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    HEY!! Don’t be messing with my favorite movie!
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    It's hard to believe we will be there a year from right now with a rookie QB.
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    Correct. She was dealing with the Swiss banks straightening out the secret accounts and checking on the art work in the Brown family vaults that disappeared from German museums and flak towers in the final days of WWII.
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    Someone that wants to? Andy made it pretty clear when they started Finley that he wanted to be traded so he could play. Not a signal that a guy is interested in mentoring a #1 pick to take his job. $17M is a lot to pay for a backup who isn't happy.
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    I wonder if every time Housh drops or misses a ball if he will throw a temper tantrum complaining that he was interfered with even through there is no one else on the field? But, hey, maybe Housh can do for Bengals Burrow the same thing he did for his quarterback when he was on the team, Akili Smith.
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