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  1. Didn't realize AZ played already they won and moved into the 2 spot with the Cubs losing were tied with them for the final spot. Do we want the 2nd spot against Philly or the final against the Brewers?
  2. This division may end up being won by who is the healthiest
  3. Mets win Reds back in the final spot
  4. Mets lead by 1 going to bottom of 9
  5. Mets took the lead in the top of 9
  6. 3 up 3 down 9th coming up time to close it out
  7. Law was the one who came in not Gibaut Got 1 2 3 Bottom of 8 coming up
  8. Elly grounds out inning over Going to the 8th Gibaut coming in
  9. Votto single drives both guys in 7-2 good guys
  10. Senzell infield single loads bases Stephenson hits into a DP guys on 2 and 3 votto up
  11. Steer hit rbi friedle to 2 India score 5-2 good guys
  12. India singled Friedle singles drives India to 3 Steer up 0 outs
  13. Also Phillips is having an amazing game 7 Ks through 7
  14. 4-2 good guys top of 7, 2 outs Mets and Marlins tied 1-1 in the 6
  15. You get 3 for being at home, so it's really 4.5 The Rams are not that good. We should win so long as Joe is ok to play and can play effectively
  16. Saw this posted elsewhere..... On Joe..... 2021 Game 1: 20/27 261 YDS, 2 TD Game 2: 19/30 207 YDS, 2 TD, 3 INT 2022 Game 1: 33/53 338 YDS, 2 TD, 4 INT Game 2: 24/36 199 YDS, 1 TD 2023 Game 1: 14/31 82 YDS Game 2: 27/41 222 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT OVR: 137/218 (62.8%) 1,309 YDS 9 TD, 8 INT If he ever get the chance to actually have a training camp........
  17. Miami get the Mets then the Brewers then the Mets again then the Pirates..... best shot here is hope the Brewers take that series. San Fran and Az are playing each other now, but then the Giants take on the Dodgers who have already secured a spot, and might be resting guys, unless they are still playing for Seeding not sure. Az has the Yankeess, White Sox, and Astros. I think it ends up being between us and Miami. I like our chances if we can get out of this Twins series with a series win.
  18. He will get to be a head coach soon enough if he can get Sam freaking Howell to produce the rest of this season. Now we just need Callahan to want to do the same thing.
  19. This Twins series is the hardest one we have left, let's take this series and then hope for some help everywhere else.
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