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  1. There isn't one thing this guy says that isn't tainted by the yellow of the terrible towel, ...it's all about what is best for the Stealers.
  2. We do seem to be going down the wrong path.
  3. At least Marvin's projects can play the game, ...unlike Alexander's project players.
  4. What? ...they forgot to tell you? This years T-shirt is: Just do it, ...and shut up
  5. Why anyone would listen to a Stealer fanatic, ...emphasis on "fanatic", ...is beyond me.
  6. I see Fisher as undersized for a tackle, ...he needs more muscle and may not hold up for a whole season at tackle.
  7. Which just means Ramczyk could play RT and move Fisher over to left, ...I repeat, ...Ramczyk run blocks very well.
  8. You know we're going to get killed if we can't find a left tackle, ...right? There must be someone out there.
  9. Yeah, ...he's a better run blocker and looks more comfortable at it, ...so was Whitworth.
  10. I'm more worried about the left tackle spot and Andy dying this season.
  11. I'm not thrilled about any of the centers in this draft, ...I've seen their video, ...yuck.
  12. Bolles (#72, Left Tackle)... Ramczyk (#65, Left Tackle) ...
  13. Ramczyk seems to be the better run blocker as in the Whitworth mold. He also seems to be a very good pass blocker as well. Also, I worry more about Bolles and his weight and I just haven't seen good run blocking on his video.
  14. Getting rid of Paul Alexander and getting a good coach with an eye for talent would fix a lot of this team's troubles.

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