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  1. Braxton Miller starred at Ohio State while in college and now he’s back in the state as he tries to continue his NFL career. The Browns announced on Wednesday that they have signed Miller to their 90-man roster. Tight end Mik'Quan Deane was waived with a non-football illness designation in a corresponding move. Miller moved from quarterback to wide receiver while at Ohio State and a was a 2016 third-round pick by the Texans. He caught 34 passes for 261 yards and two touchdowns before being waived ahead of the 2018 season. Miller landed on the Eagles practice squad, but was cut in Philly when quarterback Josh McCown signed over the weekend. The Browns are set with Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham at the top of the wide receiver depth chart. Rashard Higgins, Jaelen Strong, Derrick Willies, D.J. Montgomery, Damon Sheehy-Giuseppi and Damion Ratley are looking for roles behind them while Antonio Callaway prepares to serve a four-game suspension to open the season.
  2. Here Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer noted the Bengals shoved Ross’ expected return date back another week: “The Bengals and WR John Ross (hamstring) are targeting a Sunday return to the practice field.” Zac Taylor had originally expected this Monday for Ross. Instead, the team’s official website has all but confirmed Ross won’t play at all this preseason. This is another big blow for a Bengals offense that continues to have problems. Cordy Glenn is now dealing with an injury in the trenches, and A.J. Green is still a question mark for Week 1. Ross isn’t necessarily tabbed for a major role with Green out, but the fact he’s not going to get any game reps in a new offense under a new staff — similar to his rookie year — doesn’t bode well for his long-term outlook. And the Bengals offense has suffered in the past without Ross on the field purely because defenses still have to accommodate for his speed.
  3. Season Five of Peaky Blinders or Peaky F'n Blinders as Arthur calls it, starts on Netflix October 4. The same article suggested that you watch it with the closed captions on because they mumble a lot and the accents are sometimes hard to catch. I agree w cc. If you are not watching Peaky, you should. British gamily crime syndicate in Birmingham right after WWI. Based on a real gang whose trademark was razor blades in the peaks of their caps that they smacked people in the face with. Watching Mindhunters season 2 on Netflix. Excellent and very binge-worthy.
  4. Trumpy is lined up offside in the above play, hand position, and got away with it.
  5. Kind of like when Bill "Tiger" Johnson and Sam Wyche both resigned?
  6. I always thought he was victimized by Marvin's patented favoritism of playing and continuing to play poorer players as if to prove a point. I can't even recall the name of the ass hat guard Marv played forever while CW sat as if Marv was trying to prove a point with the loser that he, Marv, was right, as always and the guy was going to come around and Marv could say "I told you so". The team, as well as CW, suffered because of Marv's massive ego. What a fucking crime. CW looked good when he was in there.
  7. There's 1:10 of my life I will never get back again and could have been put to better use...
  8. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/8/15/20807888/bengals-christian-westerman-kent-perkins-clint-boling-nfl-news-2019
  9. Well... I've seen enough. My optimism is dwindling... Hart and S. Williams are in mid season form Think I'll catch up on the last couple episodes of Pose and work on my Vogueing.
  10. I'm looking for... No injuries Some of the rookies and younger players to step up and make a statement ie Sample, Auden Tate, A. Brown and Wren, Pratt and hopefully M Jefferson, someone to replace Shawn Williams, a strong showing by the OG's, the red headed Bengal with the silicon enhanced boobies, et al Don't particularly care about the score.
  11. OMG. You're right. Good call. However, I would like to see them win the last one. And I do not want to see them go O-fer. I still think they are going to be better than most people expect. Win enough games to pick just out of the top ten and get another player with potential but problems.
  12. That's called a Pittsburgh Pass Defense where it is a pass interference anyplace but Pittsburgh.
  13. Sports Jeff Driskel works at receiver in practice The Saints’ success with Taysom Hill, using him as a Swiss Army knife, has prompted several other teams to look for a third-string quarterback who can do more than carry a clipboard on game day. The Bengals are experimenting with Jeff Driskel at receiver. Driskel took snaps at receiver in Tuesday’s 11-on-11 work, Jay Morrison of TheAthletic.com reports. Driskel previously practiced at the position in one practice in 2017. “I’m still competing at quarterback,” Driskel said, via Morrison. “That’s what I want to be. That’s what I think I can be. But I just want to show that I can add value to this team in other ways and show that I want to contribute and can contribute.” Driskel is competing with fourth-round choice Ryan Finley for the backup job behind Andy Dalton. With Finley slated to get second-team work Thursday night in Washington, Driskel approached special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons about working with Simmons’ unit. Bengals head coach Zac Taylor asked Driskel about playing receiver Tuesday. “Let me make this clear: He is not out of the quarterback competition by any stretch,” Taylor said. “He just feels like he can help us, and we feel like he can help us on special teams, and you saw him take a couple of reps at receiver. He’s a great athlete. He’s 232 pounds. He’s explosive. He has good hands. Those guys are hard to come by. We’ll keep giving him a look. But it doesn’t change. He goes to quarterback meetings. He goes to quarterback individual [drills]. He still takes his reps. That does not cut into that at all.” As all players know, the more things you can do, the better chance you have to make the 53-player roster . . . and to play. Next week Driskel plans to work at the Norwood White Castle.
  14. They're on their way to the free buffet line at Belterra casino. Just keeping up my end of the conversation. Carry on.
  15. The problem is not so much the helmet but what is inside it. Not a lot, actually.
  16. Yep. So much this ☝ The enigma is Ross. Delicate and I liked the comments of others about his heart, his will to play the game. Would love to trade him to some dupe, but what would you get for him? Not a hell of a lot.
  17. I think they should allow him to play with no helmet at all.
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