I don't know why people continue to argue with the same 3 or so people. They're either openly trolling or you have no chance to convince them they're wrong. Either way, what's the point?
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    Man that's a terrible analogy but I think that's exactly how the Bengals FO sees it too, unfortunately. It's more like we need to hire a team of movers and are focused on which one has the nicest hair.
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    Shit I just hope we put the pieces around him that let him excel. I'm not worried about the player, I'm worried about what team we'll put around him. That being said I think it'd be stupid to turn down half Miami's draft for any player if they're really desperate enough to make that kind of offer.
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    I was skeptical on Burrow for awhile, but that changed the more I watched him continue to win big games. He lit up Alabama on the road, lit up Georgia in the SEC title game, and then did it again in both playoff games. It's impossible not to be impressed if you watched it. Certainly some of the credit goes to his cast and his coach (Brady who came from the Saints). He made a huge leap which not many saw coming and it's not easy to explain exactly how it happened. He was talented enough for Urban Meyer to bring to Columbus and there's no shame in losing the starting QB job to Haskins, who wound up as a 1st rounder. His first year at LSU was underwhelming, but he was also a new starter in the SEC West. I would attribute some of his struggles to normal growing pains and some to an antiquated offense that Orgeron completely revamped this year. If Tua hadn't gotten injured again, I think it might be more of a debate for the top pick. As it stands today, Burrow has to be the favorite and I am on board with it.
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    Pick #24, #11, and first pick of round 2, respectively. Fodder for those saying we couldn't get a QB next year because we're not guaranteed to have the first pick again.
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    Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees....what else needs to be said? Exactly why you don't pass on the chance at a potential franchise QB when the opportunity presents itself.
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    I'm an And Dalton fan, but they have to take Burrows. it's a NO BRAINER!!
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    Saying there's no guarantee he might not be a bust as a reason to trade the pick is just silly.You can make that same argument for any number one pick no matter who it is,or any pick at any spot in the draft.
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    I'm old enough to remember when the Colts had the number one pick after a miserable season and had lots of holes to fill. Can you believe those idiots went ahead and picked Luck number one,when they could have traded back and filled holes and selected either Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weedon?
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    Man, some of you are suffering from fan shell shock big fucking time. Wow.
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    For those who haven't seen it.
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    We can keep Dalton and his 17 mil around but shouldn't. That's way too much to pay a backup QB. We could get one of those for 4-5 mil who has prior starting experience and can mentor Burrow. Saving 12 mil+ would let us sign a good free agent O-lineman.
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    Obviously, you are the expert on drafting QBs so who do we pick? Hurts who got bent over and ass raped by LSU? The guy who just had major hip surgery? Mr wet his pants Jake Fromm? Come on man, who is going to be?
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    None of this means anything at all. Of course there’s a chance that you could end up with Ryan Leaf instead of Peyton Manning but that doesn’t mean you don’t take your shot. Trading back and getting a guy like Andy Dalton is fine and all but if you have a chance to get a real difference-maker at the QB position you absolutely go for it. A guy like that makes everything easier for the entire franchise, that’s why they’re so sought after.
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    Completely agree. I don't think Burrow has the physical abilities that Palmer had, but I watched him dissect what that Clemson D was doing to him and readjust to it and that was the #1 D in the nation. Burrow may not be the most physically gifted as far as arm strength but his arm strength is better than Daltons imo, but where he shines is in the mental game. I've never felt like Palmer or Dalton were elite in that category.
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    Exactly. The very reason there are rumors that teams are offering multiple picks for this years #1 is for the shot at a franchise QB. If this was a year with no clear franchise prospect QB, there would be little talk about big trades (and we would probably draft Young). Mikey loves QB's, Mikey loves bell cow QB's, Mikey will love the fact Burrow is local and will bring in fans. There is ZERO chance of a trade IMHO. If I am Miami or Carolina, I look to Tua (assuming enough health evidence is available) and keep all the other picks or most of them.
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    Yep, anytime you have a shot at someone who might be a generational QB you take it.
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    QB is the most important position on the team, if you have the chance at getting a great QB, you pull the trigger. It is much easier to build around a great QB than later. We just witnessed 9 years of pretty good teams with a mediocre QB unable to win at the next level. Do we want to waste another 9 years doing that again? Burrow needs to be the pick.
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    Odell is the one that breaks my heart the most. He looked like a good on his rookie year.
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    WTF are YOU talking about? Zeitler was a day 1 starter and has been a solid starter his entire career. You don't get 3yrs $32mil by being average. Price is a part time starter that lost his job to an undrafted FA and had to share time at guard with a 4th round rookie. You pick players in the first round to immediately plug into the lineup, not develop over a few years into average starters. Can Price turn it around and become an OK starter? Sure but the team drafted him in the first round to be a good starter in 2018 not a long term project. It is why I get annoyed when people bash Dalton. Dude was an emergency 2nd round draft pick to replace the quitter. The team actually got lucky if you consider all the QBs drafted before him except Cam. 12 QBs were drafted in 2011, only 1 has over 200 TDs, 30,000 yds passing and 70 wins. That player's name is not Cam Newton. Jake Locker was the 8th pick that year, he won 9 games in his career. Don't get me wrong, if you have a chance at a possible generational QB, you have to take it. The game is far easier when you have a Brees, Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers, or Wilson.
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