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  1. I'm thinking two. Maybe a 4:30 home game which while not actually prime time is later than usual. Flex games later a possibility as we close in on our playoff berth but too early to call now. Just a hunch. Not really sure. Joeburreaux klaatu barada nikto
  2. I had the pleasure of meeting and having dinner with Mr and Mrs Simmons a couple of years ago at a Bengals function. Quality guy and a real gentleman. He now works in the front office of the Jaguars. Would like to see him join the Bengals in some sort of administrative function now.
  3. How many games did you go to last year? Last 3? I mean Bengal games, not Squeeler and Browns home games.
  4. I'm not so sure the current crop of OLmen is carved in stone. I would not be surprised to see them see who is cut in training camp or if another team tries to slide some good prospect under the radar to add to their practice squad. I mean which cut or practice squad guy from another team is > than: O'Shea Dugas Isaiah Prince Alex Redmond or even Billy Price (who I am still rooting for) or adding a better OLman for a deadwood player elsewhere on the roster. They apparently don't think Jason Peters is the answer at this time opening day kickoff is still way out there in the future.
  5. Shizzle my snazzily. I like this guy, too. REALLY like the linebackers we drafted.
  6. This guy and undrafted free agent Marcel Spears fascinate me. I would not doubt if one or both go on PUP or some such thing to groom and redshirt to hit the ground running next year with a very young, very vicious group of linebackers. Smart, fast and hard hitting. One of my dreams from the 2020 building program.
  7. Lunch with Chadwick. You can't really help but like this guy.
  8. The same thing could be said about Mike Brown. If you have ever met or had even the remotest of dealings with him he is the nicest guy in the world. I refrain from any Mike bashing.
  9. Historic picture of one of David Verser's career 23 receptions as a Bengal.
  10. More than 20 years but The Linda Blair/Exorcist shot with Keith Gary on Kenny Anderson. Sickening to even think about.
  11. Heeeyyyyy!!!!!!! Great news and great to hear from you. Cat is on here, too, and was asking about you and the tailgate. I still have season tics and go to the games with the former Grade School Gary who now teaches grade school. Last year at one of the half time activities I got to accompany Ickey Woods on to the field for a Bengals veterans recognition program. Son was in front of me with Anthony Munoz. We were in the south end zone, Ickey almost shuffled on my foot. I was scanning the stands for you and the crew. A number of posters on here are in Section 104, just to your left. I have not met any of them yet. Will try to catch up with you some this year.
  12. Even better. Math wasn't my strong suit before I went into investment banking.
  13. The beloved PFF has them taking Sewell, too. Seems to be the early darling for a great pick. However, I agree with you. I think we will win more than the predicted number of games that would have us in a position to be able to draft him. Drafting him (or the OT wet dream du jour) would entail trading up. Our mid round first and second for Sewell or ?? OT, Sure, why not? PFF had plugging Sewell in at OLT and moving Jonah to ORT or even a Guard. One other draft I saw had us taking the hot rat WR from LSU high with the first pick.
  14. Not going to happen but I would be OK with it. Go to an 8 game season only playing a home and away series with the other teams in the division. Say, late September or early October into November. No bye week, etc. Perfect football weather. I hate those early games where its hotter than the hinges off Hell. Ohio's worse parts of winter are in February and March. I would hate the thought of driving to or home from games in freezing rain and ice storms. Maybe two preseason games early September that are actually little more than heavy practices, more a showcase for second, third tier players to show if they have what it takes to play with the big boys. And an extended, sudden death playoff schedule. Maybe some sort of wild card game with the two teams with the top records who did not make the divisional playoff elimination round to extend the season and make it more interesting with a couple of teams stronger than some of the weak division champs, teams who played in weak divisions with not a lot of competition. Leave the day and time of the Super Bowl alone. Too much already invested to change it late.
  15. Maybe not corona virus but God only knows what else you could catch.
  16. https://www.cincinnati.com/picture-gallery/news/2020/05/09/vontaze-burfict-lists-edgewood-home-just-under-1-2-m/3098430001/ Edgewood KY ........... A steal at $1,199,000 .......
  17. Not sure if it was the first game but he did beat Cleveland and went ape shit with an exaggerated throat slash celebration giving further proof of what a class individual he was. I think that particular gesture was then outlawed by the NFL, Akillus' only major contribution to professional football.
  18. I remember the story of the Ravens war room laughing when we picked Chris Perry in the first round.
  19. Fitting that Joey Porter's father is from Rat Mouth.
  20. Add the black socks to the black jersey and black pants and top it off with
  21. Bengals Pre Season Schedule Saturday, Aug. 15, at Kansas City, 8 p.m., Bengals Preseason TV Network Friday, Aug. 21, Minnesota, 7 p.m., Bengals Preseason TV Network Friday, Aug. 28, at Atlanta, 8 p.m., CBS Thursday, Sept. 3, Indianapolis, 7 p.m., Bengals Preseason TV Network
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