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  1. I have been to several away games in different cities as I planned business trips as best I could to stay over and attend. Best city? It depends on what you are looking for. There are great restaurants, hotels and fan fun areas in all cities. I judge by the fan atmosphere. The best fan experience was in Green Bay. I attended wearing my Bengals jersey (#11 SHIPLEY) and all of the ribbing was good natured and they took as well as they gave. Tailgaters offered me food and drink with a smile. I treated them respectfully and they did in turn. The worst was in Pittsburgh about 20 years or so ago. Yes, I wore a Bengals jersey and I had several issues. As I left with a friend, an old Army bud, we were accosted in the parking garage and we, not them, were arrested but fortunately the Stealers guys didn't press charges. My bud is a certified bad a*s and while I held my own he did some damage. I don't think the guy he responded to went straight home. But the best thing was eating at a restaurant called Delucas which is known for it breakfasts. It was amazing. I'm not sure it they are still there now. The next worse was Cleveland because - well - its Cleveland. Never been to Baltimore but I have heard things. Cincy? I would put them closer to the middle.
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  2. Agreed. That's all I'll say about that.
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  3. Tyler Dragon moving on from covering the bengals for the enquirer to an entire NFL beat for usa today. That...does not make me sad.
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  4. There were no preseason games last year and JB didn't seem to have much of an issue going 0 to 60 there. If he doesn't take a preseason snap, but participates fully in preseason workouts he should be ahead of where he was last year week one. JMO
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