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  1. But will there be enough to sign everybody? Probably (most definately) not. I think what you have to do is what the Patriots did and convince players to take less money for a chance at a ring. That's a tough sell.
  2. I'm not a big roster/capologist but this makes sense. True? I'll let others decide.
  3. More on the train wreck that is ole rub-n-tug. Go to 10:30, I like what he says about the white whale (hope this hasn't been posted, I missed it if it was)
  4. I'm starting to have doubts he even makes it to training camp. And even if he does and plays, what are the chances he does this shit again? Probably close to 100% and it will blow up again. A 3 year old could see it coming and the Browns acted like everything is just peachy keen. I dislike the Browns as much as anyone but it pains me to watch so-called professionals act this abysmally stupid. Half of me wants to look away and the other half is like "PASS THE POPCORN IT'S PARTY TIME!!!". I'd like to hear SheBengals views, her hubby and son are bigtime Browns fans (We forgive you She!!) and might be able to add some local color.
  5. I'd rather have Brissett, Watson is probably going to drag the franchise down (not that I care really). Here's a clip of Marcellus Wiley talking about Colin Kaepernick on this subject. Start at about 45 seconds and watch for a couple minutes
  6. For the life of me I will never understand why the Browns offered this assclown a contract.
  7. They should play this every time Joe Brrr walks on to the field (and you are welcome for the earworm) :
  8. Agreed. If I had unlimited cash I'd make a light jacket with that on the chest and Cincinnati Bengals Est 1968 under it. Put the original helmet on the left sleeve and see how well it went over. And I still can't believe they never wear the original unis as throwbacks, it's just a shame.
  9. Watch James Cooks face, someones had WAY too much fun.
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