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    All the worst people come from there
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    I was about to head over to YouPorn but this will do. Thanks
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    Hell, Fox made a whole network out of it. Now it’s the biggest propaganda machine on the planet. Gaslighting works.
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    In before Hobson's fluff piece telling us how many good boy points Vigil has earned this offseason. Our guys may not be able to block or run or catch or tackle, but they can sure plant a tree with the best of them.
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    It would end a lot of fans, so I guess that would be fun... In any event, sorry to interrupt all this with Burrow stuff, but I can't get enough of these highlights:
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    You're just kinda making this up as you go along aren't you? You have no idea what I think and you have no idea what Joe thinks. So now he wanted to play for a good program instead of winning, having fun, and being in the limelight?
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    Drafting a WR at 2-1 with quality LB & OL still on the board sounds like the Bengals thing to do edit: then we draft another in the 6th round, who outplays the 2nd rounder, has a great preseason, then gets cut in favor of Ross.
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    Well they did start losing again when they started taking all of the pieces away from him....Sanu, Jones, Whitworth, Zeitler....that’s where it all started. Last time he played with those four he had the team in position to be a number one seed in the playoffs and a shot at finishing top 2 or 3 for league MVP. Since then it’s been nothing but injuries and misery. And, alas, at this point it’s simply time to turn the page on Dalton and start fresh. and again, who here has said anything even close to resembling “Joe Burrow will take this team to a SB right off the bat”? I’ve not seen anything like that on here.
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