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    I appreciate that the team is dumping deadwood, but i think the list of players released so far does not show enough Hart.
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    I fully expect Darius Phillips to be the starting slot CB. You need three starters these days. William Jackson/Trae Waynes/Darius Phillips shapes up much better than William Jackson/Dre Kirkpatrick/Darqueze Dennard in my eyes. I was one of Kirkpatrick's biggest detractors and wanted him gone. It's going to happen. It might have been a steep price to pay but the Bengals just got younger and faster at an essential position in today's NFL. The reality is that the first couple of days in free agency typically equals "overpaying". Most wanted the Bengals to be active and early on the market and they were. Dalton, one way or another appears to be gone which will recoup another $17 million+ against the cap. At least they are spending which is better than sitting on their hands as per usual. Let's hope they can bolster the offensive line and linebacker still before it's over.
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    Why would NE offer a draft pick when they're as likely to get him as a FA when the Bengals cut him?
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    I'd actually avoid using the word stupid, but I think many may be over-valuing him or not willing to give him his fair share of blame for his poor play. WTS, I hope a team gives us something of value for him. Foles earned a compensatory 4th. That would be rock bottom I'd take for Andy. San Diego just staterd they are not in the market for a veteran they are rolling with Tyrod Taylor 9I sure he will be a stop-gap to Herbert or Tua. I see Andy's role as insurance behind a younger kid and no one is looking at him as a starter. I just feel his best value is here
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    His is particularly useful at being able to play on game day unlike Dennard.
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    You get the gold star.
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    Paying taxes to live in a civil society is not theft. It's our duty and obligation if we wish to keep the wheels on. There'll always be fervent debate regarding the nature and amount of taxation, but that's why we elect representatives. Likewise for programs such as Social Security and Medicare. We pay into these because it's the right thing to do if we believe that being a citizen in a republic is preferable to being a subject in a dictatorship. We're going to find out over the next half-year just why these things are important. I hope everyone is stocked up and ready to ride one helluva wave. Hoping that everyone and their families remain safe and healthy. In any case, current discussions about not giving a payroll tax cut and instead sending out a blanket UBI for the term of this crisis is a smart move by the Trump admin. That's because if the virus does the damage that sane people think it will do, then we'll probably tip over onto a Depression. Trying to meliorate the economic impact that makes sense. It'll at least be a reach-around for the fucking that is waiting around the corner. <youtube> </youtube>
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    Andy fans are funny. Last year NE's top WR was a 33 year old UDFA who was a QB in college, the top RB was a 4th rounder who didn't start in college, his TE was a 39 year old journeyman, and his Oline was mediocre at best. But if NE puts Awesome Andy at QB, then they'll hoist the Lombardi. You cannot make this stuff up
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're looking at FAs still available.
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    The DL and Secondary are where you build a defense. LB is like RB. If you have the proper guys in the front and the back you can get plug and fill LBs. They desperately need a DT next to Geno. Reader was a dream signing that I didn't think was possible for this team. They needed to upgrade from Dre. WJ3, Waynes, Phillips is a pretty nice trio. Webb is a decent 4th CB and hopefully they draft another CB in the 3rd-5th rounds. Pratt skyrocketed with improvement as he started playing more. Vigil (is an FA) got a ton better once Preston Brown was gone. I'd like to bring Vigil back, sign a tier 3 LB and draft one in rounds 2-4. Then you have your LBs to focus on this year and you hit FA for a LB next year if they don't take the next jump. I don't know if you watched Schobert very much but he's not very athletic and pretty average all around at best. He's not what we need and everyone would be bitching about wasting money on another eh LB by week 8.
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    Please go to New England Andy. They could take Dalton and Jordan Love in the draft. That would be a pretty good move for them. Watching Andy win a Lombardi would be hilarious.
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    Sarcasm is so hard to get across on a computer screen.
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    Yeah because it worked out so well for Cleveland last year..
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