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  1. L.to R.--- HSH about 50 lbs heavier than now .... Mr Dillon .... my son, Chris BTW... Corey and the Browns have mended fences and are very OK with one another Very personable and fantastic guy to chat with.
  2. ***FLASH*** Per Lapham on Bengals pregame radio, Darius Phillips gave his teammates an early Christmas present. A raging 24 hour dose of the raging drizzly shits. Joe Mix dress ing but may be weakened. Also, look for #74, big guy Fred Johnson to get some time at OLT and ORT for a look-see. Heeerrrrrrreee Fishy, Fishy, Fishy...
  3. Running the draw out of the shotgun at the goal gives him a chance to get up a good head of steam for when he its the solid wall of defenders and loses a half yard.
  4. Also possible we take Tuba this year with the 3rd pick and Lawrence next. Seriously... if we do draft third and miss Burrow and/or Young, I see us trading down and very possibly taking Tua somewhere, somehow. Yeah, also someone like LB Simmons who is not worth the third pick in the draft or the big huggy bear OT, too. But I do think Tua would be someone the Bengals would risk taking. Why? Because we're Bengals, son.
  5. Highlight: Son and I escorting Anthony Munoz and Ickey Woods on to the field for a halftime ceremony recognizing veteran Bengal players.
  6. Ref Ray Bradbury short story "The Sound of Thunder". 1952 If your curiosity is piqued there are a few readings of it on YouTube.
  7. Best case scenario is losing to the Dolphins, kicking the shit out of the Browns.
  8. Immediately after the interview did he throw a hissy fit complaining that he had been interfered with?
  9. The envelope is in... With the third pick ... in the 2020 NFL Draft ... the Cincinnati Bengals ... select ... *insert dramatic pause HERE* ... TUBA TUBALATALOVA, Quarterback from some college I forget Jump shot to the Bengals War Room. It looks like V-J Day. Zac's press conference ... "We got the guy we wanted all along. Unbelievable good luck that he was still there when we drafted third. Our plan has been to bring him along slowly for a year, grooming him under the red haired Yoda. We are not concerned about the injury. He will be pro bowl ready opening day 2021 even if he does walk like Chester in Gunsmoke and throw like a girl. This is truly a turning point in Bengals history. Thank you. And don't forget to pick up a copy of my resume on the way out. They're laminated."
  10. Bucky, my friend... I like Chase Young. A lot. Would love to see him in stripes. BUT... Chase is a luxury. QB Joe is a necessity. Right now my concern is we win the last two. Doable because Miami is a shit show and Cleveland is poised for a major melt down implosion the final game vs us at home with a Battle of the Massive Egos on the sidelines. The Hobo vs Black Goldilocks smacking the piss out of each other with their purses on the sidelines. My crystal ball shows us getting neither and drafting hind teat again.
  11. I'm getting a sinking feeling in my gut that its time for a "What Will the Bengals Do With the Third Pick in the Draft" thread. no
  12. Why do Bengal fans think next year will be different? Its like the old story of the little boy enthusiastically digging through a mountain of horse shit. When asked why, he replied "With all this horse shit there has to be a pony in here somewhere." Bengal fans are that little boy. Digging through a mountain of horse shit. Believing there is a pony in there someplace.
  13. Is that an Anthony Munoz reference? Heard him on the pregame show on the radio while driving to the stadium and I think he said he did something like that.
  14. That's number two behind some version of "Its all Mike Brown's Fault". Something you never hear when they are winning, btw. BTW2... I do not dislike Mike Brown at all. High School Harry: I've Always Been a Rebel
  15. I see what you did there... a subliminal message with your avatar. Andy is secretly telling us that we should draft that guy, Tuba. The thing I find most frustrating about Adriel Jeremiah is he has been carried on the roster all year and probably won't see a game. A waste of a roster spot that could have been filled by another player who might have done more than model hoodies on the sidelines.
  16. I think so. Can't be any worse than Bad Andy or Finley. At least I hope he can't. Article on Bengals Wire where the Patriot DB who picked Andy twice said he knew what was coming from film study and there won't be any on Doogie. Of course, the Patriot didn't say WHAT film study, of the game play or the signals coming in from the sidelines. Anyway, I think its safe to say Finley will be told to find his life's work after the final game and I think we should see what we have in Doogie as far as a backup to Athens Joe next season.
  17. Looking forward to it because we have reservations at Jack Ruby's Steak House after the game. Late Christmas present for lady friend and her son. Last game vs the Patriots, dinner reservations at Ruth's Christ Steak House for my birthday. Lady friend, her son, my son and me and she picked up the bill. My son will be in Florida with his mother and family for the Browns game. Not very happy about it. I think we all know the Browns game will be the difference between the first and third pick in the draft. Ironically, if we end up drafting third rather than first, it will be like all those seasons where it went down to needing the final game to make the playoffs. Ironically, too, it is the same atmosphere. The whole season will be a total bust without Joe or Chase.
  18. Serendipity. Karma. The planets alining and Mercury is out of retrograde. I look for the Bengals to fuck it up.
  19. Looking at CFL players is a wise move. Paul Brown, for those who remember him as a Bengals coach, drafted one of my all time and most overlooked and underrated Bengals of all time, ORT Mike Wilson, even though he had signed with the CFL. Waited a year or so until he left there and we had his rights, plugged him in at ORT bookending with Anthony Munoz for a decade. The kickers are interesting, too. Especially with this practice squad signing that flew under the board radar. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/12/16/21025149/bengals-kaare-vedvik-practice-squad Kid is a kicker/punter ala Lee Johnson who punted, kicked off and attempted long field goals far out of Jim Breech's range. This may be Randy's last stand or at least he will have some serious competition. So even now the Bengals are looking to improve next year. Waived DL Zettle and brought up a fringe LB, Brady Shekton, from the practice squad for a look-see. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/12/17/21026643/bengals-sign-brady-sheldon-and-waive-anthony-zettel
  20. Thanks for sharing, Bob. BTW and for the record... I have nothing against you and enjoy your input and insight on the board. Most of it. The Lamar Jackson adoration on a Bengals site is the qualifier. And I kind of get it. At the Baltimore game, there were also quite a few Louisville sweatshirts and fleeces. He is popular there and I dare say, with you, because he is a local product and it is not a pro football factory like The Ohio State or Alabama or etc. So I hope you have a nice day and my sincerest best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and all your catfish kin in the Louisville pond. And fuck Lamar Jackson. I think its only a matter of time until some team baits him into taking off and makes him a cripple. I can think of one team Baltimore plays twice a year that is infamous for exactly that, targeting quarterbacks. Hint: think of Carson Palmer and going way back, Kenny Anderson's Linda Blair/Esorcist imitation.
  21. Adam Schefter ✔@AdamSchefter Bengals’ WR AJ Green visited today with noted foot specialist, Dr. Robert Anderson, per source. If Green is in Green Bay today with a foot doctor, hard to imagine he’ll return this season. He’s scheduled to be a free agent this off-season. 3,192 6:07 PM - Dec 16, 2019
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