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  1. Nice thought. I'd take it. Love the optimism. I would make a deal with AJ, 3 year contract with the understanding that you retire a Bengal, not sign elsewhere, and go into the Hall of Fame wearing orange and black. Fan favorite will put people in the stands. High character, quality player great representative of the team. Nice pot of money to give him a jump start on his post football career (Bengals front office/asst coach? Broadcast booth?) He does not become the Andrew Whitworth of Bengal wide receivers.
  2. I would not be surprised if the Bengals use the number one pick to select a wide receiver. 1/2
  3. Que the "digging through the mountain of horse shit looking for a pony" post from yrs trly And Merry Christmas
  4. Yeah, I agree. Take it easy, show and steady and just try to reach this season's level of accomplishment. Then get our second first pick in the draft season. And draft the quarterback from Clemson to replace Joe Burrow who was knocked out of football permanently by a cheap shot from the Steeler's first round draft pick, Chase Young. Unflagged, of course.
  5. Colts an easy day trip road game for locals. The Washington game could easily be the number one and two picks in the draft facing off. Possibly even prime time for that angle but if so, probably Thursday because its two suck teams.
  6. Not in a championship game but since the 2020 opponents were announced there is a good chance of seeing Chase Young Chase Joe all over the field. Then the board will go wild with "we should have drafted Chase" posts.
  7. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/gallery/cincinnati-bengals-2020-opponents-schedule-home-away/ Home... Ravens Browns Stealers Cowboys Jaguars Giants Titans Chargers Away... Ravens Browns Stealers Texans Colts Eagles Redskins Dolphins
  8. The Bengals today acquired LB Sharif Finch on waivers from the Tennessee Titans, and placed WR A.J. Green on the Reserve/Injured list. Finch (6-4, 250), a second-year player out of Temple University, originally was a college free agent signee of the Titans in 2018. He has played in 23 games (three starts) for Tennessee over the past two seasons, recording 35 tackles, 3.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery on defense. He also had nine special teams tackles over that span.
  9. So right now going into the last week of the season... We have clinched the first draft pick. Washington looks like second with 3-12 Detroit third with 3-11-1 Picks 4 and 5 go to Giants and Dolphins with 4-11 Picks 6-9 go to Jacksonville, Carolina, Atlanta, Arizona. Would Washington trade up with us to assure Chase Young allowing us to get Athens Joe plus something? They get antsy that we mega trade with someone else? No need for quarterback with Haskins. How about Washington trades us Haskins and their first round pick and they take Joe, we get Chase? That would be interesting and possible if they think that little of Haskins' future in Washington. Detroit trade up and we gamble on losing both Chase and Joe. Pretty much a two player draft. See how things look and reevaluate after next Sunday.
  10. Picking where the Clowns will draft and who they will pick... well, who anyone will pick with the 12th pick is virtually impossible because of the uncertainty of picks 1 thru 11. Trades, surprise picks, reaches, etc. This includes Cleveland trading up for someone, Simmons or otherwise. Right now we (including me) are all more than reasonably sure who the Bengals will take with the first pick but stone cold bone logic says Chase Young would be the best player coming out and at that position in years, including the Bosas. Plug in and play, instant major upgrade to the D. But we are in dire need of a quarterback and Joe could be a great one with the right surrounding cast and system. Which we don't have. Take it as a given that we take Joe with the first pick. Who drafts second and will get Chase Young? Who will trade up to the second pick and give up what to get him? For me, that may be the biggest question and drama of the 2020 draft.
  11. Chances are we would have won if Huber had not picked the exact wrong time to kick a punt off the side of his foot. Or at least tied. Moot point and no big deal. Ancient history and hello, Joe.
  12. Yes and yes. And I guess it is similar to Atkins. High Fat (believe it or not) Low Carb Buh Bye bread, pasta, potatoes, pizza and donuts. Beer pretty much, too, I think, but I don't drink. Mostly leafy vegetables and things that grow above the ground. Does not like corn or beans other than green beans. However, a killer steak, broccoli or asparagus rather than baked potato and side salad with oil and vinegar is very Keto. Can also do a burger at Wendy's and throw away the bun. Egg and cheese omelettes, just got a Rapid Egg Cooker gizmo and while not particularly rapid, makes HFLC egg souffl├ęs without much of a mess or hassle. Slater everything possible with real butter. Nuts for snacks, esp. walnuts and pecans, no chips or Doritoes, etc. Exercise helps and hastens the process but I don't do a lot of that although I do walk quite a bit. Loves organic, free range chickens and eggs, grass fed meat and surprisingly easier to find at your regular grocery store. No sugar or sweeteners, drops the risk for diabetes a lot. No sugars includes natural sugars like in orange juice, etc. Coffee with cream rather than mild or coffee mate is very Keto friendly... coffee is Keto OK. I drink a lot of Smart Water and other waters from the grocery store enhanced with electrolytes. Use it for coffee, too. Not always, gets expensive. Oh... the Mexican food section of the grocery has low carb (5 or 6 net carbs) soft burrito shells for Keto friendly wraps rather than bread and meat sandwiches. Taste good, too. Not health food, Vegan shit but adjusting your diet. I am far from some health food fanatic. Fats burn fast and efficiently and then the body attacks stored carbs... like around the waist. Downsides is it is possible to get something they call the Keto Flu which is not a flu but short (couple hour) uncomfortable period where your body adjusts to changing over and burning fat rather than carbs which burn and turn into energy much less efficiently and completely. Also, cravings. You don't realize how many pizza and Coke ads are run during a football game and it drives me wild. But buy a book, research it on line. Find a list or chart of Keto friendly and hateful food. Amazon sells refrigerator magnet Keto food charts. High Fat, Low Carb. For me, the protein pretty much takes care of itself. High Protein, Low Carb is Paleo, I think. My other soap box is painless, easy recovery from Prostate Cancer with a procedure called Cyber Knife. Non invasive, completely painless, just lay on a table while a big gizmo that looks like Gypsy the robot from MSFT2000 whizzes around your body without touching. Wrong forum but hope there is some grain of help even if its to call me an asshole health nut fanatic.
  13. A little OT but do we put A.J. on IR for the final week, perhaps WJIII and MacRae, too, and raid another team's practice squad for a promising linebacker or O linemen to bring into our camp next year?
  14. I was very surprised, myself. I was hesitant to ask to pose with us for a picture but he was very gracious. And thank you for the 'grats on the loss of tonnage. I have become a fanatic about the Keto diet. Haven't felt this good in years, either. Can really tell walking from PBS to the 580 (Walnut) Garage across from Fountain Square.
  15. Seeing how much I weigh in that picture and how I look now makes me smile. But seriously, he was a really nice guy.
  16. There was still some football to be played and ya' stick with them though thick and thin. Besides, the ending was pretty spectacular.
  17. We are going to kick the absolute dog shit out of Cleveland next week. Bench clearing brawl coming up. The stands and outside the stadium pretty ugly, too.
  18. Nice whiff by Billy giving up a sack by some journeyman putz. I'm losing faith my my boy, Bill.
  19. I saw that last night. Guilty pleasure... I liked it a lot better than the reviews and a whole lot better than I thought I would. Taylor Swift as a cat made me want to weep tears of lust. What? Chat? Oh. I thought you said Cats. Never mind. Harry Lattila. Emily's grandson.
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