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  1. Not sure if this is the right place but Carolina just signed an XFL quarterback named P.J. Walker. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/xfl-star-pj-walker-reportedly-agrees-to-deal-with-carolina-panthers-160439266.html The point being another possible destination for Andy in some form or another off the board. Looking more and more like Andy will be our backup and grooming Athens Joe.
  2. Kyle Dugger is the one who intrigues the hell out of me. Would like to see him as a Bengal but think 33 may be too much of a risk esp with their track record of second round picks recently. Packages with him, Hubbard and Lawson could be interesting. Malik Harrison at round 3 or 4 (doubt if he drops) would be a good addition, too.
  3. I think so, too, rather unfortunately. Too valuable to just cut (so they will because that's what Bengals do). Maybe try to restructure his contract and throw in a clause that costs him money every time he shows his ass on the field. Or off. He could end up paying us.
  4. How many completions do they give up when targeted? <--- GoBoardspeak for just kidding or sarcasm and no offense intended Welcome to the board, a Coronavirus Safe Place but wear your facemark when posting.
  5. As far as Andy, I think we have killed two birds with one stone. We know where he is going and we have solved our back up quarterback dilemma. First coronavirus, now this.
  6. Wow. You really did your homework for this post. Impressive. +1
  7. We know its there. We are all being affected in some way or another. We are all friends. Would like to know what is going on and how others are affected. That said, I would like to wish nothing but good health and all that goes with it to all, your families and loved ones.
  8. Excellent point. When you think about it, the fact that he was targeted enough times to be able to miss 55 tackles is a scary thought in itself. And he is certainly going to be facing a lot of bigger, meaner, better coached cats in the NFL. And Cream was one of the best and now most overlooked rock bands in history.
  9. True. That's because they have so many remaining unsold AJ Hawk jerseys in storage at the Pro Shop. Next: Steve Tovar
  10. Ah. I see. I thought it was one of those new abbreviations for something that keep popping up and I miss. For example the 180 degree flip flop of the word "Goat" from, I guess, a shortened form of "Scapegoat" for a guy who screws up and loses a game (see "Adam Jones") to now Greatest "Of All Time". I digress... so are we now in the black a little bit for losing Billings? And to the Browns. Which I hate to see or should say will hate to see twice a year?
  11. With the Bears signing Fools and the Patriots being stingy, it now becomes the cutting Andy Dalton thread. Or keeping him for a year as groomer and back up. Personally, I don't dislike Andy at all. I wish him well no matter where he goes if anywhere. But the Bengals are now in a corner with two players, Andy and Kirkpatrick, who we don't want and no one will trade for because they may be cut and gotten for nothing.
  12. How abut the time Tony Sirgusa wiped his ass on the plane ticket the Bengals sent him because it was coach. I had a deep dislike for that POS (get it?) ever since. Comment I just saw elsewhere said the DT signing was solid and they overpaid the CB... BM Webb deja vu all over again.
  13. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/tom-brady-reportedly-has-agreement-to-join-tampa-bay-buccaneers-230459347.html Good call. Brady to the Bucks. Andy and a third for their first?
  14. For all the precautions, I would bet the bug is passed easily on money. Esp coins. At work I see people over the top with the wipes and hand sanitiser and pumping quarters into the Pepsi machine, pulling out the change. How many people have handled that? Maybe starting a rumor but... think about it. Just came from my local Kroger. They did have toilet paper (aka Pittsburgh napkins) but didn't even bother putting it on the shelf. People (inc me) were taking it out of the boxes it came in.
  15. https://www.fox19.com/2020/03/16/bengals-designate-green-franchise-player-extend-tender-offers-others/ By Jared Goffinet | March 16, 2020 at 12:24 PM EDT - Updated March 16 at 12:24 PM CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Bengals used their franchise tag on veteran wide receiver A.J. Green while extending tender offers to four other players. Green, who is entering his 10th season in the NFL, will still be able to negotiate with other teams, but this franchise tag will allow the Bengals to retain him by matching any offer. “A.J. has been a big part of this team for a long time,” said Bengals Head Coach Zac Taylor. “Now that he’s healthy, I am excited to see what he will add to our offense this year.” Green and the Bengals have through July 15 to work towards a multi-year contract. Green will have the option to sign his one-year franchise-player offer for 2020 before or after July 15. Cincinnati made tender offers to tight end Cethan Carter, guard Alex Redmond, defensive tackle Josh Tupou and safety Brandon Wilson. The tender offers will make these four players restricted free agents (RFAs) when the free agency period begins on Wednesday. Similar to the franchise tag, RFAs can talk with other teams, but the Bengals would still have the option to match any offer made to the player. All four players who received tender offers are entering their fourth season.
  16. Can't find the source but I saw where Paul Gunther and the Lost Wages Raiders have a real interests in Vigel. No matter what we think of him or how he played, he's the only veteran linebacker we've got with more than a year or spot duty experience.
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