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  1. Bring back Uncle Jordan. Palmer, that is. Maybe as an assistant quarterback coach replacing the guy who replaces Lucy Van Pelt. no
  2. Correct. She was dealing with the Swiss banks straightening out the secret accounts and checking on the art work in the Brown family vaults that disappeared from German museums and flak towers in the final days of WWII.
  3. I wonder if every time Housh drops or misses a ball if he will throw a temper tantrum complaining that he was interfered with even through there is no one else on the field? But, hey, maybe Housh can do for Bengals Burrow the same thing he did for his quarterback when he was on the team, Akili Smith.
  4. I also put a lion's share of the blame on Kenny Anderson for not calling a time out when he saw Verser did not know the play and was screwing it up. Not even sure why Verser was on the field but what do I know? As for the refs, the piling on call on Jim LeClaire when he was pushed into the pile by a Fourty Slimer.
  5. Can't say I hate the 49ers (or anyone else) but I still strongly dislike some of the players like Joe Montana and Steve "Bail Out" young. Throw in David Verser for going in motion on the goal like drawing the D into the hole where Pete Johnson had a walk-in touchdown and getting him stuffed, a rarity in itself. And the refs... However, I have been a life long Up With People fan ever since.
  6. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/31/nfl-draft-2020-joe-burrow-picks-jordan-palmer-pre-draft-training/ Ironically, Joe the Savior is working with Carson's brother, Jordan as a quarterback trainer for his pre draft showings. Per the article, actually looks like kind of a good deal. Maybe the Bengals would consider bringing him in to replace the guy who replaced Van Pelt and be the next man up when (if) that guy is pirated. Interesting pipe dream fodder. Plus Jordan could visit his little niece/nephew once in awhile. If they are still around. Which I doubt.
  7. Done.... ..................... Cincinnati Bengals coach Dan Pitcher has received a promotion. The Bengals announced on Thursday that Pitcher has been elevated to quarterbacks coach. Pitcher is replacing Alex Van Pelt, who accepted a job to become the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator. Western Kentucky University wide receiver Taywan Taylor, left, listens to Cincinnati Bengals assistant receivers coach Dan Pitcher as he discussed pass route concepts on April 6, 2017. (Photo: Sam Upshaw Jr./C-J) Pitcher’s been an offensive assistant coach with the Bengals since 2016. He was the assistant quarterbacks coach last season. Before coming to Cincinnati, Pitcher spent four seasons in player personnel with the Indianapolis Colts. Pitcher was a quarterback at SUNY Courtland from 2008-11. “I am excited to promote Dan to quarterbacks coach,” Bengals coach Zac Taylor said in a team statement. “Dan is a rising star who has demonstrated that he has a bright future as he continues to take on more responsibility.”
  8. Hopefully we can do a lot better. However, dose the AVP hire in Suckland put Callahan back into the Bengal picture? The Offensive Coordinator position is now off their board.
  9. Report: Bengals losing QB coach Alex Van Pelt to Browns Chris Roling 8 hours ago The Cincinnati Bengals are a team perhaps ready to take a potential franchise passer at No. 1 overall in a draft. It’s a bad development, then, to hear the team might be losing esteemed quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Cleveland Browns are swooping in and grabbing Van Pelt and promoting him to offensive coordinator. That’s a big loss for the Bengals, as Van Pelt helped Andy Dalton make big strides in his game when things broke down. Dalton improved in the improv sense briefly in 2018 after Van Pelt’s arrival. Prior to that, Van Pelt had earned leaguewide praise in Green Bay while working with Aaron Rodgers. The Bengals don’t have a shortage of former quarterbacks or coaches with experience at the position still. But it speaks volumes that a division rival has swooped in and grabbed Van Pelt. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Ouch! Not good and bad timing.
  10. My inside sources tell me that if they let A.J. Green walk they will draft Oklahoma cornerback A. J. Green, give him #18 and save a lot of money on new jerseys. Plus they will still receive royalties on all the #18 Bengals jerseys out there on the market now.
  11. Before I got this far I was thinking how about a new forum called Buckeye Bullshit vs The The World? Would have been amusing, anyway. Or not. Or whatever.
  12. Yep. So much this. Billy Price was wandering around on the sidelines like a lost kid at the zoo looking for his parents. So sad. I had high hopes for him.
  13. I don't believe thisfor a minute, Jamie. Forget the ? Anyway, not a snap decision but its time to put this thread to bed.
  14. Sign him for a few years. A Happy Green Makes a Happy Team. Great intro to the NFL for Athens Joe and although not really a "bridge wide receiver", could work out that way. Extend Joe Mixon while they're at it. Stability and lack of impending drama will go a long way to improving this team.
  15. LOL. Yeah, but a happy boob, indeed. And, after further review... I agree about the hooters looking the same. I picture two she threw back her shoulders a bit and sucked in her gut making The Girls stand up and say "Hello". I look at them and all I can think is "Motorboat".
  16. No you wouldn't. I'm the CEO and would downsize by terminating the paper generating bull shit artists bureaucrats who turn out verbiage instead of product. Now run along and go to a meeting to justify your existence. What administrators do best. Those who can, do. Those who can't become administrators.
  17. A.J.Green WR Oklahoma State Player in the Senior Bowl on Zac's team.
  18. Maybe she and Tom Dinkle's wife can double date and go to Frisch's.
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