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  1. So much this minus beating out Volson without seeing how Volson has improved in the off season. Volson, Karras, Cappa... can any kick outside and play ORT? Trade up in Round 2 for the best OT remaining? Our annual free agent rent-a-tackle? But, yeah, if Bowers and Mims are gone... this is that guy. If all three are gone... trade down. Whatever, I really don't want to see him going to Pittsburgh but I think a real possibility of them trading up to get him
  2. Bowers won't slide that far and Pittsburgh would trade up for Powers-Johnson if they think he's going to Jacksonville. Or... us if Mims goes higher which he probably will. So play the game... if Bowers and Mims are gone... is Powers-Johnson > than the other OTs on the board? The thought of him being a Squeel really gives me the willies. Much rather see him here than there.
  3. If we would sign him maybe they could both stay on the field and watch the half time show at the Super Bowl this year. no Well... unless they bring back Up With People
  4. if I had said the glasses threw me it would have been partially true because I didn't know anyway
  5. Should we consider it? Absolutely. Likewise Araiza Will they? No. That would be admitting they screwed up. Look how long we have carried Carman.
  6. I'm down to looking at this year's draft as not who do we take first but who do we take in the first and second rounds. Two of the guys listed below including wise trading up would know it out of the park. Mims, Fuaga, Latham, Guyton, Powers-Johnson (C-G for a decade ... besides Steels will sign him as the next in their long list of killer Centers going all the way back to Webster... then Dawson and most recently Pouncy WE need to do that... "Start with a Center" ~Paul Brown), Murphy, Jer’Z Newton, Sweat Maybe even some hocus pocus with trading in Round 3. Top blocking tight end and make him a full back ala former TE Booby Clark? But I see it as a two round draft, not just the first round. (yeah, all 7 +2 comps but shore up the needs first)
  7. You can't be talking abut our offensive line We're constantly hearing about our fantastic free agents signing of Karras, Cappa and Brown Jr. if they're that good why isn't Sixgun in the Pro Bowl and Joe Burrow in one piece for an entire season? Can't all be Volson's fault.
  8. Run plays out of the shotgun gives Joe Sixgun more time to waddle up to the like. and do a little dance before running into an O lineman and falling on his ass.
  9. Yes, Mixon will be here. He is a prime exhibit of the Bengals penchant for pounding square pegs into round holes and wondering what is wrong with the hole. Blahblahblah... last year's stats. The Cleveland game was a joke vs Cleveland's third stringers some of whom won't be in the NFL this season.
  10. So you're saying if we get a Saturday game December 14 we sit Joe?
  11. Thanks for posting. Just saw that and... rather like it and Gee-off's thinking and would like to see it happen. Would like to see how he thinks the rest of the first round will play out and into the second. I would be happy with Murphy and trading up in the second for the best sliding O lineman out there.
  12. Bring in Araiza. Mixon smacked a girl when he was in college. (now he would have shot her) Carman boinked a teeny bopper. And this guy got off. I didn't read the full report but...
  13. Also a phenomenal quarterback and super excellent receivers. Surprised you didn't say that (intended as a compliment)
  14. Bwaaa haaaaa haaaaa! Dats funny. Can you do one of 67 Volson for Go? And others? 1/2 ... or less
  15. Jackson Powers-Johnson is growing on me. I think I read that Karras deal is up in 2024? Be nice to have a Center with a year's OL experience waiting to step in.
  16. No He Hate Me no vote. BTW... Happy Birthday Roger Goodell, you swine.
  17. Exactly. It will be his third year and he should be coming into his own in a big way. IMHO and I hope.
  18. yeah, just throwing it out there. And In Volson I Trust (usually a bad thing for the player) I just imagine Volson home in Nowhere North Dakota bench pressing locomotives while ummm... other Bengal players who shall go unnamed... opt for selfies and photo ops.
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