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  1. Billy Price is the David Klingler of Centers. Hate to say that. I'm a Price fan but The Price is Right (not),=.
  2. Marsha or Jan? Marsha, definitely, however, mom, Carol, was the prototypical MILF and Incestuous Cougar boinking son, Greg. Thindy hath gwoed up, learned how to talk, drinks like a Steeler fan on game day and is a hot plumper, a chubby chaser's dream. Hard call between Carol the Cougar and Chubby Cindy. Bottom line ... Carol the Cougar would be the ideal candidate to groom Athens Joe. She is also into leather, world provide Bayou Bengal Burrow the discipline he needs to learn to succeed as a Bengal.
  3. Yeah and thanks. I knew there was a brain numbingly stupid free agent signing of a former Dallas hot rat wide receiver who was too busted up to make it out of the physical exam room after being touted as the second coming of Joe Willie Mammyjammer and a sure fire ticket to the Super Bowl. Only could not think of his name.
  4. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/03/andy-dalton-replace-tom-brady-patriots-bart-scott/ Andy a Patriot? Yeah, won't happen and goofy idea but I would like it. They draft Tua, Andy their bridge quarterback for a few years while Tua recovers and learns the NFL ropes and Andy retires with a Super Bowl ring. I would like that and a fitting end to his career.
  5. True and agree to a point but your option B (trading down) is directly affected by your option A (who slides).
  6. Wasn't he injured? This move will remove him from the possibility of taking yet another dinged up player high ... a Jonah Williams ref here. As far as linebackers in this years draft, there was Simmons, probably a top five pick, Moses who is injured, and a steep drop off of a few hit or miss players who will be drafted as reaches out of necessity. Hello, Bengals, and their Shampoo System ... lather, rinse, repeat ... when do you stop the cycle?
  7. More recently, Kansas City and Baltimore should have traded down rather than taking Mahones and Lamar Jackson. They would have had more picks and it would have worked out better for them in the long run. I mean, look where they are now taking those two guys rather than trading down? Take Joe and get on with it.
  8. For DC I think they should bring in the DC from Ohio University. Joe Burrow's father. Seriously, saying bring in this coach or that coach all sounds well and good but 1) will they come and 2) how well would the fit, work with the rest of the staff implementing the system. oops...
  9. ... the Cincinnati Bengals select ... Pretty much a given Our Bengals take Athens Joe the Bayou Bengal Burrow with the first pick. But if Who's on First, What's on Second? And I Don't Know who's on Third but lets give it a shot, anyway. Why? He's in Left Field. So just for shits and giggles and maybe a break from breaking on another's balls and bashing my hero and ideal, Mike Brown, lets put on our Tom Terrific kitchen funnel thinking caps and come up with some good ol' fart in the wind speculation. Who do the Bengals take in the SECOND round? AND third? Or who would you like to see them take and maybe who realistically even be there. Trade ups welcome. Don't give a darn? Don't care? He's the shortstop.
  10. I agree wholeheartedly. Never thought much about him being Ben's heir apparent but makes perfect sense. He better get busy raping if he wants to make the grade as a Squeel quarterback.
  11. Saw some speculation that he was being considered for the Cleveland GM. Maybe, maybe not but great for the rumor mill.
  12. Going against the grain here and I'm not really sure what is going on but... Sign A.J. to a three year contract. He will be happy, the fans love him (including me) and a nice, stable veteran target for Athens Joe to throw to. I think A.J. will be a real asset to the development of Bayou Burrow. Sign Joe Mixon to a well paid and well earned contract extension sooner rather than later and avoid the contract year happy horse shit we usually have. Trade Cordy Glenn and John Loss III. Throw in Dre Kirkpatrick. Subtractions of distractions. This is for starters and do able at this time. Nice to speculate about adding coaches (Callahan et al) but that is making the assumption they would want to come here and work under a head coach young enough to be their son. I would like to see going into next year with as few distractions as possible giving Athens Joe, the Bayou Bengal as much change to succeed as possible.
  13. True, so true. He will fit right into their system whereas he would not fit into ours. ... sorry ... the debbil made me do it ...
  14. I want to keep Taylor. So does my good friend, Mike Brown. And my heartthrob, Pumpkin. Zac beat the Clowns. Fun game, too. I Back Zac!
  15. Now that Athens Joe is a given with the first pick, my little pea brain is working overtime on who we are going to get with our second pick. As far as Jonah Williams... taking a very Sour Apples Harry approach but right now I am very skeptical. All this silence is not encouraging. He could be finished before he ever starts as easily as a solid starter for a decade. Right now, wait and see, I guess.
  16. As far as Andy Dalton ... Good Luck and God Bless you and yours in the future be it here or elsewhere. Class act kind of guy. As far as the "lost era/decade" crap... Whenever I hear that I always remember that the Clowns have not had a season over .500 in decade. We iced that one Sunday.
  17. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2019/12/31/bengals-waiver-competition-packers-tony-brown/ Bengals won waiver competition for Packers DB Tony Brown Chris Roling 2 hours ago 85 people are talking about this The Cincinnati Bengals announced the pending acquisition of former Green Bay Packers defensive back Tony Brown on Monday. Brown, an Alabama product, played 20 games over two seasons with the Packers but gradually fell down the depth chart at an improving position in Green Bay. It’s good the Bengals had first waiver priority after the 2-14 finish — according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Colts, Browns and Raiders also tried to claim Brown. A hot commodity, Brown will join the Bengals after the Super Bowl. Rest assured this won’t be the last time the Bengals exercise their advantageous position in the waiver order.
  18. Yesterday in the stands I heard someone yell "We want Joe" when Andy floundered. OK... it was me.
  19. Good move, I guess. Has to be better than B.M. "I fall down and go 'BOOM'" Webb. And Mabin, McRae, McTater and McMuffin. If Mayfield had had time to throw yesterday, Beckham and Landry would have killed us.
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