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    Just can't seem to let it go can you? Most of us have moved on. Did Dalton take your parking spot at Trader Joe's or something once?
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    what about skuta from the ravens? i know he tore up his knee but i think he is stated to be ready for training camp. they only gave him the lowest rfa tender . make him a 3-4 mil yr offer they'll prob match it and if not we'd might end up with a stud interior ol for a good price. probally as good as redman with just the 1 leg
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    It did not help that the crack coaching staff was essentially ignoring the run game early on
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    Hart is Turner's new (talentless) version of Richie Incognito, they're going to cover for each other's incompetence & try to be the loudest of Yes-men (while quietly casting blame everywhere else) until someone in the organization grows enough spine to take out the trash. Not only will the OL continue to struggle, but any talk about a team culture or their character is an absolute joke with these 2 jackasses on the payroll. They should've been gone right along with Cordy Glenn.
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    Didn't we already do that this year? "member people screaming for Kitna when Carson struggled his first few games? I 'member. For the record, AD got sacked 37 times & hit around twice that (87 allowed by the OL but he was benched for 3 games). Not the worst punching bag in the NFL, but he'd be on the list.
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    Would it make more sense if we started Andy and sat Joe for a year, sorta like KC did with Smith and Mahomes? I really don't get the "we cannot pay $17 mil for a backup QB" Why can't we just see it as we're paying $24 mil for the QB position and putting ourselves in the best situation at the most important position on the team? If Andy is starter material like many around here believe, just keep him this year, let him go in FA next year and pick up a 2022 comp pick?
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    Paying taxes to live in a civil society is not theft. It's our duty and obligation if we wish to keep the wheels on. There'll always be fervent debate regarding the nature and amount of taxation, but that's why we elect representatives. Likewise for programs such as Social Security and Medicare. We pay into these because it's the right thing to do if we believe that being a citizen in a republic is preferable to being a subject in a dictatorship. We're going to find out over the next half-year just why these things are important. I hope everyone is stocked up and ready to ride one helluva wave. Hoping that everyone and their families remain safe and healthy. In any case, current discussions about not giving a payroll tax cut and instead sending out a blanket UBI for the term of this crisis is a smart move by the Trump admin. That's because if the virus does the damage that sane people think it will do, then we'll probably tip over onto a Depression. Trying to meliorate the economic impact that makes sense. It'll at least be a reach-around for the fucking that is waiting around the corner. <youtube> </youtube>
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